Modern Cinderella - Chapter 44

Published at 4th of August 2018 05:13:56 AM
Chapter 44

The Heart that Believes [6]

“Let’s go too . ” Moya grabbed Jin Ming Xian’s hand .

“Let’s not . ” Jin Ming Xian pulled his hands away, as though his eyes contained the millennium iceberg that never melted .

“What’s wrong with you?” Moya’s heart became heavy for some unknown reason . Could it be that Jin Ming Xian knew that cute girl?

“Let’s go . ” Jin Ming Xian replied icily .

“But… . ” Moya stared at the two people who were on the carousel, “I… . ”

“Ah!!” Came a sharp voice from the crowd . A few muscular guys holding wooden long sticks had rushed from the crowd out .


“Qi Feng!” The guy who seemed to be the leader pointed the wooden stick towards him . “You dared to show up! Tomorrow’s today will be your anniversary of death!” The muscular guy’s spit had spat all over .

Moya noticed how Jin Ming Xian’s back had became stiff and he turned around expressionlessly .

“Today I don’t want to . ” Qi Feng who was on the carousel had embraced the girl who was clearly startled .

“Ha! What a joke! It’s not Taiwan here! You don’t have a choice here!” The men held onto the sticks tightly .

Qi Feng helped the girl off the carousel…

“Wait . ” He helped the girl onto a seat on the bench then walked towards the men .

“Come on ah! Brothers! If we could get rid of Qi Rui’s only grandson, then the boss will greatly reward us!” The men waved the sticks and rushed towards the young man .

“Aish!~” Moya pulled on Jin Ming Xian’s arm . “Let’s go call the police ah!”

Jin Ming Xian’s eyes were trained on the men and then the temperature on his face became lower and lower… . After that, he grabbed his hand out of Moya’s grasp and headed towards Qi Feng…

“Oh my god ah!” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian’s back . “Is the Fencing Prince going to fight?!” She looked at the surrounding ‘audience’ and projected her voice: “Does anyone have a sword?”

After they had heard what Moya asked, everyone became to observe her . Then there was a breeze and the pavilion which was crowded before was immediately empty . Everyone had walked away smartly .

“Be careful ah!” Moya held her fist and looked at Qi Feng and Jin Ming Xian worriedly .

A man had used the stick and aimed towards Qi Feng’s back however Qi Feng had kicked him sideways which caused him to fell onto the ground .

“Prince be careful ah!” Moya stared at the long stick which was about to hit Jin Ming Xian’s head, terrified .

Jin Ming Xian had ducked and avoided the attack and at the same time, used his right leg to kick the man! The force had made the man fly!

“The advantages of having long legs . ” Moya let out a long sigh . “However they have more people than us . What are you guys doing?!” Moya yelled towards the man who rushed towards the cute girl . Next, she had ran over towards her as well .

The man had stood in front of the cute girl and raised his stick . “Don’t blame me! If you want to blame, then blame it the fact that you’re Qi Feng’s girl!”

“Pa!” After a huge bang, the man had fell…

“Are you okay?” Moya placed the rock in her hands down . She kneeled down to the girl’s side and wanted to hear her heartbeat .

“No . ” The girl had ducked away . “Don’t influence Qi Feng . ” She cutely smiled .

“Oh . ” Moya stood up . “I will stand here and protect you . ”

“Thank you . ” The girl peered at her Qi Feng and her eyes were filled with deep worry .

“Pa!!” Another man was beaten and fell on the ground . Jin Ming Xian and Qi Feng had gather together, their staminas were running out .

“Hehe! No matter how you guys were able to fight, we still have more people than you guys!” The muscular guy’s spit still spat around .