Modern Cinderella - Chapter 49

Published at 7th of August 2018 03:51:36 AM
Chapter 49

Forgotten [2]

“Ming, what happened?” Lan You stared at the stunned Si Ming .

“Ming, are you thinking about Moya?” Liu He tossed the pillow onto Si Ming’s head .

“What are you talking about?!” Si Ming grabbed the pillow and tossed it onto the ground .

“Yo! Yo! He’s really angry…” Hu Ling picked up the pillow from the ground . “Look, you’ve scared our Xiao You You . ”

“Leave!” Si Ming revealed an ugly expression .


Hu Lin and the others exchanged looks then walked out of Si Ming’s room…”If you really like Moya then don’t treat her like that anymore . ” Lan You softly closed the door .

“… . . ” Si Ming laid on the bed alone . Like Moya? He really liked Moya?…

A famous university with a group of elite members of the Qingtan… . It is said that the “specialty” reporter or “spy” came from there .

“Did you hear?” The ponytailed girl grabbed the girl beside her .

“It can’t be real?!” That girl’s face was pale white .

“How about we go to the bulletin board and take a look too!” The ponytailed girl grabbed the girl and ran towards the school’s bulletin board .

Vast crowd~ Vast crowd ah~! The school’s bulletin board was surrounded by students . The girls held onto their face to prevent themselves from crying… .

On the bulletin board, there was a photo pasted . To the side of the golden lake, the cold Jin Ming Xian who stood on the green grass kissed Moya who’s eyes were wide open…

This photo was taken very well ah~ Even the blushing cheeks of Moya were taken clearly~!

“Move out of the way!” Shi Lin pushed herself in through the crowd . Her hand still held You Mei who was a little frightened . “What happened here?!” She pointed towards the picture on the bulletin board . Her face filled with anger .

“Oh god ah…” You Mei held onto Shi Lin’s hand tightly . But her tears had already slipped off her pale face .

“Which bastard had posted this here?!” Shi Lin’s hand pointed at the bulletin board . She angrily knocked her hands against the board . Her knuckles were already swollen…

Everyone was quiet and no one dared to make a sound .

“Dammit!” Shi Lin raised her hand out and attempted to rip off the photo .

“Wait a second!” At this moment, a slightly low male voice passed through the crowd .

Shi Lin’s hand which was on the bulletin board had frozen…She was stunned and looked at Hao Jun You who headed in her direction… . ”Jun You?”

Hao Jun You walked to the front of the bulletin board . He eyes stared at the huge photo…

“Jun You, why did you come here?” Shi Lin tried her best and faintly smiled at him . Looking at the blood slowly disappeared from Hao Jun You’s face, Shi Lin worriedly pulled at his sleeves . “Jun You!”

“This… . ” Hao Jun You’s hand caressed the slightly red face on the picture . “Who is it in the photo?” His voice was quiet…

“What?! Jun You!” Shi Lin slowly moved . She wanted to block the picture! Hao Jun You’s expression led her to be scared!

“Who is this person…” Hao Jun You’s voice finally trembled . His eyes revealed pain .

“… . ” Shi Lin was quiet . Her tears had secretly fallen . The first time when she saw this elegant young man, she had fallen in love with him . When she saw the expression in which Hao Jun You looked at Moya, she had already knew her love wouldn’t be answered .