Modern Cinderella - Chapter 21

Published at 20th of July 2018 05:56:58 PM
Chapter 21

Letting you Guys be Surprised [2]

“Okay . ” Moya softly opened the box lid . “Wow~!” Some sparkling crystal-like things appeared in front of her eyes . “This is used for eating?!” Moya couldn’t bear it . Who would want to swallow these beautiful things?

“Yeah . Place it into the cake . ” Hao Jun You’s vision never left the road .

“Okay . ” Even though she couldn’t bear to eat these beautiful things, she couldn’t bear it even more to upset her tummy’s wishes!

Everything is ready! Moya held the cake which was rolled into rolls and ate a large piece…


“So bitter!!!” Her expression immediately became one that was pained .

“Don’t spit it out!” Hao Jun You turned his head over and caressed her hair again . “Wait another second!”

Moya looked at Hao Jun You’s gentle eyes and attempted to control her instinct of throwing the food up… . . Not even after a while, her expression slowly became relieved . Then she became very happy…The bitter thing suddenly became very sweet…It’s a wonderful taste that Moya had never experienced… . perhaps it was due to the bitterness in the beginning which made it taste wonderful now .

“This is called ‘life'” Hao Jun You’s smile got wider, “Even though it might not be as tasty as your ‘Tofu Family . ’ But I ran to many different places to get the materials set . ”

“Who said so?! This taste delicious!” Moya thought back to the wonderful taste . “The taste I had thought so . ” Moya licked her lips .

“If you like it, that’s good . Moya… . ” Hao Jun You looked at Moya whose eyes were filled with worry .

“It’s okay, Senior . ” Moya s her tongue out at him . “I know what you’re trying to say . Whatever happens, when we get to school later, I will face it calmly! Because I want the sweet after the bitter! I am very greedy ah!”

Hao Jun You looked at Moya’s smile and he got lost in his thoughts . Her smile was brighter than the sunshine in midsummer…

The class had taken place for already half an hour . Usually, at this time, the school would have been very quiet…However today, Qingtan was bustling with noise . It could be said to be in chaos…

Moya widened her eyes at what happened in front of her . A large poster was placed in front of the school door~ On the top, it says “Rid Devil!” And a few girls went to the extreme, holding up banners, screaming “Hand our prince back!” Moya’s jaw fell to the ground……Dizzy……Are they kidding me?! Is it just because of what happened yesterday?! “This is called revenge, crazy woman!” Jin Ming Xian’s voice filled with challenge seemed to ring in Moya’s head . She shook her head…

“Moya . ” Hao Jun You walked up to her and held onto Moya’s shoulders . “Don’t take this to heart . ” His eyes contained worry .

Moya turned around to shoot Hao Jun You a smile and coincidentally her gaze met Jin Ming Xian’s…

“Give our prince back! Mission: Get rid of Moya begins!!” These people were still being rowdy…

Moya turned her head around and looked at the huge poster…She deeply sighed… . . Walking straight in the direction of the poster…


All the girls were stunned! Hao Jun You revealed a slight grin while Jin Ming Xian looked at Moya still expressionlessly…