Modern Cinderella - Chapter 72

Published at 17th of August 2018 04:42:38 AM
Chapter 72

The Lingering Clouds [4]

At this time Moya was still foolishly confused! She didn’t even realize that Jin Ming Xian had brought her over here nor did she understood what was going on…

“These things, Jun You, it’s not up to you to believe it . ” Jin Ming Xian stared at Moya’s side face . “As long as we believe it then it’s okay . ” His arm held onto Moya’s back .

“Dear students ah~~~~~~!” The old professor’ familiar voice came from outside the classroom .

He stood out the door and used a long stick to jab the door open…However, there was no movement… . ”Did they improved?” Today the students hadn’t tortured him . The old professor, on the other hand, had the feeling that he was left out…

“Students ah~! I’m back!” The old professor stared at everyone’s tight faces . The originally happy voice slowly got smaller and smaller . “I’m really back… . ” He started to lower his voice .


“Ah?!” At this time Moya finally ended her daydreaming . She was the first to have seen the old professor by the podium . “Ah! You’re back! Welcome back ah!” Moya excitedly stood up . She finally didn’t have to see that Professor Li anymore!

“Yes ah!~” The old professor’s heart felt so warm that he was about to cry . “Good student ah~~~~! Good student ah!~~~”

“Hehe…” Moya held the urge to rush up and hug this cute old professor . “Do you see, Jin Ming Xian?” At this time she finally noticed the classroom’s lowered pressure .

“Sit down!” Jin Ming Xian fiercely pressed Moya down on the seat .

The old professor was given the cold shoulder ah ~Sweat~

Hao Jun You stared at Moya’s frightened expression . “Welcome back . ” He turned around and shot the old professor a faint smile .

“Good, good . ” The old professor placed the handouts on the table . “Today let’s talk about the market economy… . ”

“Are you ready?” In the school’s clock tower, a few girls dumped the pictures and flyers out of the sack .

“Hm . ”

“Won’t this be too much?”

“No, as long as it can make her leave Jin Ming Xian then it’s fine . That way it’s best towards Hao Jun You and everyone else . ”

“Okay, then fine . ”

The old professor’s class was not ordinary! The whole morning had passed by and Moya still hadn’t felt tired…She stood up from her seat…and stared at Jin Ming Xian who leaned against the desk and slept…Unconsciously, she had smiled satisfactorily…

Moya walked out of the classroom to admire Qingtan’s beautiful scenery…

The wind had softly blown by… . blew away the golden sunshine…blew away…The flyers and pictures floated around the sky…

“What is this?” A few girls from downstairs had picked up the flyers . “Moya had stayed out all night long! After she was with the Flute Prince – Hao Jun You, she had actually stayed at the Fencing Prince – Jin Ming Xian’s house overnight!”

“Look at this! Look at the picture!”

That picture captured by the speeding timer was also on the flyer…

And…the picture where Moya laid on Jin Ming Xian’s chest in the bamboo forest…

“What is that stupid girl actually trying to do?!!”

“~Wu Wu (cries) ~~Poor Senior Jun You~~!”

“Ming Xian is also poor ah! It’s all because of Moya!”

Moya stared at the picture in her hands and she angrily trembled…