Divine Brilliance - Chapter 235

Published at 11th of September 2019 07:10:08 AM
Chapter 235

Outside of Ruohai Straits, there were still many scattered Yunxia Mountain City soldiers who were around the wilderness and at the sides of the road .

However, Zong Shou was lazy to deal with them . He had the same feelings with the 5 thousand following cavalry .

The only change was that Zong Gang took over the commanding rights . He had been through many wars and he was also Zong Weiran’s trusted general .

The food and sleep arrangements, formations, and etc . were all much better . Tan Tao was protecting Zong Yuan safely .

Zong Yuan hid into the carriage once again, taking 2 earth energy pills as well as 2 lightning spirit veins that Zong Shou caught to try to break through again during these few days .

And also Xiong Kui caught up . Who knows where, but he found a few Windrider foals . His expression actually didn’t change, following behind the carriage, eating and drinking, acting as an important guest . One totally couldn’t see that he was once beaten badly by Zong Shou . Even Chuxue and Hu Zhongyuan were impressed by how shameless he was .

Zong Shou also spent day and night within the carriage . Apart from when they stopped and set up camp, he pretty much didn’t show his face .

For 2 consecutive days, he stayed within the carriage, fully focusing on that emperor flame spiritual art . Not only did he perfect it, but he also merged the essence of his world into a spiritual art .

What was unfortunate was that there was simply too little that he could borrow . On the morning of the 3rd day, Zong Shou felt a moderate spiritual energy fluctuation in the carriage behind his .

He didn’t bother to even look and he knew that it was definitely Zong Yuan who had broken through once more and merged with the 5th spiritual vein .

Zong Shou couldn’t help but smile awkwardly whilst praising the earth energy pill’s effects . Then, he also sighed for himself .


Actually, the lightning Phoenix Essence in his body was far better than the earth energy pill . His body was also trained underwater and could compare with some slightly weaker martial ancestors . His martial path attainments were also much stronger than Zong Yuan .

However, because he was unable to complete the earth chakra stage contents of the world shocking spiritual art and spiral true energy, which was why he was stuck at the xiantian initial meridian, unable to move . He could only look on as Zong Yuan’s cultivation rose swiftly .

Even Chuxue and his other 2 spirit beasts used the earth energy pills and in a few days, they would exceed him .

The slow improvements made Zong Shou decide to temporarily shelve the idea of perfecting the world shocking spiritual art . Then, he too took out the spirt master books he got from Xuan Mountain City and started comprehending . With Shi Dan a Return to Sun realm spirit master beside him who he could ask for help from, he solved many questions and understood some profound insights .

Even if she still held some things back in her words, when Zong Shou cultivated and formed true spiritual charms, he was still 30% faster than before .

Feeling excited, Zong Shou started to draw talismans .

Actually, at Jiefu City, he had bought many talismans which were all elite items . Moreover, the 40 spirit masters that Zong Gang killed were all night wandering realm . The talismans obtained were ocean amount and helped his storage .

However, based on the teachings of Shi Dan, when spirit masters drew talismans, not only could it increase their understanding of natural laws, but it was also a sort of cultivation and helped true spiritual talisman formation . Moreover, even if the true spiritual talisman was formed, each successful talisman drawn could make it strong and cause them to be even clearer in the soul ocean .

Not only could it shorten the time it took to cast spells, but it could also strengthen the sensing of heaven and earth spiritual energy .

It was also much-needed cultivation for spirit masters in their sword cultivation .

Zong Shou didn’t believe it at first, but after a day of talisman drawing, he felt bitter in his mouth .

Secrets of spirit masters were as expected passed down from generations and highly secretive . Such details were actually not recorded in the future when the information was well spread .

If he wasn’t a talisman master, he might have set up an unstable foundation at the 1st step of spirit master cultivation .

Now, he could only grit his teeth and make up for what he lacked in the past . Beginning from the 1st lightning word, then fire, water, metal . Each morning, each talisman, he drew hundreds of similar talismans .

The grades differed from high to Low . When Zong Shou started to draw grade 4 talismans, he actually felt his soul ocean whirlpool was showing signs of expanding . The connection with the god talisman seed was also becoming closer .

He understood and knew that he only needed to be able to draw grade 5 talismans to be able to totally merge with these god talisman seeds . Not only could his soul power increase greatly, but he could also even display a portion, grass 7 and above god talisman spells .

With such a bright future, Zong Shou naturally tossed in all his focus .

Drawing talismans Everyday was a really dry process . At the start he had Chuxue and Ruoshui accompanying him and he could talk to them . His exquisite and precise methods stunned Shi Dan . After a while, not only did Chuxue escape early in the morning, but Ruoshui acted like she was asleep . Even Shi Dan lost interest and stopped spectating .

Zong Shou was so bored and decided to find some fun . Every day when he drew talismans, he would draw tens of luck talismans . Then, he would order Ruoshui to silently stick them on Xiong Kui .

Then, he would observe him and find happiness from it to relax .

His current soul power was close to a hundred times that of when he was on Pill Spirit Mountain . The luck talisman he drew was naturally much stronger .

Not only did it last for longer, but the effects were also much stronger .

A full 2 days later, Xiong Kui had fallen off his horse ten-odd times . Not only that, but the 3 Windrider foals got injured and couldn’t be ridden in a short amount of time . Even he was in a daze from all the falling .

Xiong Kui was close to Xuanwu ancestor cultivation and should be able to avoid it easily, but every time he tried to get up or try to dodge, various kinds of accidents would happen . There were even 2 times when he nearly died .

However, maybe because he wasn’t in a busy market and was in the wilderness, or because his luck was too bad, Xiong Kui only picked a few bags . Who knows whether it was dropped by the scattered troops of Yunxia Mountain or Blazing Flame Mountain, anyways the rewards were very little . On the 5th day when they got away from the route the defeated troops took, he didn’t have any monetary gains .

However, along the way, they found many wild herbs and mine stones . One time he fell from the horse and actually bumped into a grade 3 mind stone mine .

He had even had 2 comprehension encounters for his martial path and improved a lot .

It made him surprised as he looked viciously at the carriage Zong Shou was in .

However, in the end, he sighed . Maybe he thought back to that day to the storm like spear attacks which made him feel a chill down his spine before he looked away .

At the start, Zong Shou held a testing and playful expression but after the 6th day, his expression turned serious .

Every time he drew the luck talisman, he would be more focused . Every day he would spend a lot of time to observe Xiong Kui .

However, during these few days, not only did Xiong Kui feel wary and became more careful . From day to night, he would nervously defend himself . Even Chuxue also felt something wasn’t right . She asked Ruo Shui about it before remembering what happened to her at Xiaoyuan City, which was similar to Xiong Kui . Instantly, she understood that it was Zong Shou’s vicious acts .

Then, naturally, she went to look for Zong Shou who was drawing talismans, and she was filled with killing intent .

“Young master it was you at Xiaoyuan City right?”

Zong Shou was startled, following which he continued to act like he was drawing on the talisman paper . Thinking to himself that this little cat actually noticed, did she really become smart?

He couldn’t help but raise his eyes, only to see 2 balls of flames burning in her eyes . His heart couldn’t help but shake, even the hand holding a brush slightly trembled . His strokes actually went far from how it was supposed to go .

He could only helplessly mesh the useless talisman paper into a ball and throw it outside of the window . Acting like he didn’t understand, “What is the matter? Xiaoyuan City, what happened there? Xue’er why don’t I understand what you’re saying?”

Chuxue scoffed, flipping through her stuff and sending a luck talisman that wasn’t yet used to him . Saying firmly, “You still want to deny it! Did you see this, it’s evidence! I got it from Sister Ruo Shui . I remember that you drew the same talisman that day right? If it wasn’t for you how could I fall for no reason!”

Zong Shou cried out in his heart . He stared at Ruo Shui, who was lying on the soft mattress, with the corner of his eye . He saw that she was lazily lying on her side like she was already asleep . But then, her eyelids shook and a small gap snuck a look over . But when Zong Shou gazed over, she closed her eyes . Her breathing was systematic like she had really fallen asleep .

Zong Shou couldn’t help but feel a headache and decided to continue to deny, shaking his head,”Xue’er don’t blame a good person, how is this evidence? Just because I told Ruo Shui to stick it on Xiong Kui? And also, the talisman I drew that day I long threw it away . You fell down by accident so don’t blame it on others . Your young master doesn’t have such good skill . ”

Chuxue gritted her teeth and interrupted, “I calculated . During these 3 days, Xiong Kui fell 14 times . One time he hurt his bone from training the fist and 3 times when he drank water he choked . He picked up 60 grade 4 beast crystals, 25 grade 3 mind stone, 2 grade 2 spiritual artifacts and 30 spiritual grass . At Xiaoyuan City I was the same, falling 4 times, picking up 1000 silver and 2-night shining pearls . Being hit by the plant pot, in exchange for a thousand-year lightning almond seed…