Modern Cinderella - Chapter 84

Published at 21st of August 2018 05:08:52 AM
Chapter 84

The Lingering Clouds [16]

Moya sat in Jin Ming Xian’s sports car…The wind softly blew at her hair…

“Where exactly are we going to?” Moya helplessly turned around to look at the pile of gifts which were about the size of a small hill .

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian hadn’t responded . He seemed to be focused on driving the car…

“Where are we going?!” Moya glared at Jin Ming Xian’s side face . There was slight anger in her eyes .

“Your house . ” Jin Ming Xian turned around to face Moya and calmly stated .

“What?” Moya was a little dizzy . “What did you say?!” She couldn’t believe her ears .


“I said before that we are going to visit aunt and uncle . ” Jin Ming Xian explained naturally, as though he was going to be their ‘son-in-law’ in the future anyway .

“That can’t be?! You…” Moya placed her head out of the window and took some deep breaths… “Do we have to go?!”

“Hm . ” Jin Ming Xian nodded his head .


Moya had some understandings about Jin Ming Xian’s smelly attitude . (After all, she had suffered a lot from him) . She helplessly sighed . If she had to go, then she’ll go . Coincidentally she missed her mom and dad . She could also go visit them . Just that…


Now that there’s an extra person – Jin Ming Xian, who knew what was going to be ahead of them…

Hao Jun You stared at the kids who were taking a look at his sports car this early in the morning…

“Aish~! These small demons . ” Li Hao softly laughed…

“Very cute . ” Hao Jun You’s faint smile, as usual, was bright .

These kids surrounded by the side of Hao Jun You’s car . They would only have seen these types of cars on TV .

“It’s just a little ahead of here . ” Moya pointed in the direction of the village . “Look! It’s that red building!” Her excited heart beat quickly .

Jin Ming Xian expressionlessly drove the car into the village…

“Look quickly!” The kids who were staring at Hao Jun You’s sports car all turned their attention towards Jin Ming Xian’s car .

“Quickly press on the brakes! Don’t hurt anyone!” Moya shouted towards Jin Ming Xian who seemed as though he hadn’t seen the kids and continued on driving .

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian tightly scrunched his eyebrows . This crazy woman is getting more overboard . Now she dared to shout at him?!

But Jin Ming Xian still decreased the car speed . He parked the car next to the red house .

“Mother, father, I miss you guys so much!” Even though Moya hadn’t seen them yet, she had already practiced what she was going to say . “Eh? Ming Xian, don’t you think that sports car looks familiar ah?” Moya pulled on Jin Ming Xian’s sleeves .

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian wrinkled his eyebrows . He hadn’t heard clearly what Moya had said or noticed that sports car . At this moment, his heart beat rapidly . “Go . ” Jin Ming Xian pulled on Moya’s hand .  In the discussion of the children and even a few adults who are doing nothing, they walked toward the red house .

Jin Ming Xian stood outside the door, softly knocking on the door .

“Please come in, the door isn’t locked!” A voice of a nice woman came from inside the room . This voice made Jin Ming Xian’s body trembled!

“Xian Er, when you wake up tomorrow morning you will be able to see the gift that mom and dad had prepared for you . ”

“Xian Er, that fairytale is fake . How can you not sleep on your birthday?”

The familiar sound appeared again in Jin Ming Xian’s head .