Modern Cinderella - Chapter 67

Published at 15th of August 2018 03:45:34 PM
Chapter 67

The Birthday Fairytale [10]

“Are you still sleeping right now?” She had felt Jin Ming Xian’s temperature and she felt more relaxed . “Are you sleepwalking?” Her hand caressed Jin Ming Xian’s messy hair…

Suddenly that hand which had reduce swelling was held tightly again by Jin Ming Xian!

“Moya…” Jin Ming Xian’s voice contained no emotions . It was unclear whether he hadn’t placed any emotions in or he was afraid to release his emotions to feel .

“What are you doing?” Moya looked at her poor hand . Was it going to be swollen again? “What are you doing? Do you not want to eat breakfast? Not everyone has a chance to eat breakfast made by this master grade person . Ah!”

Moya was shocked! Jin Ming Xian suddenly fiercely stood up and embraced her!


“Ming Xian…” Moya had no idea where she should’ve placed her hand . She panicky blinked her eyes .

Jin Ming Xian’s breathing was very rapid… . He tightly hugged Moya…As though the person in his embrace was his whole world, his entire world…Jin Ming Xian buried his head into Moya’s neck…His body trembled as usual…

“Ming Xian?” Moya’s voice began to shook also . Because she had felt, felt something cold dripped down her neck . “You’re crying…”

“I had thought…” Jin Ming Xian’s warm breathe had floated around Moya’s ears, “you had disappeared too…”

Moya looked at the smiling doll that was by the balcony…

“I thought you had disappeared just like my mother had, forever… . ” Jin Ming Xian’s voice had actually choked with emotions . “I don’t know… . don’t know…” He didn’t understand why this feeling had hit him so intensely!

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian’s actions had really frightened Moya . She forgot to blush and her heart beat rapidly .

“You…close your eyes…” Jin Ming Xian ordered Moya . He had really cried…But he couldn’t let her see it .

“Okay . ” Moya cooperatively closed her eyes .

Jin Ming Xian’s head left Moya’s neck . Moya heard how Jin Ming Xian had breathe hard . Maybe he was trying to calm his emotions down .

“Give me the key . ” Now Jin Ming Xian’s voice seemed calmer .

“It’s in the pocket,” Moya answered with her eyes closed .

“Pocket?!” Jin Ming Xian wrinkled his eyebrows . His hand reached inside of Moya’s pocket .

“… . . ” Moya slightly moved back .

“Take it . ” Jin Ming Xian placed the key in Moya’s hand . “Don’t you dare put this in your pocket! Put it the closest place near your heart!” He ordered .

“Yes, okay . Prince Daren~” Moya dramatically said .

“I am not kidding . ” Jin Ming Xian raised Moya’s hand high… . onto his heart…That held still held the key to open Jin Ming Xian’s heart…

“You… . ”

“Don’t open your eyes!” Jin Ming Xian’s left hand blocked in front of Moya .

“Okay . ” Moya had blushed . Her hand felt Jin Ming Xian’s sturdy chest . It was so clear that she heard his heartbeat…

“Happy birthday . ” Jin Ming Xian awkwardly stated . He wanted to say that yesterday but that never made it out of his mouth .