Modern Cinderella - Chapter 7

Published at 10th of July 2018 03:21:17 AM
Chapter 7

Meeting the ‘Glacier’ Again [3]

“No ah . . ~” At this moment the only one in a ‘good mood’ was Moya . “I didn’t close the car door . It’s probably closed when your head bumped against the car door . ”

“Really?” Jin Ming Xian raised one of his eyebrows .

Moya used her hands to point at the car ceiling, “pang” and the door closed . Her expression was sincere . “I really didn’t close the door . ” But she added quickly in her heart “it’s me . ”

Jin Ming Xian’s expression began to ease a bit, “But that’s also your fault! If you didn’t come to disturb my sleep I wouldn’t bump against the car!”

“Hahaha!~” Moya burst out laughing again . “Now you just admit that you were the one who bumped against the car?”


“You…!” Jin Ming Xian doesn’t have much talent when it comes to arguing .

“Hey~ . My stomach hurts from laughing~” Moya clutched onto her stomach .

“Ming Xian, Moya . You two knew each other?” Hao Jun You stood in front of the car, feeling a bit odd…

“Yes ah!”


Moya and Jin Ming Xian both held two different attitudes .

“Your name is Jin Ming Xian and mine is Moya . We all know this, so isn’t that call knowing each other?” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian’s icy eyes .

“I don’t know this crazy girl . ” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes were full of disdain .

Moya didn’t care .

“Get out of my way!” Jin Ming Xian moved back and lifted his slender legs .

“What are you doing?!” Moya widened her eyes . He isn’t going to kick the car doors now, is he?! This is a Ferrari ah!

Foreseeing Jin Ming Xian’s next actions, Moya rushed up to hug his legs . “A Ferrari is very expensive . The King of Destruction . ”

“Guang Dong!!” Jin Ming Xian fell back into the car again making his head slam against the other car door very hard . “Crazy girl!” Clenching his jaw while completing the sentence .

“So-sorry ah~!” Moya quickly lets go of her hands . “I was just scared that you were going to kick the car doors . ”

The girls who were standing outside were stunned~No way! Their fencing prince Jin Ming Xian actually spoke that much! To the same girl! And it’s a new girl! And she isn’t even that pretty ah~ Like a cow going on a rampage!

Under the scorching sun, the girls had already stood there for 45 minutes . They had forgotten the situation which they asked Moya for help for .

“What should we do?! Is Jin Ming Xian hurt?” You Mei pulled at Shi Lin’s clothes and the tears filled her eyes .

“Why don’t do you ask about Moya’s well-being! She and that glacier are in the car . Who knows if she had frozen to death!” Shi Lin always sneered at Jin Ming Xian . Compared to his cold personality, Shi Lin prefers a gentleman like Hao Jun You .

“Climb out . ” Acting as if it was no big deal, Moya pointed at the window .

“Crazy!” Jin Ming Xian sat back on his seat . It’s impossible for someone like him to climb out the window!

“Then you can never get out!~” Moya revealed a sly smile .

“… . ” The glacier’s forehead began to drip down sweat . Can a crazy person even come to Qingtan?

Hao Jun You tried opening the door once more to no avail…

“Come out, Ming Xian . ” Hao Jun You took the glass of the window down . “It isn’t that easy to kick the door of a Ferrari down . ” Hao Jun You smiled slightly . “Moya, no problem right?”