Modern Cinderella - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Letting you Guys be Surprised [3]

She didn’t rip the poster since that wasn’t her personality . Instead, she had walked right into the middle of the poster and left a figure on the poster .

Moya stood on the other side of the poster and shouted at Hao Jun You, “I care! Of course, I care! That’s why I’ll try my best to surpass it!” Moya turned around and her eyes looked towards the front…She slowly raised her head, the midsummer’s sunshine shined on her smiling face . Her smile lit up everyone’s heart…

“Kuang Tang!” All the girls fell to the ground~ That’s because their Flute Prince – Hao Jun You also walked through the poster……At this time the security guards finally reacted and rushed over to stop this madness~

“Senior Jun You, let’s go . We’re really going to be late~!” Moya didn’t look back or looked at Jin Ming Xian’s beautiful face .


Jin Ming Xian looked at Moya’s happy back and frowned slightly…

“Report!” Moya tried to catch her breath because she ran frantically to the classroom .

“Please, please come in . ” The old professor had taught the second year F class for two years and he had almost forgotten how to respond when he heard ‘report’…

“Yes . ” Moya walked into the classroom and sat in her seat . Sweat dripped down her forehead .

After a while, Hao Jun You also came from outside . He knocked on the door symbolically while Jin Ming Xian who came in after kicked the door open! Not even looking at the old professor, he walked over to his seat! However, his view had landed on Moya for a split second…

“Okay . ” The old professor saw that everyone was here . “So let’s begin today… . ”

“Wait!” Si Ming interrupted the old professor . “Shouldn’t we test the new student first?” He looked at Moya with an evil expression .

“Ah?” The old professor stared at Moya, torn . “Good student ah~ You…”

“So what? Test it is!” Moya confidently stood up even though she didn’t know what the test was going to be .

“Oh?” Hu Lin looked at Moya with a suspicious expression . “This girl is so confident?”

“Shut up! Speak one more time and I’ll punch you!” Moya held her fist tightly and showed Hu Lin .

“……” Hu Lin used both hands to cover his mouth .

“Look, Never mind with what Moya said . ” Hao Jun You grinned while staring at everyone . “After all, she’s a girl . ”

“No!” Si Ming’s attitude was firm . “Our F class was originally the prince class! (Because of him, Moya sneered at this sentence) Now there’s girl, it’s not right in the first place! Plus the girl can’t be someone that doesn’t know how to do anything!” Si Ming didn’t know why he was scared of Moya in some ways .

Jin Ming Xian’s vision wasn’t on the window outside as usual but instead, he was observing everything that was happening!

“Okay! Tell me what you want to test me on?” Moya rolled up her sleeves .

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to be about fighting . ” Si Ming answered with a bad attitude .

“Just perform what you know . ” Lan You smiled at Moya .

“Don’t be fooled by her ah!” Hu Lin knocked on Lan You’s head harshly .

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