Modern Cinderella - Chapter 9

Published at 12th of July 2018 06:46:33 PM
Chapter 9

F Class’s Legend [1]

Even though there was only four of them, they ate the meal which six people would! Shi Lin, You Mei, and even Jun You all looked at Moya . They looked at her the way they would look at a monster!

“Um…Moya, are you okay?” You Mei passed the napkin over to Moya who was busying eating food .

Hao Jun You looked at Moya up and down . “With such a small body, where are all the foods going?”

“Yeah Moya, you don’t happen to have a pocket in your body now do you?~” Shi Lin joked with her .

“Cough cough~!” Moya choked on her dessert . Her throat felt sweet .

Hao Jun You rapidly stood up and passed a cup of water towards her . “Slow down, we’ll wait for you . ”

“Thanks~cough~thanks . ” Moya used her hand to pat her chest . “Why aren’t you guys eating?” The food here is delicious ah .


“We’re all full . Haven’t you noticed?” Shi Lin pointed at her plate . On the plate, one of the two cakes was cut off by a corner .

“What?!” Moya revealed a shocking expression . “Just this much and you guys are full ah~!” Moya thought that was unbelievable . “It’s no wonder why you guys barely have any muscle . ”

“How do you eat that much and still stay skinny ah?” You Mei thought that was strange too . Looking at her figure… . .

“Yeah . ” That’s also what Shi Lin wanted to ask .

“I love to move around ah! At home, I would help my mom with chores . ” Moya smiled proudly .

“Happy?” Hao Jun You who was staring at Moya suddenly asked .

“What?” Moya didn’t respond for a moment . “Oh, the times when I would be working with mom and dad were the happiest times! Every day was busy so the days were fulfilling . Although our family didn’t have much money, we get along and love each other!”

“… . ” Hao Jun You seemed to be lost in his thoughts…

“Uh~!” Moya burped! She hurriedly used her hands to cover her mouth, looking embarrassed in front of everyone . “Hehe…I’m full . ”

“Let’s go . The afternoon’s classes are about to start anyway . ” Hao Jun You placed the credit card on the table and stood up .

“Yes! Moya! Hehe… . ” Shi Lin looked at her meaningfully . “Behave well in your class ah . ”

“Moya~ You can do it!” You Mei also looked at Moya sympathetically .

“Ok!” Moya held her fist and raised it towards the sky . “Invincible!”

“Kuang Tang*!” Shi Lin and You Mei fell to the ground . “If it’s you, then you probably have no problem . ” They looked at each other smiling .

The sun at three o’clock in the afternoon moved its body . The heat in the air had increased as a result…

Qingtan’s second year F class…

“Pa!” The old professor’s sweat dripped again onto the handout . He wiped off his sweat with a handkerchief that he had taken out, which was already soaked .

The second-year F class only had seven students .

The squad leader: Hao Jun You . Height: . Specialty: Flute . Popularity Rate: 120% (The extra 20% was the teacher’s vote)

He is the only student that the teacher didn’t worry about which means he didn’t need to worry about standing by his side . The next one is the fencing prince everyone was talking about – Jin Ming Xian .

Jin Ming Xian . Height: . Specialty: Fencing . Popularity Rate: 125% It was rumored that some of the female teachers from foreign schools also voted for him .

Standing next to him, the teacher didn’t need to be that nervous either . Ming Xian doesn’t have any interests in pranks either .

The one that caused the most headache for the teacher was the organization committee member – Si Ming! This kid who learns the accordion (a musical instrument played with keys and buttons) has no sense of Western style! Not only that, he dyed his hair! So what if he dyed? The point is that he changes the hair color every two days!

Organization Committee Member: Si Ming . Height: . Specialty: Accordion . Popularity Rate: 100%

Now the rest of them are the wicked and terrible students… . ’Gu Du’ the teacher swallowed his spit .

Lan You . Specialty: Piano . Popularity Rate: 99%

Hu Lin . Specialty: Drum . Popularity Rate: 100%

Jiang Shan . Specialty: Dancing . Popularity Rate: 98%

Liu He . Specialty: Sketching . Popularity Rate: 100%

Aish~ the old professor helplessly sighed . These kids are all the sons of XX politicians or XX presidents…