Modern Cinderella - Chapter 2

Published at 5th of July 2018 03:32:11 PM
Chapter 2

Trouble Arising From Many Causes [2]

“You Mei!” The one who reacted the quickest was Shi Lin, she ran over to You Mei’s side . Attempting to hold the “hill” pressed on top of her . First time…it didn’t work…another time! Still didn’t work! “Oh my god! Is there special forces equipment inside?!”

“It’s not really heavy ah . ” Moya walked over, while only using one hand, she easily carried the bag over…”You guys are just lacking some exercise . ”

“… . ” You Mei and Shi Lin’s mouth fell to the ground .

“You . . ” Shi Lin not caring about her lady image gulped her saliva, “Which class are you in? How come I never saw you before?” She couldn’t believe how much strength Moya’s slender arms had!

“Oh . I am new . ” Moya carried the backpack on her shoulder, “Can you tell me where the student dorms are?”


Her smile was brighter than the midsummer’s sunshine… .

Today Qingtan school’s most popular award should go to the new student Moya . Because she carried that oversized bag and walked around half the school!

“Moya, are you okay? I’m so sorry . Because you are a new student, you need to first apply for your classes and dormitory . ” Shi Lin worriedly looked at Moya .

“Yeah . How about you rest first?” You Mei’s legs were getting sore . Moya didn’t have any problems, after all, she had already used to the heavy backpack . “It’s the school’s fault, placing the Academic Affairs Office in the deepest place . ”

“Oh~” Moya straightened her back, “I have no problem, what is that?” Moya points toward the red Ferrari which was heading their way .

“That…ah! Is Jin Ming Xian . ” You Mei excitedly pulled on Shi Lin’s clothes . Hopping and jumping .

“I know…I’m not blind . He’s so flashy that anyone can see ah~” In contrast, Shi Lin is much quieter .

“Hey~!” When Shi Lin and You Mei didn’t notice anything, Moya barges onto the middle of the road . She raises her two hands highly, shaking it around her head… “Give us a ride~ . ” Great, I finally met someone who drives to school . That way we don’t need to walk anymore…even though she didn’t mind, but her two big sisters looked tired .

However! That intricate red Ferrari didn’t have any intentions of slowing down . The owner of the car didn’t seem to notice Moya who was waving towards them…the car rapidly made its way towards her…

“Ah~!” Her beautiful and excited expression froze .

“Moya!” Shi Lin screams her name in a high pitch…

“Sou!” The car flies by the girls… .

“Wow!~ Moya~” You Mei cried after getting scared, she sits on the ground helplessly not knowing what to do… .

“Mo…ya…” Shi Lin too was stunned, she looks at Moya who was lying on the ground, the tears threatening to fall out .

“Pa!” Moya raises her hand… .

“You’re still alive?” You Mei also stopped crying .

“I…have . . a…question . ” Moya climbs up from the ground, dusting off the mud from her clothes . Thank god for her quick reactions and her more developed nerves . Otherwise, she would really become a dead soul under the wheel… .

“You…say… . ” Shi Lin carries a horror-stricken expression looking at Moya .

“Those who are blind at Qingtan can also drive a car?”

“Ah?~” In the start, Shi Lin thought Moya was asking that on purpose . Thinking it was as revenge for the person who almost killed her . However, when she looked at Moya’s eyes, there was not a bit of anger in them…Clean like the summer’s sunshine . “Yes . ” Shi Lin didn’t know why she responded like that .