Modern Cinderella - Chapter 52

Published at 9th of August 2018 03:05:50 AM
Chapter 52

Forgotten [5]

Hao Jun You watched as Jin Ming Xian deeply kissed Moya’s lips…So actually this world could have fallen apart in one moment…Hao Jun You’s body shook, his eyes were a little blurry…Everything in front of his eyes…The image of Jin Ming Xian who kissed Moya…Moya’s slightly red cheeks…All this time…He…He…The world that he held together…

“Jun You!” Shi Lin ran from behind and held onto Hao Jun You . “Jun You!” Her voice trembled…Mixed with the distinct smell of tears…

Moya’s eyes widen!! She had no idea what had happened and stood there stunned! Jin Ming Xian’s hand held onto her throat, his kiss was a little cold…

“Jin Ming Xian!” The green haired Si Ming rushed towards Jin Ming Xian . He pulled Moya and Jin Ming Xian apart . “What are you doing?!” The girls who had still stood on the side seemed as though they had seen white smoke popped out of Si Ming’s head .


“… . . ” Jin Ming Xian’s expression was a little absent minded . The kiss from before, he had just wanted to frighten Moya . But… . Jin Ming Xian’s hand caressed his beautiful lips…

“I am asking you something!” Si Ming grabbed onto Jin Ming Xian’s collar .

“Let go . ” Jin Ming Xian coldly stated . The moment where he was absent minded was quickly replaced by his frosty gaze . “She…is my girlfriend . ”

“You!” Si Ming clenched his teeth tightly .

“Am I not allowed to kiss her…” Jin Ming Xian’s gaze stayed on Moya who was deep in her mind . “Well you, on the other hand, need to pay attention to your actions . ” His mouth revealed a smile of disdain .

“You!” Si Ming glared at Jin Ming Xian’s back . He was so angry he couldn’t form a single sentence .

Moya finally realized what had happened . She used her hand and patted her warm face . “Calm down, calm down . ” For the first time in her life, Moya felt dizzy . Her heart was overwhelmed had only now begun to pump rapidly .

“Jun You?” Shi Lin shook Hao Jun You’s arm . “Are you okay?” Her eyes revealed worry . God ah~! Please don’t let Jun You have another outbreak! Shi Lin secretly prayed in her mind .

Hao Jun You turned around and his face was still pale . However, he still shot Shi Lin a faint smile…This is Hao Jun You .

“Senior Jun You?” After Moya had calmed down her emotions, she noticed Hao Jun You who stood by her side . “You’re finally here ah! So the rapist had let you go?”

“Moya!” Shi Lin stared at Moya’s foolish expression .

“Shi Lin . ” Hao Jun You’s eyebrows slightly furrowed .

“But…” Shi Lin’s eyes were filled with tears . She looked at Hao Jun You’s slightly pursed lips and she left after turning around .

“What happened with Shi Lin?” Moya walked over to Hao Jun You’s side . Her right hand tugged on Hao Jun You’s sleeves .

Hao Jun You didn’t respond . He stared at Moya’s face, those blushing red cheeks . “You…” He started but stopped…

“What happen?” Moya blinked her eyes .

“We’re going to be late . ” Hao Jun You smiled lightly .

“……” Moya peered at the clock on the school’s clock tower . “Aish! Oh god ah! Senior Jun You, Si Ming! Hurry! Hurry!”

Hao Jun You looked at Moya’s back who had run far away . That warm smile slowly became cold on his face…She had forgotten about him…She had also completely forgotten about the fact that she forgot about him…