Modern Cinderella - Chapter 36

Published at 30th of July 2018 02:47:00 AM
Chapter 36

Invincible Moya [6]

“That…” The professor had wiped the sweat on her head . She finally knew why the old professor had given her that handkerchief .

“This should be it . ” Jun You closed the book and smiled faintly . He walked up to Moya, “Come home with me . ” His hand picked up Moya’s hand .

“This… . ” Moya looked at the professor timidly . Today they really didn’t give teacher any faces .

“No . ” Jin Ming Xian stood up .

Moya turned her head towards Jin Ming Xian . Did he happened to realize his mistake and decided to finish hearing the professor’s lesson!

“She should be going with me . ” Coldly, Jin Ming Xian spat out these words .


Moya almost fell down due to her sudden lack of balance . “Jin Ming Xian, I probably can’t come to your house today . ” Moya shot Jin Ming Xian a faint smile .

“………” Jin Ming Xian stared at their linked hands . He had never thought that any girls would have rejected his ‘invitation . ’ Jin Ming Xian didn’t request her again but he left the classroom without looking back .

Hao Jun you held onto Moya’s hand tightly . Her hands were ice cold, “He makes you nervous?” He smiled warmly .

“Yes . ” Moya helplessly lowered her head .

“Why?” Hao Jun You held Moya’s hand and the two of them walked outside . They walked past Professor Li who stood like a statue .

“Don’t know . Hehe…It’s probably because he isn’t that easy to get along with . I keep on thinking that he doesn’t like me . ” Moya stuck her tongue out .

“Is that so……” Hao Jun You grabbed Moya’s hands and placed them into his pocket . “It’s summer yet your hands are so cold . . ” His warm statement was as though spring had arrived…

Everyone had left . The empty classroom had only Professor Li left . How did she know that everything that had happened was due to one statement of hers…

In the huge and shocking villa, today was depressing…

“Young master . ” The old housekeeper walked over to Jin Ming Xian’s room . “It’s time to practice fencing . ” He politely exclaimed .

“I know . ” Jin Ming Xian left the window and walked towards the fencing room .

The old housekeeper stared at his back… . thinking…

“Su!” Jin Ming Xian’s fencing skills were skillful as usual but his eyebrows had unconsciously wrinkled .

The old housekeeper held onto the white towel and stood to the side…Today that girl didn’t come…

“Su!” Jin Ming Xian elegantly placed his fencing sword away .

The old housekeeper walked over and handed the towel over to him .

Jin Ming Xian took the towel and stopped for a second…

“Is there a problem?” The old housekeeper watched Jin Ming Xian grew up . He knew what each action and word meant .

“Dinner…” Jin Ming Xian looked at the white towel, “Should be eaten at this time . ”

The old housekeeper was stunned! “I know, I’ll send someone to prepare it immediately . ” He politely lowered his head and left the room .

In the fencing room, Jin Ming Xian stared at the white towel…For a very long time…Even he didn’t know what had floated around in his mind…

The old housekeeper was on his way to the kitchen . Looks like that young miss that didn’t come wasn’t because the young master didn’t want her too…But… “Aish~!” He deeply sighed . That young miss seemed to be young master Jun You’s friend too . If this really was the case, based on young master’s personality, it’s really hard to ‘win’ this ‘war . ’

In the building which held a lot of modern feeling, it kept ringing…

“Smells good . ” Jun You sat by the table with a satisfied smile .

“Right!” Moya ran out of the kitchen with a spatula . “Here, taste this!” She delivered the spatula over in front of Hao Jun You’s face .