Modern Cinderella - Chapter 85

Published at 21st of August 2018 05:08:52 AM
Chapter 85

The Lingering Clouds [17]

“Ming Xian? What happen to you?” Moya stared at the stunned Jin Ming Xian .

“Nothing . ” Jin Ming Xian shook his head . He gently pushed open the slightly broken and old door .

“Mom, dad!” Moya excitedly moved her head inwards . But! Jin Ming Xian! This super prince disease had pushed her out the door! Then there was a ‘bang!’ He had banged the door close hard . “What are you doing?! What do you want to do to my mom and dad?! Jin Ming Xian! Open the door for me right now!” Moya slapped against the wooden door continuously with all her strength .

“Xian Er?!” Li Hao’s face was pale white and her voice trembled .

“Are you Xian Er?” Jin Shan Hua stood up form his seat . His eyes contained full of surprise and excitement .


Hao Jun You stared at Jin Ming Xian who had suddenly appeared . His eyes contained some suspicion…

“You guys…” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes, that pair of thousand years glacier, was now even icier . He stared at the people who stood in front of him . The people who he would’ve never thought he would’ve seen in this type of situation .

“Xian Er!” Li Hao cried! Her voice trembled and Jin Shan Hua walked out to hold onto her in case she fainted!

“You guys…” Jin Ming Xian seemed as though he hadn’t heard the heart-breaking screams . His voice was indifferent… “-are Moya’s parents…” He stated not questioned .

“Xiao Ya?” Li Hao wiped off her tears . “Xian Er actually knows Xiao Ya too?”

“Is she adopted?” Jin Ming Xian didn’t look at Li Hao’s pale white face .

“Xian Er!” Jin Shan Hua was slightly angry .

“Ming Xian . ” Hao Jun You had also stood up . He walked to Jin Ming Xian . “Why are you here?”

Jin Ming Xian stared at Hao Jun You’s peaceful eyes…

“I came to visit aunt and uncle . ” He explained slowly as though he wanted everyone to hear clearly .

“What?!” Li Hao’s body had wobbled for a second . “Aunt and uncle?!”

Hao Jun You’s eyes revealed a rare slightly angry expression…

“Mom, dad! Jin Ming Xian, let me in!” At this time Moya’s yell had echoed in this ** room .

“Xiao Ya… . ” The slight anger in Hao Jun You’s eyes had quickly disappeared .

“Xiao Ya is also here?!” Li Hao looked towards the wooden door and wanted to go up to open the door for her .

“Wait a second . ” Jin Ming Xian raised his right arm to block her . “Please leave . ” He turned around and stated this to Hao Jun You, icily .

“Xian Er!” The anger in Jin Shan Hua’s eyes became bigger and bigger .

“I don’t want her to see you here . Don’t let your past bring troubles to her . Please leave . ” Jin Ming Xian stared at Hao Jun You’s lake-like peaceful eyes .

“No . ” Hao Jun You faintly denied .

“You!” Jin Ming Xian held his fist tightly .

“That is not just my past but the past that belongs to the two of us . ” Hao Jun You walked past Jin Ming Xian and towards the wooden door…

Jin Ming Xian glared at Hao Jun You! “No!” He couldn’t help but yell out this . He had no idea what he was worried about…

“Mom, dad!~Jin…Senior Jun You?!!” Hao Jun You had suddenly appeared in front of her . Moya forgot to yell and to question .