Modern Cinderella - Chapter 18

Published at 18th of July 2018 10:03:50 PM
Chapter 18

First Round of the Battle [4]

“Oh?” Leaving a confused Moya while the old professor disappeared . Moya scratched her head and turned around . She looked at Hu Lin, Lan You, and the others funnily . “What are you guys doing?!” Hu Lin tugged at his school uniform and made it seemed like he was lazy but very handsome . He gives out this feeling as if he’s a fallen angel . Lan You took off the coat of the school uniform and held it in his hands like a piano prince . And Jiang Shan and Liu He! They held a cool expression . “What exactly are you guys doing?” Moya couldn’t understand their actions . She picked up her book bag and walked in the direction of the door . “Oh my god!!” She happened to see Si Ming who was leaning on the wall with a cold look . “What’s wrong with everyone today?!” She felt like her head was a bit dizzy .

“Why didn’t call me when you were going to go?” Hao Jun You closed his book and walked beside Moya .

“Oh!” Moya smacked her head . “I forgot . I didn’t have this habit . ” Moya was about to ask Hao Jun You what the matter was, everyone was so strange…


“Ah~~~!!” Came a scary squeal!

“They’re really here~~~!!!” Another scary squeal!

The sounds of screams came one after the other! Moya looked at this scary scene horrified . She thought about everyone’s actions . “I understand now . ” They were doing all that for their fans to see . Moya rolled her eyes in disdain… . and Si Ming happened to be in the way of it . Moya rushed to spit her tongue at him…

“Go… . ” She originally wanted to say “let’s go, Senior Jun You . ” But right now, the entire F class was surrounded! “I’m sorry~ I shouldn’t delay the time when school ends~” This is probably the time the school prepared for the class to leave .

“Aish~” Hu Lin walked passed Moya’s side and sighed . “I guess being too handsome is also a crime . ”

“Wow~!!” “Hu Lin ah!!” “He’s still so handsome!” “Do you think he would agree to sign his name?”

Liu He walked out of the classroom with his art supplies expressionlessly…

“Liu He~!” “Look over here ah!!!” A few of the girls actually held Liu He’s work from last year screaming at the top of their lungs!

Lan You walked out gentlemanly after Liu He .

“Lan You! You are so amazing ah!” “Piano Prince!!” The beautiful piano sound was still in the girls’ ears from last year’s campus culture festival .

Jiang Shan also walked out walking alongside with Si Ming who leaned against the wall…

“Ah~!!!” Looking at the two of them walking together, the girls lost the ability to speak! They could only excitedly scream!

“Haha!” Moya clutched her tummy which hurts from laughing so hard . “Are they trying to walk like models?” She reached out to grab Hao Jun You’s shirt to prevent herself from falling .

Hao Jun You didn’t respond, his hands patting her hair softly…

“Let’s go too . ” Hao Jun You’s hand reached out to grab hers…

“Who is that girl ah?” The girls who were immersed in the “Qingtan’s Seven Princes” finally noticed Moya .