Modern Cinderella - Chapter 53

Published at 9th of August 2018 03:05:51 AM
Chapter 53

The Opened Key [1]

When Xiao Ya grew up, she will marry brother Jun You!

Hao Jun You attempted to shook his head . It’s in the past…The past that was most important to him, it really was in the past now…

“Cough! Cough… . ” Hao Jun You began to cough violently .

“Jun You!” Si Ming had stared at him for a long time . He felt strange as to why Hao Jun You had revealed that kind of expression . “What happen?! Could it be…Do you need to go to the hospital?!”

“Cough!… . No… . problem” Hao Jun You waved his hand at Si Ming . “Let’s go to class also . ”


“Thump, thump, thump!” Moya desperately ran towards the classroom! She had panted when she arrived in front of the classroom door…

“Report!” She slowly opened the door and timidly looked around .

“Stand outside . ” She had not even looked at her before she left her this icy statement .

“… . ” Moya’s expression dimmed . “Yes . ” She had no confidence and stood by the door with energy .

Jin Ming Xian stopped his gaze from out the window, his eyebrows were slightly furrowed…

“You come in . ” Hu Lin raised his hand towards Moya . He wouldn’t bother himself with whatever that Professor Li had said .

Moya sneakily looked at Professor Li’s stiff face . “No . ” She whispered the word out .

“Come in ah . ” Liu He threw the brush in his hands towards Moya’s head . “Don’t mind her . ”

“You want to be punched?!” Moya caught the brush that Liu He threw over . She had forgotten that she was punished and she yelled at Liu He .

“Pah!” Professor Li broke the teacher’s pointer in her hands . “Sports field, 50 times . ”

“What?!” A huge clap of thunder fell on Moya’s head . Qingtan’s sports field wasn’t the size of a normal sports field ah!

“Why are you standing here for?” Si Ming who had just arrived stared at Moya .

“I…” Moya lowered her head . “Was late . So… . ”

“This ah…” Si Ming stared at Professor Li for a second . “So if you’re late, you have to stand outside?!”

Hao Jun You walked in front of Moya . He looked at the droopy Moya…His eyes hid pity that wasn’t normally suspected…

“No . ” Professor Li shot Si Ming and Hao Jun You a ‘peaceful’ smile . “Students like Si Ming and Hao Jun You who had asked for a break could come in . ” Professor Li had made a look at Si Ming .

“What?” Si Ming made a thoughtful expression . “I don’t remember that I had asked for a break . ” He looked towards Hao Jun You who was behind Moya . “Jun You, did you asked for a break?”

“…… . . ” Hao Jun You raised his head . He looked at Professor Li…That expression was a little cold…

“That…Student Jun You…” Professor Li embarrassedly avoided Hao Jun You’s gaze .

“No . ” Hao Jun You calmly spat out the word .

Professor Li was stunned! She didn’t know what to do and held onto the teacher’s pointer…

“Senior Jun You . ” Moya secretly pulled on his sleeves . Aren’t they making the teacher difficult by doing this ah?…

“Is that so?” Si Ming’s gaze floated to Professor Li . “How could this be ah! Looks like we have to go to the sports field and run for 50 times ah!” His words were filled with ridicule and disdain .