Modern Cinderella - Chapter 58

Published at 12th of August 2018 03:49:14 AM
Chapter 58

The Birthday Fairytale [1]

Jin Ming hadn’t responded . He looked as though he was in a bad mood .

Moya hadn’t persisted either . She got off Jin Ming Xian’s car and walked towards the building without looking back once…

At this time, Jin Ming Xian who had his head lowered, slowly raised his head . He watched as Moya slowly walked into the big doors…Then his gaze moved towards Hao Jun You who stared at him from the balcony…That clear gaze suddenly flashed over a glimpse of hostility…

Hao Jun You stood in the slight wind, his hair moved around in the wind’s direction…

“Senior Jun You…” Moya walked to Hao Jun You’s behind, her voice was unusually small . “Sorry . ” She forgot to remind Hao Jun You that she had left . Even if she was forced into the car by Jin Ming Xian, she should’ve called Hao Jun You afterward .


The flute notes had stopped…Hao Jun You stood there not talking…It was so quiet that it led Moya to be afraid…

“Are you really mad?” Moya’s voice got smaller and smaller . It was so low that only she had heard it .

“No . ” Hao Jun You turned around and his usual faint smile was there .

“Really?” Moya stared at Hao Jun You’s eyes, the pair of quiet eyes .

“Your face…” Hao Jun You looked at Moya’s slight red face . Ever since Jin Ming Xian had given her the key, her face had been red .

“What happen?”

Hao Jun You’s hand caressed Moya’s slightly red face, his eyebrows were slightly furrowed…In his heart, an unknown feeling of worry had risen up… “It’s dirty . ” However, he kept his faint smile on . From the start to now…Hao Jun You wiped Moya’s face gently…His eyes were filled with gentleness…

Down the building, Jin Ming Xian turned his gaze over . He increased the car speed and drove off rapidly…Tomorrow was his birthday . This sentence…In the end, he still hadn’t spoken it .

The midsummer’s sunshine came very early . The day was lit . Moya still leaned against her bed…She opened her eyes, her hand held the key-shaped chain .

“The key that can open Jin Ming Xian’s heart…” Moya softly smiled . What a funny comparison . How could someone’s heart be opened with this key?

“Xiao Ya . ” Hao Jun You’s voice came from outside the door . “Time to get out of the bed and eat breakfast . Otherwise, you’ll be late . ”

“Okay!” As soon as she heard there was something to eat, Moya immediately bounced off her bed . She rapidly made her way from the bedroom to the bathroom! Immediately, she was in front of the table .

“Xiao Ya, do you have something you like?” Hao Jun You placed the fried egg in front of Moya .

Moya stared at the fried egg the way a hungry cat was like . “I like Senior Jun You’s breakfast . ” She finally experienced what it’s like to have ‘saliva flow down three thousand feet . ’

Hao Jun You slightly smiled without that feeling of alienation .

Almost all the girls in Qingtan had held a gift…

Today was Jin Ming Xian’s birthday, their Fencing Prince’s birthday!

Moya sat in the classroom, the first time she attempted to daydream…

Professor Li learned to be ‘lenient’ towards Moya…She ignored Moya who looked out the window…

“What are you thinking?” Si Ming who sat by Moya’s side interrupted her thoughts .