Modern Cinderella - Chapter 69

Published at 16th of August 2018 03:10:10 AM
Chapter 69

The Lingering Clouds [1]

“…” Jin Ming Xian softly stared at Moya . Then he closed his eyes to taste it…

“How is it?” Moya looked forward to Jin Ming Xian’s thoughts . It looked like her way of shifting Jin Ming Xian’s attention had succeeded!

“…” Jin Ming Xian hadn’t responded . He tasted it…and tasted it again…

“Just how is it?!” Moya pulled on Jin Ming Xian’s sleeves . Her expression was like one of a child waiting for a reward .

“Very…pretty good . ” Jin Ming Xian placed the bowl on the desk and changed the ‘very good’ that almost slipped out of his mouth to ‘pretty good . ’


“Ah?” Moys disappointedly let go of Jin Ming Xian’s sleeves . “Just pretty good ah . But I’m still pretty satisfied that came out of you – super prince disease . ”

“What did you say?!” Jin Ming Xian scrunched his eyebrows tightly . He seemed to have heard from Moya that he had some type of disease .

“No, nothing . ” Moya moved back towards the door and picked up her book bag . “Handsome, if we don’t go to school now we will be late!”

Jin Ming Xian stared at the clock on the desk . The phrase ‘late’ seemed very unfamiliar to him…

Shi Ling held onto You Mei while they walked to the school building…At this time, Hao Jun You’s car had driven past them…

“Jun You!” Shi Lin waved her hands in the direction of the car . However, he didn’t seem to have noticed her move . The car didn’t even hesitate as it drove past…”Jun You… . ” Shi Lin’s bright eyes had dimmed down…

“What happened with you?” You Mei shook Shi Lin who was in her own world . “What happened with Senior Jun You?”

“He…” Shi Lin’s eyes began to become teary . “Nothing…”

“How come Senior Jun You didn’t capture Moya back?” Shi Lin pursed her lips .

Shi Lin slightly furrowed her eyebrows . “Capture her back from where?”

“Ming Xian’s house ya!” You Mei replied instantly without thinking .

“How do you know?” Shi Lin looked at You Mei’s eyes .

You Mei’s eyes had sparkled . She avoided Shi Lin’s gaze . “Moya talked to me about going to celebrate Jin Ming Xian’s birthday . ”

“Oh . ” Shi Lin softly nodded her head . “Because he is Hao Jun You, so he wouldn’t go capture Moya, that silly girl, back . ”

“Then Shi Lin, you go help Senior Jun You capture Moya back . ” You Mei stared at the direction where Hao Jun You’s car had disappeared . “Don’t you wish that Senior Jun You will be blessed?”

“I… . ” Shi Lin lowered her head . You Mei couldn’t see her expression clearly at the moment . “Am not that great…”

The golden sunshine brightened up the whole Qingtan and these young girls’ faces…

“When I see the look Hao Jun You stares at Moya with…” Shi Lin’s voice got smaller and smaller . “I will also be heartbroken…be upset…”

“Shi Lin…” You Mei softly patted Shi Lin’s shoulders . “I understand . . ” Doesn’t he feel the same way too? When she saw Jin Ming Xian and Moya had walked together when she saw Jin Ming Xian kissed Moya…He had that feeling as though his heartbeat had ended…

“Let’s go . ” Shi Lin picked up You Mei’s hand and faintly smiled .

Hao Jun you walked to the F class . He had no idea how he had even gotten here…As though he had sleep-walked, he sat on his seat…