Modern Cinderella - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

The Compassionate Heart [2]

“Sorry, hehe… . ” Moya chuckled awkwardly .

Jin Ming Xian didn’t say anything but turned around and walked into the fencing room .

“Wow!” Moya widened her eyes . “You always practiced fencing in these professional rooms ah?” These types of tiles and equipment were only seen on television .

“Hm . ” Jin Ming Xian tried his best to be patient, nodding his head gently .

“Oh . ” Moya giggled and stood by the door . She knew this was not the best time to disturb him .

Jin Ming Xian walked over to the shelves of fencing swords and picked out his favorite one…


“Su~!” The sound of the sword and wind complemented each other .

Moya’s eyes also followed the movement .

Moya stared at the person who everyone called the ‘Fencing Prince’ . “Of course ah!” She gave a heartfelt sigh . Jin Ming Xian waved his fencing sword and his posture was elegant and graceful… . adding on his beautiful face and slender figure! Simply handsome!

“Hello . ” The old housekeeper walked in front of Moya, his hand held a white towel . It was most likely prepared for Jin Ming Xian .

“Hi ah!” Moya faintly smiled, introducing herself .

“Are you young master’s friend?” The old housekeeper smiled warmly .

“Hm . ” Moya nodded her head hard .

“Then how come I haven’t seen you before?” The old housekeeper observed Moya .

“Oh, I transferred her recently,” Moya answered naturally .

“Is that so, our young master rarely brings his friends over to the house . Since you’re friends with the young master, I hope you can take care of him . ” The old housekeeper bowed towards Moya in a 90-degree angle .

“What are you doing?!” Moya imitated the old housekeeper’s posture and bowed back to him twice . “My mom said that if I don’t respect old people, I will have fewer years to live . ”

The old housekeeper looked at Moya and slowly nodded his head . “I have other business to attend to . Can you pass this towel over to the young master?”

“Oh, no problem . ” Moya grabbed the towel the old housekeeper had delivered to her .

In the midsummer evening, the golden sun shined in Jin Ming Xian’s villa . The old housekeeper was in the garden fixing up the flowers and plants . His lips were tilted up into a faint smile . If only the young master can find a girl that can change him…

“Su!” Jin Ming Xian placed the fencing sword back…

Moya who was stunned watched as Jin Ming Xian walked to the shelves…

“Oh right! The towel . ” She grabbed the towel and ran in the direction of Jin Ming Xian . However this white towel was so long, so long ah…just as Moya had run to Jin Ming Xian, her feet had stepped on the white like snow towel…

“Ah!” “Pa!”

Moya steadily fell into Jin Ming Xian’s embrace . On the floor, she was like a sandbag which had pressed Jin Ming Xian under her . Moya looked at Jin Ming Xian’s angry eyes . “Sorry!” She hugged his head and swayed…”I didn’t mean to! Forgive me!”

“Get out . ” Jin Ming Xian’s patience had run out . It was a good thing that the floor had placed top quality tiles so even if he got slammed, it didn’t hurt as much .

“Oh, okay!” Moya placed the towel on the ground and wanted to push herself off the ground using her hand . However, the floor was dripped with Jin Ming Xian’s sweat! “Kuang Tang!” Once again, Moya fell into his embrace .

Ding –

A flash had passed through her brain . Moya nervously looked at Jin Ming Xian’s eyes which were less than an inch away! She had ended up kissing Jin Ming Xian…

Jin Ming Xian’s eyes slightly squinted and he quietly stared at Moya’s eyes… . then his right hand ended up touching her neck…

“Thump!” Moya’s heart jumped rapidly .

Moya froze! This was the first time something like this had happened so she didn’t know what to do…

Outside the villa, a polite and elegant shadow leaned against the latest new car . Once again he lowered his head and stared at the time on the watch . “It’s already been 2 hours . ” Based on his understanding of Jin Ming Xian, this wasn’t supposed to happen . “What is Jin Ming Xian thinking in his head?” Hao Jun You’s beautiful face revealed a lost expression…

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