Modern Cinderella - Chapter 91

Published at 23rd of August 2018 05:41:19 AM
Chapter 91

Don’t want to be Siblings [4]

“Brother Jun You! Why did you come down? Quickly hold onto me! I’ll take you back!” Moya glared at Hao Jun You . She didn’t understand how he had grown so big yet he still acted like a child that couldn’t stay still?! Moya supported Hao Jun You and helped him back into the ward…

At this moment, Jin Ming Xian still kept his right hand out, just that this gesture seemed so humorous and pale…

“Humph…” Jin Ming Xian coldly smiled…


“Xian Er . ” Li Hao walked to him . “Xiao Ya and You Er always had a really good relationship . In the future, mother will find a prettier one okay?” It seemed as though even his mother hadn’t understood him . They all hadn’t understood his affection towards Moya .

“It’s love!” The icy cold eyes of Jin Ming Xian suddenly changed into anger . “It’s love towards Moya that’s not less than Hao Jun You! How come that bastard hadn’t died? If… . ”

“Pa!” A loud and clear slap landed on Jin Ming Xian’s face… . ”Xian Er! Why had it become like this? Why did you become like this??!!” Jin shan Hua’s heart was filled with suspicion and hurt .

“Yes ah . Why did I become like this…” Jin Ming Xian puts away the strange smile . “Do you believe it? There are other things that you can’t imagine…” His words were filled with a threatening tone .

“Xian Er . ” Jin Shan Hua held Li Hao’s hand tightly as though he had made a huge decision . “You guys definitely can’t be together . Because you are… Moya’s brother from the same father different mother…” Jin Shan Hua turned his head around, not letting anyone see his expression clearly .

“You!” Li Hao’s hand trembled violently . She tightly bit her lips because she felt the strength that came from Jin Shan Hua’s hand . She stayed quiet for Xiao Ya and You Er…even if she knew that Moya and Jin Ming Xian weren’t blood-related…

“… . ” Jin Ming Xian wobbled for a second . He was a little dizzy . What did that man say just before? Hilarious…What exactly did he say?… . He! Jin Ming Xian heard not a single sentence! Jin Ming Xian used his hand to hold onto his forehead . He absentmindedly made his way outside of the hallway…

“Wu, wu, wu (cries)~~~Xian Er!” Li Hao who saw Jin Ming Xian’s extremely tired and desperate back finally cried out loud…However, this voice hadn’t reached Moya and Hao Jun You’s ears .

Moya held Hao Jun You towards the ** . “Brother Jun You, you have to learn to listen to people! Otherwise, no one would be willing to stay to take care of you!” Moya pulled the quilt upwards for Hao Jun You and at the same time, she rolled her eyes a couple times .

“You… . ” Hao Jun You looked at Moya’s eyes filled with surprise . “What did you call me?”

“What do you mean what did I call you?” Moya jutted her lips out . “Brother Jun You is a criminal ah! You already had recognized me before but you still hadn’t told me?! Brother Jun You, do you think this is fun?!”

“I…” Hao Jun You looked at Moya’s slightly irritated expression . “Sorry . ”

“Sorry!” A drop of tear fell down Moya’s face . “What sorry?! Who are you saying sorry to?! How come you don’t scold me? How come you don’t ask why I haven’t recognized you, Brother Jun You?!” Moya stood up and hugged Hao Jun You who sat by the bed . “I am such a dumb person! An idiot! Brother Jun You had always been nice to me from the start ah and yet I hadn’t noticed! Yes ah, how else would be that kind to me in this world?”