Modern Cinderella - Chapter 15

Published at 16th of July 2018 03:36:23 AM
Chapter 15

First Round of the Battle [1]

“Lan You, I heard your piano skills are amazing ah!” Moya sat on the seat next to Lan You.

“Thank you.” Lan You took off one side of the earbud and raised his head.


“Plus you look beautiful ah!” The feeling that Lan You gave Moya was the type of guys who had beautiful huge eyes.

“You are also very straightforward ah.” This time Lan You smiled and took off his MP4.

“Now can you tell me what Si Ming is doing?” Moya smiled sweetly.

“Ah?!” Lan You quickly froze as though a statue.

Moya ‘sweetly’ smiled and looked at Lan You who was motionless…Lan You’s facial expressions slowly eased…finally, he melted…

“He is setting up a scheme.” Lan You said slowly.

“Scheme?!” Moya was now interested. Her eyes sparkled.

“You…” Lan You hurriedly hid further.

“What are you doing? I won’t eat you!” Moya stood up and began to go after him.

This time a hedgehog head came into her view…

Moya’s eyes ogled at his hair….pretty good! It’s black enough~!

“Don’t try to bully my Xiao You You just because he’s nice” Hu Lin grabbed Lan You’s neck from behind, the action seemed a little intimate…

“Hahah~ Xiao You You~ Hahaha~” Moya clutched her tummy and laughed loudly.

Hearing Moya’s laughter, Hu Lin’s eyebrows wrinkled more and more…

“So scary.” After exclaiming this statement, Hu Lin went back to his seat.

“Ah?” Moya’s laughter stopped. She turned her head to notice Liu He and the others who were sneakily laughing~

“Jun You, Ming Xian, look out!” Si Ming stood up from his seat to remind the two boys to be careful.