Modern Cinderella - Chapter 26

Published at 24th of July 2018 03:03:08 AM
Chapter 26

The Invincible Energetic Girl [3]

“Ah?!” Moya’s jaw fell to the ground…

While everyone else fell on the ground…

“Ming Xian . ” Hao Jun You patted Jin Ming Xian’s shoulder . “Moya didn’t mean to… . ” Hao Jun You could never believe that Jin Ming Xian did all that because he liked her…He thought that Jin Ming Xian was still not over what Moya did to him .

“No . ” Jin Ming Xian interrupted Hao Jun You . “I need her . ”

Hao Jun You was stunned . Moya froze! What the heck is he going on about~?!! His attitude had changed too quickly~!

“Tonight come over to my place . ” After leaving this statement, Jin Ming Xian went back and sat on his seat . He really did need Moya . He wanted to know what about Moya could’ve made him fell asleep .

At this time, the old professor walked in with a thick packet of worksheets…


The midsummer’s sunshine shined into the classroom and the old professor’s voice floated in the room…

“You actually agreed?!!” Si Ming looked at her in disdain . “Of course, you agreed because of his face!”

“Yeah, so what if I did agree because of his face ah?” Moya was too lazy to explain, “Why didn’t I agree with you? Do you even need to ask that? Because you’re not handsome ah!”

The old professor was stunned, what happened to his good student ah?~

“You!!” Si Ming’s eyes burst into fires .

“Humph!” Moya turned her head around, too lazy to even talk to him . At this time she saw Hao Jun You’s eyes . Hao Jun You smiled at her…Moya, in return, spat her tongue at him . It’s just that Moya didn’t notice that the smile contained some bitterness…

In today’s class, F class was unusually quiet… Si Ming mumbled to himself . Plus Hao Jun You and Jin Ming Xian don’t really talk much in the first place…Moya is so depressed that she didn’t talk…in this type of situation, everyone else just closed their mouth .

“Okay . Students . Today, the teacher will stop the class here . Let’s get out of class . ” The old professor, once again, vanished in front of everyone .

“Oh~,” Moya thought about what to make Senior Jun You eat while packing up her books into her book bag .

“Let’s go . ”

“Okay . ” Moya, as usual, threw her book bag back, however, this time no one caught it . “What happened, Senior Jun You?” Moya turned around and noticed the person behind her was Jin Ming Xian!

“What are you doing?” Jin Ming Xian looked at the book bag Moya delivered .

“No-nothing . ” Moya grabbed the book bag back .

“Give me it . ” At this time, Hao Jun You took the book bag from Moya .

“Come with me . ” Jin Ming Xian ordered her, not allowing room for discussion .

“Do I really have to?” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian’s eyes, that pair of eyes pure like water . “Okay . ” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes contained some faint loneliness and sadness . It’s this type of faint feelings that triggered Moya to rethink it .

“Hm . You’re already my girlfriend . You have to listen to me . ” Jin Ming Xian walked out alone . He thought that Moya was supposed to follow him…

Moya actually helplessly walked behind Jin Ming Xian . She wanted to figure out what caused Jin Ming Xian to have this type of attitude . It’s not like she will be sacrificing anything if she went to look for him… . and about being his girlfriend ah~ She will figure out the situation and talk to him about it .

But at this time, Hao Jun You pulled Moya’s hand . She turned around to see his grin . “I’ll take you . ” His voice was so faint and gentle .

Hao Jun You’s car followed Jin Ming Xian’s to the front of an old building~

“It’s so big here~” Moya was stunned and looked at this huge old building… “But it looks depressing . Jin Ming Xian lives here?” Moya turned towards Hao Jun You .

Even though this building is huge, it was gray and gave people a sense of gloomy tone .

“Mhm . Ming Xian lives here . ” Hao Jun You answered absentmindedly . He had been like this after since he left the school .

“Oh~ This looks so different from where you live, Senior Jun You ah . ~” Moya brought her head out and looked at the door .

“Then does Moya like this type of house?” Hao Jun You brought Moya’s head back in the car . “Don’t shift your head out the window . It’s dangerous~”

“I know . ” Moya sneakily spat her tongue out at him . “Well I…~” She lengthens the tone and tried to put it into suspense . “Of course I like Senior Jun You’s house! When I live there, I feel relaxed~” Her eyes held a bright sparkle . “It’s the type of house I’ve always been looking forward to ah . ” When Moya was small, she used to see houses like this in cartoons .

At this time a slender figure blocked the car window…… “Get off . ” Jin Ming Xian ordered Moya .

“You should go back first, Senior Jun You . ” Moya helplessly shot Hao Jun You a smile .

“I’ll wait for you . ” Hao Jun You didn’t raise his head . She couldn’t see his eyes .

“What?” Moya had already opened the car door and walked out so she couldn’t hear what he had just said .

“Go quickly . ” Hao Jun You brought his head out the window, he smiled…