Modern Cinderella - Chapter 102

Published at 27th of August 2018 12:48:58 AM
Chapter 102

Because I love you [4]

The passer-bys all turned around and stared at the girl who apologized to a tree…

“She loves and takes care of the surroundings ah!”

“A girl who has love ah!”

“Hehe, this foolish girl . ”

Moya’s face turned red from embarrassment…She avoided everyone’s gaze and ran off…

But…should she go find Jin Ming Xian? If she went, what should she say to him? Apologize…Will this work? She didn’t believe him! She had actually written that type of things to him . Now, could she still go ask for his forgiveness?

Moya shook her head hard…Aish…She deeply sighed…She will figure everything out after brother Jun You leaves…

Once she thought of Hao Jun You who was about to fly to the other side of the ocean, Moya increased her pace…

In Qingtan school’s invincible F class, it became much quieter recently…

“Ming, I heard that Jun You is returning to America!” Hu Lin poked at Si Ming who was daydreaming .

“I know!” Si Ming replied moodily .

“Did everyone notice that ever since Moya had come here, everything had changed . ” Liu He twirled his pencil better and better .


“Yes ah, I haven’t seen the three of them in so many days that I miss them now . ” Lan You softly sighed . He was so beautiful that it led girls to be jealous .

“Could it be that Xiao You You also likes Moya?!!” Hu Lin shook Lan You’s head . “Don’t learn from Ming ah! You see how unenergetic he is these days?!”

“Shut up!” Si Ming glared at Hu Lin . “How could I possibly like Moya!”

“Yes ah~! How could our Ming like her? After all, he just thinks about her for a second every day ~ He dyes his hair black for her~ He fights with her ah…What could these mean?” Jiang Shan exclaimed in a weird tone .

“You guys!” Si Ming held his fist tightly .

“Okay, let’s not joke around anymore~” Liu He sighed deeply . “The three of their relationships are already messy enough . ”

“But… . no matter what, even if Jun You leaves, we will still be the F class . One whole group right?” Hu Lin revealed a gloomy expression .

“You still need to ask that?!” Si Ming knocked harshly on his head .

… .

Today Hao Jun You hadn’t worn the patient clothes . He wore a tight white shirt and a blue trench coat…

Today he hadn’t accepted the doctor’s treatment either . He stood at the hospital door waiting for that person…

Hao Jun You watched across the road and suddenly his eyes sparkled…His mouth curled up into a beautiful degree .

“Xiao Ya . ” Hao Jun You waved his hand at Moya who had just gotten off the bus .

Moya stared at Hao Jun You . In this gentle sunshine, Hao Jun You who wore a blue trench coat seemed to be eye-catching…

“Brother Jun You, why are you standing here?! You don’t need to stay in the ward to rest?” Moya ran over to Hao Jun You’s side .

Hao Jun You took out the square-shaped handkerchief and wiped off the sweat on Moya’s forehead… “You don’t need to be so dramatic . I am not up to the point where I can’t be cured . ”

“Then how come brother Jun You is standing here?” Moya pulled on Hao Jun You’s sleeves . “It’s giving me a lot of pressure with the way brother Jun You is wearing right now . ”

“Pressure?” Hao Jun You lowered his head to look at his outfit . “Does it not look good?”

“Not that . ” Moya stood on her tippy toes and moved closer to Hao Jun You’s ears . Lowly, she exclaimed: “I’m scared that I might be chopped to death by other girls . ”

“Hehe…” Hao Jun You softly smiled . However, the gaze of the surrounding girls led his smile to be frozen on his face… “How about, I go back and change . ”

“Ah?!” Moya smiled and held onto Hao Jun You’s arm . “You actually took it seriously! Brother Jun You, you look handsome in whatever you wear! How about you go get a mask!”

“You… . ” Hao Jun You pinched Moya’s nose . “-have a huge courage!”

“Let go ah~,” Moya thought of ways to save her nose . “How come even you now learn to bully me?!”

“Today…let’s go play around . ” Hao Jun You picked up Moya’s hand .

“What? Is your body really fine?” Moya’s hand that was held by Hao Jun You still moved around nonstop .

“It’s fine . I…want to leave some memories…” Hao Jun You’s voice was very soft .

“… . ” Moya lowered her head . “Okay ah! As long as I don’t leave painful memories for brother Jun You then it’s fine!”

Jin Ming Xian’s sports car quickly rushed by on the road…The beautiful young man in the car caught many people’s attention…

People that are handsome and rich are rare now…

Jin Ming Xian stared at the MP4 . This is what Hao Jun You wanted to give to Moya…

“Moya…” Jin Ming Xian murmured Moya’s name and increased the car speed . “What is the meaning of what you had written?!” Jin Ming Xian’s expression was a little unusual . He talked to himself… . ”If you would apologize to me right now then I will forgive you!”

So actually he had been practicing what to say to Moya when he sees her later…

Not siblings! They actually weren’t! Jin Ming Xian couldn’t help but grin . But…even if they were real siblings, so what…Would he give up his love for her because of this?…

On the pedestrian street, Moya and Hao Jun You who walked hand in hand caught everyone’s gaze…

“When is brother Jun You planning to go?” Moya turned around and stared at Hao Jun You’s eyes .

“… . . ” Hao Jun You hadn’t responded . His smile was a little bitter .

“Talk ah!” Moya shook Hao Jun You’s hand . “Otherwise I’m going to be mad!”

“We… . ” Hao Jun You stared at Moya’s eyes . He held her hand a little bit more tightly . “Let’s not talk about this today, okay?” His smile was as gentle as the wind .

“Okay ah . ” Moya tactfully turned her head around . “But…” Her voice had become soft as well… “Before you leave, make sure to notify me . ” Moya stood back to back against Hao Jun You . She stared at the rainbow in the far distance…She didn’t want Hao Jun You to see her tears again…

“Definitely . ” Hao Jun You nodded his head .

A few girls held cameras and stared at them…”Hey! Look quickly . Isn’t this the girl the fool who apologized to a tree?!”

“I think so! The Heavens can’t tolerate this! How could such a stupid person settle down with such a handsome man?!”

“What does brother Jun You want to play?” She secretly wiped off her tears and turned around with a faint smile on .

“Let’s just walk around for now . ” Hao Jun You held Moya’s hand while walking through the crowd . They walked past the countless couples, they walked past the sparkling rainbow…

Jin Ming Xian stopped the sports car outside the hospital…

“Is it young master Ming Xian?!” The security guard in the hospital took the initiative to walk out to greet Jin Ming Xian .

“… . . ” Jin Ming Xian indifferently nodded his head .

“You are here to look for young master Jun You? He and young miss Moya had left . ” The security guard smiled politely .

“Where?!” Jin Ming Xian finally said 1 word with the ‘security level’ person .

“They probably went to the pedestrian street . ” The security guard rubbed his hand and smiled .

Jin Ming Xian’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed . He left some cash and turned the car in the opposite direction…He drove the car in the direction of the pedestrian street…