Modern Cinderella - Chapter 39

Published at 1st of August 2018 03:24:35 AM
Chapter 39

The Heart that Believed [1]

“What?” Jin Ming Xian looked at the pink box in the old housekeeper’s hand .

“Bring this out tomorrow . ” The old housekeeper placed the box on the rock table beside Jin Ming Xian . “Tomorrow, I had prepared a date for you . ”

“Not going . ” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes were filled with disdain . The old housekeeper had already prepared numerous dates for him . It was only one time during the old housekeeper’s birthday that he went . In the end, those obsessive girls…

“But I had already talked about it with young miss Moya . ” The old housekeeper demonstrated a look of helplessness .

“……” Jin Ming Xian had become quiet . He looked at the pink box . The purple butterfly ribbon seemed to be alive…”Time?” Jin Ming Xian’s eyebrows that were wrinkled slowly became relieved .

“Eight . I will send someone to pick up the young miss . ” The old housekeeper poured a cup of tea for Jin Ming Xian .


“I’ll go . ” Jin Ming Xian picked up the box .

“What?!” The old housekeeper was stunned . He had thought that Jin Ming Xian had only thought that Moya was interesting . Who knew, she was that important in Jin Ming Xian’s heart!

Jin Ming Xian picked up the box and left the pavilion…He had to know, why this crazy girl could make him fall asleep .

In the midsummer morning, the crystal clear dew appeared on the green leaves…

The old housekeeper had prepared a red racing car for Jin Ming Xian early in the morning… . . He looked satisfied with the whole car of roses…If the young master didn’t know how to please girls, then he will help him .

“What is this?” Jin Ming Xian looked at the bright roses, his eyebrows wrinkled .

“This ah… . ” The old housekeeper smiled and wanted to explain .

“Take it off . ” He ordered impatiently .

“Yes . ” The old housekeeper didn’t say anything and shot the servants a look . Everyone rushed to get rid of the roses .

In the third floor of the building, Hao Jun You tied the apron around himself . He was frying an egg for Moya . Of all the dishes, he only knew how to make fried eggs . But since he only knew one dish, he would perfect that dish . Therefore the fried eggs that he made weren’t at a normal level……

Moya had still been sleeping…She had slept deeply…As though she had forgotten today’s important date…

“Ding Dong . ” The doorbell rang .

Hao Jun You placed the fried egg on a plate before he walked to the door…

“Hello . ” Hao Jun You smiled faintly at Jin Ming Xian who stood outside the door . He had never thought that Jin Ming Xian would come here himself .

“Okay . ” Jin Ming Xian shot him a nod softly .

“Come in . ” Hao Jun You untied the apron on him .

“Jun You, you also know how to cook?” Jin Ming Xian stared at the blue apron .

“No, this is Xiao Ya’s . Because every day she was the one to cook for me, so this morning I wanted to try . ”

“It’s just that?” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes peered over the fried egg on the table .

“Yes . ” Hao Jun You smiled as usual .

“Well probably, it’s not needed . The time’s up . Call her out . We are going to leave now . ” Even though they were classmates for two years, but Jin Ming Xian was still cold towards Hao Jun You .

“But Xiao Ya hadn’t awakened up yet . ” Hao Jun You turned around and stared at the tightly closed door .

“It’s that room?” Jin Ming Xian walked straight towards Moya’s bedroom .

“Ming Xian!” Hao Jun You wanted to stop it but it was too late!

Jin Ming Xian’s eyebrows were wrinkled…

Moya actually slept on the ground and she hugged the pillow in her embrace . “Hungry…” Moya who was in her dream had talked .