Modern Cinderella - Chapter 12

Published at 14th of July 2018 03:08:30 PM
Chapter 12

Cohabitation with the Flute Prince [2]

“You can’t live with Shi Lin or You Mei?” While Hao Jun You drove the car, he looked at Shi Lin .

“Yes, we welcome Moya~ but there must be proof in order to enter our apartment ah~” Shi Lin helplessly scrunched her eyebrows .

“Then you can live with me . ” Hao Jun you proposed after he saw the desperate expression Moya’s face through the rear mirror .

“What?!!” “That can’t be!!” Shi Lin and You Mei both revealed a shocked expression .

“Live at your place?” Moya confusedly looked at Hao Jun You’s handsome face .

“Right . ” Hao Jun You showed a dazzling smile . “Plus, I’ve been living by myself . ”


“Yeah, Jun You’s parents are still in America . ” Shi Lin suddenly realized .

“Even though Senior Jun You lives by himself, he has a huge house . ” You Mei peered at Moya who was still stunned .

“Is that so…” Moya was a bit hesitant . Even though they are classmates, they knew each other for only a short amount of time . Plus, the differences in gender…

“You don’t want to?” Hao Jun You’s smile collapsed . “Moya you probably don’t know yet but I have no knowledge with doing chores . Every day, I have to rely on the cleaning lady . ”

“But…” Moya bit her ring finger trying to do the last ‘struggle . ’

“For two years, I have never eaten a meal made at home . ” Hao Jun You’s expression led Moya to be sympathetic .

“Okay!” Moya held her fist and tapped at her chest for a couple of times . “For Senior Hao Jun You! I will move to your place . ”

“Thank you!” Hao Jun You was a bit dizzy from Moya’s 180-degree change in attitude .

Meanwhile, Shi Lin and You Mei were already ‘gone . ’ After a while, the girls raised their hands out from under the car .

In the old and elegant room…Jin Ming Xian quietly sat on the sofa, his eyes swimming around the empty room . This room, besides the sofa he is sitting on, only had a short desk .

“Young master, your tea . ” The old housekeeper placed the red tea on the desk .

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian didn’t respond except he just nodded .

The old housekeeper softly left .

Jin Ming Xian picked up the teacup and the faint tea fragrance filled the room . This is Jin Ming Xian’s bedroom and there is no bed in it! The low desk is for the tea, the sofa for sitting, and the bed…

“Today is Xiao Xian’s birthday!” A fashionable noble lady held a handsome and stylish body in her arms .


“Yes, mommy!” The young body’s red face smiled sweetly . “Where is daddy?”

“Daddy went to get Xiao Xian a birthday gift! A super surprise!” The beautiful noble lady raised the boy in the air .

“Tonight Xiao Xian isn’t going to sleep . ” He exclaimed rubbing his eyes . “When it’s birthday time, I have to stay up with daddy and mommy . ” He seemed to have seen this from a fairy tale book . It said that during someone’s birthday if they don’t stay up all night to look after their most precious things, it will disappear .

“Xiao Xian, you are still a child . How can you not go sleep for the whole night?” The noble lady softly pecked the young boy’s face . “Go sleep . Tomorrow you can see the gift . ”

“Mommy and daddy can’t disappear okay?” The young body yawned and fell asleep in the arms of the noble lady .

“Children always find it easy to forget unhappy things…” The noble lady’s tears dropped onto the young boy’s face . “Right, Xiao Xian… . ”

The second day when the young boy woke up, his most beloved people…disappeared…

(Flashback ended)

Jin Ming Xian held onto his chin with his hand and looked at the distant night sky…

His room didn’t have a bed because he didn’t need it…When he was six, he got insomnia . Nights like this, he is unable to fall asleep… . only the times he drove his car… when his brain finally blanked out he could sleep for a while…

Suddenly Jin Ming Xian scrunched his eyebrows . He thought of the smiling face who belonged to the girl who thought she was always right . “That crazy girl . ” His face revealed a faint smile .