Modern Cinderella - Chapter 89

Published at 23rd of August 2018 05:41:19 AM
Chapter 89

Don’t want to be Siblings [2]

Jin Ming Xian’s expression dimmed . “In the past, you guys had abandoned me but adopted Hao Jun You . Now you guys want to take her away from me today?” His eyes were empty . “I, til death I still won’t let go!” With Moya! With Moya! Jin Ming Xian had no idea why he was like this . This type of feeling, this type of desire to hold onto Moya’s hand, to be angry at her every day, could…In short, no matter what reason, whatever obstacles that appeared in front of him, he won’t let go!

“You!” Jin Shan Hua angrily held his fists tightly . The corners of his mouth trembled .

Hao Jun You’s hand caressed the position of his lung . There was a cross-shaped scar on there .

It was the first day that the boy had come to his new mother’s house…He hears his new mother said before that in this huge but luxurious house lived a brother called Yin Jia Qi…


After breakfast, his new mother brought him in front of Yin Jia Qi…This brother was such a handsome boy! He was so handsome as though the evil spirit in a legend!

Yin Jia Qi shot a smile at the boy but his eyes contained an unusual emotion . This faint smile made the boy shivered .

“Please don’t touch that!” The boy stood at the door and shouted towards Yin Jia Qi . In his hand were the three samples of Wu Hua Guo .

“Do you want it?” Yin Jia Qi raised the Wu Hua Guo and evilly smiled .

“Please give that back to me . ” The boy raised his right hand .

“Why?” Yin Jia Qi’s eyes were empty . He stared at the blue sky outside the window . “But I don’t want to give it back to you . What should we do?”

“Give it back!” The boy’s eyes revealed slight anger .

“You’re mad?” Yin Jia Qi turned around to see his eyes . His eyes actually contained guilt . “I’m wrong…What should I do?…” He stared at the cross-shaped knife on the table . “How about, I go die?” Then he raised his hand over to the cross-shaped knife .

“Stop!” The boy rushed up to steal that knife away from him .

“You don’t want me to die?” Yin Jia Qi avoided him while he raised the Wu Hua Guo up . “Then let’s use it to cut the fruits . ” He evilly grinned .

“No!” The boy tackled the brother’s body…

The dark red viscous fluid followed the cross-shaped knife as it flowed down…

The boy fell to the ground . His lung was violently painful…But that three Wu Hua Guo had also fallen to the ground . The boy struggled to move his body…and placed the fruits in the palm of his hand…His eyes stared at the fruits . “Is it dirty?” The boy’s voice was weak . His breathing became difficult .

“Look…Who told you not to listen to me?” Yin Jia Qi kneeled in front of the boy . He smiled maliciously…

Hao Jun You shook his head . He looked at the white door of the ward…

“Place Xiao Ya down . ” Jin Shan Hua looked at Jin Ming Xian . This pair of father and son both specialized in this type of icy gaze .

“I said before, that I was going to bring her home . ” Jin Ming Xian wanted to move around Jin Shan Hua .

“Xiao Ya!!” Jin Shan Hua shouted towards Moya who was still deep in sleep . “Wake up!”

Moya’s eyelashes moved a little . Before Li Hao had said that their Xiao Ya was the type of person who wouldn’t have woken up as long as she was in deep sleep no matter what…

Jin Ming Xian stared at Moya’s slightly furrowed eyebrows . His heartbeat had actually become chaotic . Was he nervous? This crazy woman actually had made him so unconfident?!