Divine Brilliance - Chapter 236

Published at 11th of September 2019 07:10:06 AM
Chapter 236: 236

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

He consecutively shouted for her to stop until Chuxue stopped speaking . Only then did Zong Shou facepalm, tapping on her shoulder acting like he was giving her a lecture, “Xue’er you must know that sometimes when one is lucky, anything can happen . What was that phrase? You cannot blame the heavens for everything . You shouldn’t blame the god-emperor for a tough life .

Just because your luck is slightly bad, you started to doubt and blame your own master? That’s not good!”

Chuxue was extremely furious . She didn’t know what Zong Shou meant by his words, and she also didn’t know what he was referring to the god-emperor . However, she knew that Zong Shou was trying to bluff her and cheat her out . Her eyes heated up, filled with tears, “Young master, that time, the flower pot made me bleed . And also when that sword chopped down I was really afraid, afraid to die, I really thought that I would die…”

Zong Shou instantly felt a chill down his spine . He was a person who fell to soft methods, and he was most afraid about such methods .

Thinking back to the situation that day, he did indeed feel a little guilty .

At this moment Chuxue looked at him pitifully, each sentence she spoke was like a knock on his heart, like she was interrogating his soul .

“Actually Xue’er doesn’t blame you for all this, but in front of so many people I fell so many times, it was so embarrassing . I thought I had made enemies with some god which was why I was extremely afraid the next few days, praying to God for forgiveness . Also that day…”

At that moment Zong Shou’s head was covered in cold sweat . Seeing that Chuxue felt more and more wronged as she said on, tears streaming down her face . In the end, he finally admitted defeat, he couldn’t take it anymore, raising his hands and surrendering .

He hated women’s tears the most . Such a strong weapon was just breaking the rules .

Sighing slightly, Zong Shou raised out a finger .

“Okay, Xue’er it is all my fault! At that time I didn’t think the talisman was so effective and nearly harmed you . I solemnly apologize . How is that? To express my apology, you can take ten days…”

His voice paused, Zong Shou hesitated and thought to himself if he was too magnanimous? Without much thought he changed his mind, “You can have 1 day off! You can play whatever you want today and not need to copy that desolate talisman scripture . ”


Chuxue was surprised at the start but as she heard on she was instantly furious . She only felt that her young master was scum . She instinctively smacked the talisman in her hand on Zong Shou’s forehead without much thought .

That was just too sudden and Zong Shou didn’t have time to prepare, he didn’t even think to dodge before that talisman stuck onto his forehead .

Then, the entire carriage was silent .

Chuxue looked at her own hands at a loss like she couldn’t believe what she had just done . Ruo Shui also stopped acting like she was asleep, sitting up and looking over at Zong Shou in pity .

As for Zong Shou himself, he felt devoid of energy . Before he remembered that he had a chance of tearing the damn thing off his forehead before the spell activates, the luck talisman started to burn .

Chuxue knew that things were bad now, crying,”Young master I didn’t do that on purpose . Young master was simply too annoying just now . Before, I could think my hands acted on their own . Young master don’t be angry with Xue’er okay? Why don’t I let young master beat me up to vent your anger?”

Zong Shou was originally worrying but when he heard that, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing, thinking that this was the typical doing things without thinking .

He scoffed whilst giving her an angry face, “So you have vented your anger? You have no respect . Do you think just beating you up can settle this? Isn’t that wishful thinking? If you want me not to be angry, hehe, you only have to…”

His voice suddenly stopped as his eyes were indiscernible .

He originally thought that he needed to stay in the carriage and not do anything, not going anywhere and he would be safe to wait for the talisman to run out of effect,

But looking at the situation today, it seems like avoiding luck was not as easy as he thought .

At this moment he only felt like his body was like a rumbling ocean, his bones giving rise to cracking noises, His face turned green, all the evil thoughts in his mind were wiped clean .

Chuxue had originally closed her eyes and was awaiting her final punishment but not hearing Zong Shou make a sound, she couldn’t help but sneakily open her eyes .

Following which her eyes lit up, only to see the young master ahead of her was different . Snow white fox ears, his back had 4 furry foxtails, long hair which had become snow-white in color . That extremely handsome face which was alternating green and white made him seem extremely cute . Chuxue wanted to hug him and kiss him on his cheeks .

This was the 2nd time she saw Zong Shou’s monster form . In the past, whenever it was a full moon and he changed, he would chase everyone out of the carriage, and she was no exception . This time, she needed to take a good look, even if she was heavily punished for it in the future it was worth it .

Even Ruoshui was surprised, her phoenix eyes shining bright and she gave a touching expression . She couldn’t help but rub her cheeks . Then, she licked with her tongue and sucked softly .

Zong Shou couldn’t help but curse out why did this sky fox monster body decide to run out at this moment?

With much difficulty, he calmed down the rolling vital energy in his body . Just as he was about to keep this sky fox body, he had a bad premonition and instinctively dodged to aside .

In an instant, a sharp blade glow suddenly surged through the air . It was sharp and vicious, brushing by 3 inches away from his throat and pinning heavily on the wall by the side .

Looking carefully, it was Hu Zhongyuan’s tiger king knife .

It was most probably because of that luck talisman .  If he was hit by that knife, he would at most be heavily injured .

Zong Shou would nearly think that Hu Zhongyuan hated him . He would have thought that he had finally exploded and decided to kill his master .

Before he had time to feel fortunate for escaping a calamity, he suddenly felt his legs slip . He had stepped on some blood-red spiritual ink and his entire body fell forward .

Zong Shou’s mind worked quickly and in just an instance he guessed that this spiritual ink was split from the wind caused by that tiger king knife . Moreover what he practiced not long ago was the water element spiritual technique . The spiritual ink used was from the cloud octopus beast and as such, it was oily and slippery .

His reaction was also extremely quick . The spiral energy within his body surging out, all his muscles continuously adjusted and he was calm .

However, just as his center of gravity was about to stabilize, the spiral true qi in his body exploded and was in chaos, knocking all about his chakra meridians .

Only then did Zong Shou panic, seeing the table used to draw talismans get closer and closer, he frenziedly danced around with his hands .

However, in the end, he wasn’t able to save himself, his tragic destiny . With a heavy knock he smashed right into the corner of the table .

At that moment outside of the carriage, Hu Zhongyuan was frowning as he looked at this carriage which was heavily guarded, his heart was filled with worry and also confusion .

He didn’t know what was going on, he had just taken out the tiger king knife to play with it and practice the knife technique that Zong Shou had taught him . Who knows what happened, he couldn’t control the knife and it suddenly flew out of his hand . Following which it coincidentally flew right at Zong Shou’s carriage which was a hundred feet away .

What was even more amazing was that the hundreds of black fox iron cavalry, so many martial ancestors but none of them could block it . Even Zong Gang couldn’t react . He was riding on a silver scaled wind stepping beast and looking on in a daze like he couldn’t believe that he would fail at his job .

Damn it, this is such bullshit . Was he, apart from knife techniques, actually talented in hidden weapons, like a talent that was unseen in hundreds of years .

It seems like he needed to spend some effort to train well in it when he returned .

Nodding his head in thought, just as Hu Zhongyuan was about to open his mouth to ask for forgiveness, he suddenly heard crashing and knocking sounds from within the carriage like something heavy was hit .

There also seemed to be Zong Shou’s cries of pain hidden within all that .

Hu Zhongyuan opened his eyes in disbelief before he secretly took a peek from the curtains .

In the next instant, he pulled back his neck and moved his horse away like nothing had happened .

He didn’t see carefully the situation inside, but he instinctively realized that it was better for him not to make a sound . Even if he wanted to ask for forgiveness, he shouldn’t choose such a time .

He was also filled with worry . With the temper of the prince, he might die this time .

A full 15 minutes later, the carriage finally calmed down .

Zong Shou sat on the soft mattress, filled with deathly energy, his face was swelling up and he looked like he was in a bad shape .

Ruoshui at the side lightly covered her lips, giving out small giggles . Chuxue lowered her head and looked away, afraid that Zong Shou would notice her . However the corner of her lips raised upwards, her brows showed a smile like she was about to laugh till she suffered from internal injury .

Zong Shou’s face was dark and sunken like he was annoyed . Then, he opened his lips and started to laugh .

Instead, it caused Ruo Shui and Chuxue to be shocked, thinking that Zong Shou was crazy, to be so unlucky and still be able to laugh .

Zong Shou didn’t care at all, shaking his head, “Luck is just like that . I can only learn from those prostitutes . Since I can’t reject it, then I should just enjoy it…”

He randomly sighed those words as he looked forward at the mess in the carriage . Thinking that since he was already unlucky and his bad luck had shown itself, why not try for his good luck?

He wasn’t interested in money, only the 2 comprehensions that Xiong Kui got during these few days was something he cared a lot about .