Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 100

Published at 13th of August 2019 07:30:10 PM
Chapter 100

Rose, Sofia and Megan complimented the kids warmly causing them to giggle and blush . I then gave them the souvenirs that I got for them . For Chloe and Emily, I bought a set of costumes for them to play dress up . For my girlfriends, I bought a cute charm in the shape of a quill that complimented the chain book . I also got them the top brand of new makeup .

We then sat back on the sofa and relaxed . While relaxing I checked the systems shop to see if I could buy some other things . The first thing that caught my eye was that something new was added at the start of the list . This meant it would only cost me ten points . The new item was called [Silenced Plans] I quickly bought it thinking that it would be useful . But I was completely in shock reading the description that was now visible .

[Silenced Plans: This is the schematics for a new suppressor that increases the damage and range but unlike the regular suppressors this one Is called a silencer as it completely negates sound and the muzzle flash]

'Holy shit this is like every assassins dream weapon attachment . I could easily become the worlds best hitman with just my physical ability and gun handling skills but with this, I could take out an army without ever being noticed . Too bad, you'll never be used but I could just make it as to not waste my points'

About an hour after chilling in the living room everyone got up and joined Megan and me for our martial arts practice . Megan was already well versed in boxing so I've recently taught her some judo moves . Today I would be teaching the kids Judo while nagging constantly that it's for self-defence . Rose and Sophia said that they would only allow them to learn Judo for obvious reasons . I left Megan to teach Rose and Sophia boxing and Judo .

I made a mental note seeing everyone hit the floor harshly 'I should buy some cushioned mats for future lessons'

We spent the rest of the day playing with the kids and talking more about our book . At 7:30 p . m Rose and Sophia left with the kids . Megan was in her room working on her book . I was in my room contacting some other big gamers that I'm quite a fan of . The people who I invited to play and for me to watch their reaction is Always_Sammy, PewDiePie, BigJigglyPanda, MiniLad and Markliplier .

My version of "Getting Over It" not only makes it so the commentary can't be muted but it's also twice as hard and twice as punishing . The time hit 8:00 pm and it was now time to go live . I had sixty thousand loyal pairs of eyes watching me through their digital devices, I'm one of the most viewed streamers on the platform but with it comes the pressure of watching what I say or show . Every time I stream all the other small streamers doesn't bother to stream as my stream pulls in all the attention .

As I go live I immediately greet everyone with enthusiasm "Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening to all my loyal viewers around the world . Thank you for joining me at this time . Right, let's start off with answering some of your questions as I know yesterday's little scuffle spread like a wildfire"


DopeTurd: Dude, you are like the coolest fucking streamer ever😎

CatKatrina7: Are you okay? 😰😱👌

Just a Bro: Where did you get the balls to fight armed robbers????

Angel_Abi: Please don't do something so dangerous❤❤
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Devil_Lizzie: Did they damage your perfect skin

Jesus-no1: They shall suffer in the depths of hell

Devil_ Heather: What show or movie are you in???

I got up off my chair and pulled my shirt up to show my perfect 8 pack . Then with a smug smile, I say "Don't worry my body didn't suffer even the smallest scratch, as you can see"

"Truth be told I was quite scared but I was thinking logically that I can survive as long as I don't do anything . but as you've seen they planned to kill someone and well my 'Instincts' kicked into hyperdrive" I said While thinking back to the scene

'Yeah I think it's safe to say that the other me is faster at thinking on the spot with the situation so Instincts is the best description for him'

"Now Zarner Bros did say that I can announce the show so drum roll, please . *Drums play* I'm gonna be on Two Broke Girls" I said

Immediately after saying so my fans went crazy with questions and congratulations . I answered as vague as I could to a few of them like how big my role is or when I start filming .

"Okay enough about that let's get right to the real reason as to why I wanted to stream tonight," I said

I then wait to see how chat reacted before continuing "I've been watching some YouTube gaming videos on those rage-inducing games that are really entertaining . While watching I thought to myself I could do a way better job and that's exactly what I've done but before I introduce the game lets give a warm welcome to our guests"

The video cut to the people I invited one by one "With us we have an old guest Always_Sammy . . . . Youtubes most famous laughing gamer BigJigglyBear . . . . From my home country LittleLad . . . . keeping let's play alive Markiliplay . . . . And YouTube's very own royalty King PewDieTie"

After every name I paused to give the audience time to process the name and to show their appreciation to the guest .

They said their greeting to the chat while the chat went nuts at the huge collab that was being seen . News of the collab travelled fast as the number of views quickly jumped to over a hundred thousand . It did not matter whether you knew what was going on as word of the big collab made its way through every social media platform . This stream was going down in history as the biggest live event that had no marketing .