Modern Cinderella - Chapter 34

Published at 28th of July 2018 06:49:40 PM
Chapter 34

Invincible Moya [4]

Today even Jin Ming Xian and Hao Jun You had shown up in the restaurant . (The school had prepared especially that only specific grade’s students could enter)!

Jin Ming Xian sat quietly on his seat, his gaze flickered around, not knowing where he was actually looking…

Moya harshly gulped down a couple cups of water… . . It made her felt uncomfortable eating lunch with both Hao Jun You and Jin Ming Xian .

“Cough, cough… . ” Moya violently coughed…

“Be careful . ” Hao Jun You hurried and picked up a napkin to wipe Moya’s red lips .

“Cough…thanks…cough…” Moya took the napkin from him and began to wipe herself .

Jin Ming Xian shifted his attention to Moya . Next, he saw Hao Jun You who was a little hurt…


Out of the restaurant, the girls had been arguing over their ‘spots’!

“Give me . ” Jin Ming Xian raised his right hand over . He looked at Moya with a glimpse of temperature .

“Ah?” Moya didn’t understand Jin Ming Xian’s meaning .

Jin Ming Xian stood up from his seat…

The girls outside had fallen… “Fencing Prince’s figure is so good ah!”

Jin Ming Xian walked to Moya .

“What are you going to do?” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian .

Jin Ming Xian grabbed the napkin that was in Moya’s hand… . then… . began to wipe Moya’s red lips like a robot…

Outside the window…All the girls had fainted!

Ding –

Moya’s head had rung . She wasn’t able to react to it…

“I can do it myself . ” After she had calmed down her feelings, Moya ‘grabbed’ the napkin from Jin Ming Xian .

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian didn’t say anything afterward . He quietly returned back to his seat .

Hao Jun You looked at the red Moya, “Ming Xian, please stop torturing Xiao Ya . ” He turned his face over and looked at Jin Ming Xian . “She didn’t mean to…”

“No . ” Jin Ming Xian’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed . He interrupted Hao Jun You’s statement . “I need her . ” Jin Ming Xian calmly stated .

“Gu lu, gu lu . ” Moya had gulped down water furiously . Her face was very red . It was probably because she had thought about what had happened during the time in the fencing room .

Hao Jun You picked up the knife and fork and didn’t say anything else . He only had Moya’s red face in his eyes .

“How could it be like this?!” The girls all looked at each other and the tears in their eyes were about to fall down .

“Professor Li?” The old professor came to the teacher’s office .

“Oh, professor ah, hi . ” Professor Li frantically stood up from her seat . She instinctively pushed at her black glasses .

“Hehe… . ” The old professor held hands with her . “Then this afternoon’s class is down to you…”

“No problem! I wanted to see how the F class was!” Professor Li was already interested in the legend of the F class . But she never had the chance to, now she did!

“Okay, you should be careful ah . ” The old professor stood up from his seat and hoped that this young teacher was able to hang on until he came back .

Today’s cafeteria was really quiet . The waiters sat around bored…It was already past lunchtime so why hasn’t anyone came to eat?

Moya sat on her seat and sneakily observed at Jin Ming Xian . That cold momentum seemed to block him from the outside world .

“Evil girl?!” Si Ming tapped on Moya’s head . “You don’t need to drool from looking at Jin Ming Xian?!” He smiled evilly .

“What are you saying?!” Moya stood up, “Be careful, I might punch you!” She raised her fist at Si Ming .

“So scared ah~!” Si Ming sat beside her .

“You… . . ” Moya’s face was red . He actually said that she was drooling from staring at Jin Ming Xian! “Go jump off a building!”