Modern Cinderella - Chapter 14

Published at 15th of July 2018 07:38:34 AM
Chapter 14

Cohabitation with the Flute Prince [4]

The stars in the night sky sparkled with dazzling eyes, looking at the teenager sitting diagonally by the window . His eyes were like millennial glaciers that will never melt…

Jin Ming Xian raised his hand and held onto his forehead, already used to the long and quiet nights…

While at this time there’s another place which bustled with noise…

“There isn’t any information on that girl called Moya?” Si Ming squatted and looked at Hu Lin who manipulated the computer .

“No!” Hu Lin scratched his hair which was like a hedgehog, “I’m okay with drums . But computers, I’m not so good with . ”


“Then how can you still enter the school’s network database?” Jiang Shan held Hu Lin’s shoulders . “Great job . ”

Lan You placed his MP4 down and smiled softly, “he wants to look for the girl’s information . ”

“Actually, that girl called Moya looked easy to get along with . ” Liu He instinctively twirled the pen in his hands . “Plus, it looks as though Jun You likes her a lot . ”

“Jun You?” Si Ming scrunched his eyebrows, “since she is Jun You’s friend, I’ll forgive her for her nonsense in the morning!” He waved his hand in the sky . “Come on! Brothers! Let’s discuss what surprise to give to the old man tomorrow~!”

Immediately these handsome boys revealed an ‘evil’ smile .

“A touch of spice, a light salt, and a bit of subtle sweetness… . ” Jun You’s tongue was about to melt . “It tastes delicious . ” He picked up his chopstick and grabbed another one of Moya’s specially made tofu .

“Of course! Look at who was the one that made this!” Moya looked at Jun You who was eating the fruits of her labor .

“What is this called? Why haven’t I tried this before?” Hao Jun You took a sip of the lemon juice~ . Best combination~ .

“This ah, my mom taught me how to cook this . ” Moya also picked up her chopstick and began to eat too . “It’s called Tofu Family!”

“Tofu Family?” Hao Jun You almost spat out his lemon juice .

“Yes!~ Soft, soluble~ spicy~ salty ~ and a bit sweet ~ Wow! The perfect family!” Moya’s heart and her tofu were about to melt~ Even though dad is lazy, and her mom is dizzy~ But, Moya is still proud of her family!

“A very nice name . ” Hao Jun You was lost in his thoughts . He placed his chopsticks down…

“You’re full?” Moya asked with her mouth stuffed with food still .

“Yeah . ” Hao Jun You smiled slightly .

“Okay, I’m pretty much full as well . ” She stood up and rolled her sleeves…

“What are you doing?” Hao Jun You stared at her stunned .

“Cleaning up ah . The original neat room was messed up by me so of course, I have to clean it up . ” She reached for the utensils on the table .

“Please wait for a second!” Hao Jun You grabbed her hand, “Don’t clean this please . ”

Moya looked at Hao Jun You confused…

Hao Jun You also realized he was stepping out of place . He let Moya’s hand go and lowered his head so that people aren’t able to look at his expression . “Sorry, I’ll clean up by myself later . ”

“Oh . ” Moya really got startled by him so she just replied dumbly .

Hao Jun You looked up and revealed a nice looking smile . “You’re not going to sleep? You’ve been busy all day long today . ”

“Oh yeah~~~” Moya yawned . “I’m going to sleep in the guest room . ”

Hao Jun You grinned and watched Moya walked into the guest room…then his expression became distant…he quietly looked at the messy table, his eyes rested on the two cutlery . His beautiful lips painted a look of loneliness . He had already forgotten the feeling of ‘home . ’ Hao Jun You turned his attention to the kitchen that had just been used…and a satisfied smiled appeared on his face . Slowly, he moved his steps and picked up the ‘everyday’ supplies .