Modern Cinderella - Chapter 43

Published at 4th of August 2018 05:13:55 AM
Chapter 43

The Heart that Believes [5]

“I’m still not able to move . Can you grab my pill for me?” The girl sweetly smiled .

“Okay . ” Moya reached into the girl’s pocket . “Heart?!” She knew this type of pill! Her day had been taking these types of pills! The type of pills that helped with heart diseases!

“Thank you . ” The girl had swallowed the pill . Next her gaze had shifted to a distance far away… “Can you keep this a secret for me?” Her eyes flashed over glimpses of worry .

“Okay . ” Moya turned around to where the girl had been looking at .

A young man who had wore a black T-shirt was headed in this direction…

Moya widened her eyes . She knew this young man . It was the young man who was attacked by a bunch of other guys…


“Hello . ” Moya shot the young man a faint smile .

As though a breeze had passed by, the young man’s slender figure had walked pass Moya and towards the girl who had sat down… .

“Qi Feng . ” The girl called his name gently .

“Here . ” The young man’s cold expression had slightly became relieved . He passed the drink in his hand towards the girl .

“Thank you . ” The girl grabbed the drink over and walked to Moya . “Thank you sister, goodbye . ” The sunshine shined on her cute dimples .

“Let’s go . ” The young man pulled on the girl’s hand and left . From the beginning until the end, the young man called Qi Feng had not looked at Moya once .

Moya watched as the young man had specially slowed down his pace . “Hehe…so jealous…” But, her eyebrows couldn’t help but to scrunched up . “That cute girl actually has a heart disease?”

“Crazy girl!” Jin Ming Xian stood not far from her and stared at Moya who had smiled dumbly . He impatiently called for her .

“Coming! Prince!” Moya sneakily made an ugly face at him . She bounced over to Jin Ming Xian’s side . “Are we going on the unicorn?” She imitated how the girl was, ‘cutely’ smiling at him .

“You… . ” Jin Ming Xian saw that her expression was strange . “Are you not feeling well?”

Moya helplessly lowered her head . “No, let’s go on the unicorn . ” Looked like she and cuteness are not meant to be .

‘Qingtan’s Five Princes’ had sat on the Angel Park’s grass and sneakily stared at Moya and Jin Ming Xian…

“Is Ming Xian for real?!” Liu He opened the cans in his hands .

“Yeah! He actually spent time with Moya and brought her to these types of places!” Hu Ln pulled on his Xiao You You . “What do you think?”

“I want to know where Jun You is right now . ” Lan You smiled softly .

“Don’t say it here! Look carefully!” Si Ming covered Jiang Shan’s mouth .

“Is there something wrong with you?! I didn’t even say anything yet!” Jiang Shan had mumbled out these words .

Moya followed Jin Ming Xian and reached the pavilion which was surrounded by people .

“Isn’t this just the carousel?!” Her heart felt cold . She had actually thought there was an unicorn .

“Shut up . ” Jin Ming Xian scrunched his eyebrows . “The head of the horses’ have horns . ” He pushed through the crowd with Moya .

“……” Moya was speechless…… “It’s them!” Moya saw Qi Feng and the girl who was on the black unicorn! “Hey!” She excitedly waved her hands at the girl .

“Sister, hi!” The girl, once again, cutely smiled at her .

But Qi Feng, that young man had turned the girl’s head around…

Moya helplessly sighed . In these years, there’s a lot of strange young men…

So actually the crowd was here to watch Qi Feng and the girl . They had thought it was filming a movie .