Modern Cinderella - Chapter 75

Published at 18th of August 2018 07:24:17 AM
Chapter 75

The Lingering Clouds [7]

“You! If you dared to leave when I am sleeping again to find someone else -” Jin Ming Xian had breathed hard as though he had just been through a major battle . “I will send you to jail . ” His expression was very serious .

“What?!” Moya pried the Jin Ming Xian’s hand away from her head . “Are you joking? You are going to send me to jail?” Moya used her finger to point at her nose .

“Shut up!” Jin Ming Xian hadn’t even looked at her . His eyes were sealed into a thousand year glacier once again . What is going on, what happened to him? Open the eyes! When he opened his eyes, this crazy girl must be at his side! She must be in front of him, while she foolishly smiles!

“These things…” Shi Lin looked at the pictures and flyers in her hands .


“How did they get these things?” You Mei took it over . Her face was shocked .

“I thought that if you had seen this, you would’ve cried . ” Shi Lin picked up You Mei’s hand . “We need to be more open-minded . ”

“Yes ah . ” You Mei lowered her head .

“But… . these are beyond the ordinary scams and pranks . ” Shi Lin’s eyes were slightly squinted . “You Mei, are you willing to help me capture the person who is behind this?”

“This… . ” You Mei’s face was a little pale . “Maybe it was just revenge by the fans of the ‘Qingtan’s Seven Princes . ’ It will be over . ”

“Hopefully that is the case . ” The flyers in Shi Lin’s hands were crumbled into a ball .

Hao Jun You sat into his car . He needed to calm down . He really needed to calm down…Before he almost couldn’t control his emotions and almost rushed up to stop Moya…He can’t do that . Even if his heart had wanted to, he couldn’t…

Hao Jun You drove the car out the school doors . He couldn’t attend this afternoon’s class . But, he couldn’t go home either! He couldn’t do it! He was unable to see Moya leave him…Maybe…he still wasn’t able to whole-heartedly just think for her…

“If this was the case…” Hao Jun You turned the car around . There were two people that he wanted to see for a long time…

“Let go of me!” Moya struggled . Her hand hurt from Jin Ming Xian’s pull . “Don’t you know that your legs are so long?! And yet you kept walking so quickly! Don’t you know you have a huge strength because of fencing every day?! Yet you kept holding my wrist tightly!”

Jin Ming Xian didn’t respond but he slowed down his footsteps . At the same time he softened his grasp on her hand…

Moya was quiet . This Jin Ming Xian! This super prince disease! When will he learn to ask for her opinion first before doing something?!! Always pulling her around as though she was a puppet!

“Young master, young miss, you guys are back . ” The old housekeeper opened the door for them . At the same time he smiled and greeted them . That familiar feeling was as though Moya had always been living here and that she was the young miss .

“From now on, she will be living here . ” Jin Ming Xian stated calmly to the old housekeepr .

“Okay ah!” The old housekeeper smiled warmly at Moya .

“Hehe… . ” Seeing the old housekeeper’s warm smile, Moya was a little uncomfortable . “Thank you . ”

“Young miss, actually the young master had told me this already . ”