Modern Cinderella - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

The Invincible Energetic Girl [2]

“Please sit . ” Si Ming shot Moya a smile .

“Dong!” A sound of alarm sounded in Moya’s mind! Would Si Ming use these ‘gentle’ words towards her? She observed her chair with vigilance . “There really is a problem!” Moya found something like chewing gum on her chair . At this time Si Ming got up from his seat and walked towards Moya . Moya saw the chance did the first thing that popped into her mind . She swapped Si Ming’s seat with hers . At this time Si Ming didn’t even think before he sat down! Moya chuckled secretively~ That’s what you get for being mean! However, when Moya sat down on her seat, she wasn’t able to laugh out loud . The chair suddenly fell apart and immediately after, a bucket of water poured down…Moya sat on the ground stunned…

“Evil girl! This is what we called ‘Acting weak to put yourself in an advantage . '” Si Ming stood up and took out the fake chewing gum .

“You may be great, but we’re even better . ” Liu He’s statement added onto the anger .


“Okay!” Moya dusted her butt and stood up . “This round, I lose . ” She didn’t even finish speaking when a square blue handkerchief started wiping her face .

“Go change to other clothes . ” Hao Jun You’s eyes were filled with anger! Aren’t they going over the line doing this to her?

“Hm . ” Moya agreed and opened her mouth to continue what she was going to say . “You guys should be more careful from now on!”

“Wow! Jun You cares so much about Moya ah~!” Liu He continued adding on .

Jin Ming Xian sat on his seat, his eyes stopped at the hand in which Hao Jun You used to clean Moya’s face…that strength of that hand was so soft…This girl with a bright smile like the midsummer sun wasn’t angry at the moment, but instead, her face was full of enthusiasm .

“Hey!” Si Ming also turned his head around, his vision avoiding Hao Jun You’s hand .

At this time, the moment when Si Ming was going to turn around! Moya lifted her feet highly! She just wanted to pretend like she was going to kick him . She never meant to kick him! But who knew Si Ming suddenly turned around and walked back a step . Now Moya’s highly lifted legs landed on Si Ming’s handsome face!

“You!!!” Si Ming’s face quickly turned black . “Wait until you get the black challenge letter!”

Liu He and the others were stunned! The ‘black challenge letter’ is a letter that would ruin your life ~ Many people who had received this letter were later on moved to the intensive care room in the hospital! If Moya received this letter, they don’t even need to do anything! Moya would most likely be tortured to death by the girls already!

“No . ” Jin Ming Xian left his seat and walked in front of Moya, bringing her close to him by an embrace . “Don’t you dare torture her . From today, she is my girl . ” Jin Ming Xian said it as though that was how it was supposed to be from the start . As though Moya is only one of the girls who are deeply in love with him and if he would smile at her, Moya will be running behind him……

“What are you saying?!” Si Ming couldn’t believe his ears .

“Ming Xian?” Hao Jun You questioned .

“That can’t be~!” Liu He and the others were close together, trying to prevent themselves from falling .

“This… . ” Moya’s ability to speak hadn’t improved . She wanted to say that was a funny joke .

Jin Ming Xian stared at Moya’s eyes, “Come to my place tonight . ”

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