Adopted Soldier - Chapter 376

Published at 11th of September 2019 09:05:04 AM
Chapter 376: 376

Dan looked at his little girl with a smile on his face . In the ten years he has been away his little girl has become a wonderful lady, his sons have become manly men of the Regius family, and his wife remained ever beautiful . When he lost his memories the him of the past died, but then as if the heavens pitied him, he was given a second chance . He was able to meet his family again, his memories returned and all was blissful in his life . Every day from then on was a miracle by themselves .

Rachel was confused as to what her father was doing and simply stared at him while Dan looked at her with a weird smile on his face . He started to look at Rachel's body then pressed his fingers on Rachel's wrist . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Hmm, it seems that you've been using an incorrect version of full RELEASE . " Dan then started to press Rachel on different parts of her body . After a few presses, Rachel felt a bit better than before .  

"You shouldn't use that kind of full RELEASE, here this is what you should use . " Dan then handed Rachel, a scroll . "I've written down in this scroll all of my techniques, I even put some pictures so you can understand them better . In there is a better version of full RELEASE . I improved on it after I watched Lyner's final fight, and I also created a new technique after I lost to Richter . "

Rachel was about to say something, but then Dan continued talking giving her no chance to talk .  

"You know after fighting Richter, and seeing Lyner fight using RELEASE, I realized something . To people who have surpassed human limitations, using RELEASE only gives them a little boost . It's completely different from when someone normal uses RELEASE, which gives them an extreme boost in capabilities . Since people in Lyner's level already use most of their muscle strength efficiently people they could only get a bit from RELEASE, but then Lyner did something amazing in his last battle, he improved on RELEASE . The whole point of RELEASE was so that I can use my muscles to one hundred percent efficiency, but it was still within the limits of what my body could handle . Lyner surpassed that, even though it only happened for a few seconds he was able to do it . That's when I realize I could further improve RELEASE and create a new technique, a technique that could make you go beyond your limitations! In the end, I succeeded and I call this new technique TRANSCEND . If RELEASE was meant to release oneself from the restrictions of the mind and body, TRANSCEND was created to go beyond what it means to be human . "

Dan who was excitedly explaining his new technique to his daughter, suddenly had his facial expression turn serious before he continued talking .  

"Still since this is a new technique, there are many problems with using it, that's why I didn't use it in the beginning and stuck with RELEASE . The first problem of TRANSCEND is the time limit, in my current state I could only use it for two minutes . While in my peak state I can use it for five minutes . The second problem, seeing as TRANSCEND goes beyond what the human body can handle, using it puts a great strain to the body . After using it your whole body will feel like it would be torn apart from the inside, every muscle in your body screaming in pain and if you can somehow handle the excruciating pain you would wish you have fainted instead . In that state, you wouldn't be able to move for quite some time . The last problem, using it turns you a tad bit more aggressive, it's not much but in a battle to the death that might prove fatal . "

"Why are you telling me all this?" Rachel asked confused by the long explanation in the middle of such a tense situation . It was a good thing Leon was true to his word and allowed Dan to talk for so long .  

"I want you and Alex to figure out how to make those weaknesses of the technique disappear . I wrote all you need to know in that scroll I gave you . " Dan smiled gently at his daughter .  

"I don't like this . . . I don't like at all, you're talking like this is going to be your last fight! Why are you passing your techniques onto Alex and me?! If you want to improve them, do it yourself! If you don't win this fight and return home with me, I will never call you daddy again . If you don't come back home to mom, I will never, ever forgive you! Losing you the first time was already devastating for her, but if it happens for the second time . . . I . . . " Rachel gritted her teeth . "Just . . . Just don't die . . . Please . " 

At the beginning Rachel was full of burning anger as she spoke, but as she got near the end of her speech, she wanted to say more, she wanted to say if he doesn't return she would kill him herself, she wanted to say if he doesn't return she would never acknowledge him as her father again . She wanted to say that win or lose it doesn't matter as long as he's alive . She wanted to say a lot of other things, but none of those words could come out of her mouth . She could only say please, begging her father to come back safe and sound . Even though she never showed it, but ever since he returned home alive, deep down inside Rachel was truly happy for her mother her brothers, and herself .

Seeing the conflicting feelings within Rachel made Dan chuckle . He stood up looked at his opponent with a smile and said, "then that means I can never die . I don't want my cute little daughter to hate me . " 

He didn't bother to turn around to look at Rachel's expression as his entire being was now focused on the fight before him .  

"Are you done saying your final goodbye?" Leon asked as he remained in his stance while Dan was talking .  

"It's not yet time for that, but I'm about ready . I just need to show my daughter one last thing . " Dan responded with an excited smile on his face .

"I see . . . "

"Rachel! Burn this view into your eyes! I will show you my final and greatest technique!" Dan's body that was in full RELEASE, started to change back into what Dan usually looked like . When Dan uses full RELEASE his body optimizes itself into his peak state, making him look younger, but now his body reverted to his older self, but there was something different happening . Dan's muscles seem to enlarge but only a little bit . Not only that Dan seems to have grown a bit taller than before . It wasn't that much of a change compared to full RELEASE, but the aura Dan was emitting was at this very moment was frightening . It actually made Leon feel a great sense of discomfort .

"This is TRANSCEND!" Dan was getting excited since this was the first time he actually tried using the technique in actual combat . "Now time for round two!"