Modern Cinderella - Chapter 95

Published at 25th of August 2018 06:55:49 AM
Chapter 95

Fall in Love [4]

After the nurse had finished dealing with Hao Jun You’s intravenous drip, Moya sat next to him…

“Brother Jun You . ” She stared at Hao Jun You’s right hand which had become purple . “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t . ” Hao Jun You faintly smiled .

“Oh . I have some things that I want to ask Brother Jun You . ” Moya stared at Hao Jun You’s peaceful eyes .

Hao Jun You avoided her gaze . He turned his head towards outside the window: “Say it . ”

“What is love?” Moya thought back to what happened in the morning . Was she too reckless that she had easily said that she loves him?

“Love…” Sunlight shined into Hao Jun You’s eyes .

“Yes . ” Moya nodded her head furiously .

“To some people, love is possessing something . To others, it means to let go…” His voice was very soft, as though the mumble of the wind…

“Not too sure . ” Moya scrunched her eyebrows . “Can you explain it in a simpler way?”

“When it’s time…love will tell you . ” Hao Jun You turned his head around . Hao Jun You looked at Moya with pampering eyes .

“Love will teach me?” Moya shook her head . Forget about it . She won’t think about it . Tired .

“Haha! Phone!” Moya’s special ringtone rang .


: Hey, I am Moya .

: Moya ah, I am You Mei . We haven’t met each other in such a long time . Will you come out to meet with me?

: Is there a problem? I am at the hospital right now . I probably won’t be available .

: It won’t take too long . I just want to talk to you and drink something .

: Then… . fine .

“Brother Jun You, You Mei is looking for me . I will go out and come back soon . Take this time to get some rest . ” Moya placed her phone to Hao Jun You’s ** .

“How long will it take?” Hao Jun You’s hand rubbed against the yellow paper . He had no idea why he had asked that .

“I will be back after a while . ” Moya walked to the door . “I’m leaving, you go to sleep . ” Moya softly closed the door…

The summer was about to pass…The wind outside was already cool…

“Time had flown so quick . ” Moya pulled on her clothes . “This had all came so suddenly… Aish~!” She took a long deep breath . “Even I am becoming an old lady . ”

Up the stairs, Hao Jun You held onto the wall and stared at Moya’s back…Only at this time, only when he had seen her back, then he didn’t need to hold in his feelings…

On the desk, Hao Jun You’s phone continuously rang…

:  Hello . This is Hao Jun You .

: Jun You . It’s me, your mother .

: Hello .

: … . Jun You, please don’t be that polite with me okay? Please understand me okay? Because it’s in chaos over here! Your brother always worries me . Please believe that your father and I had left you there not because we don’t care about you . It’s because we are afraid, afraid that Jia Qi might have done something .

: I’m not angry and hadn’t scolded anyone because of this .

: Then that is good . Jun You ah, can you really not consider coming to America?

: Mother, please don’t ask me this question . I have reasons as to why I must stay here .

… .

In the villa, Li Hao delivered a cup of hot tea to Jin Shan Hua…

“Xian Er… . ” Her eyes were filled with pain . She started talking but stopped .

“We can just keep letting him do what he wants anymore . ” Even though there were many places where they were sorry for him, but…Hao Jun You and Moya are innocent…

“Even so, we don’t need to treat him like that . ” Li Hao sat next to Jin Shan Hua .   “How about we tell the truth to him, tell him that Moya is adopted . Then we let these teenagers figure it out themselves . ”

“To You Er, we also owed a lot to him . ” Jin Shan Hua drank a cup of tea . “If it weren’t that we had left him to someone else in the past, then he wouldn’t be hurt . ”

“This…” Li Hao lowered her head . The image horrifying cross-shaped scar on his lung had floated in her mind again . “Aish~” Li Hao sighed heavily .

Jin Ming Xian finally stood up from the door . He walked over to the phone…

: Hello, this is Hao Jun You .

: Let Moya listen to the phone .

: … . You are…Ming Xian?

: Let Moya listen to the phone!

: … . Xiao Ya, she went out . She forgot about her phone and left it here .

: You…

: Is there something else?

: Did you tell her?

: Tell her what?

: … . That we are siblings…

: ……

“I…will probably go to hell…” Hao Jun You placed the phone down . He quietly looked out the window . The leaves the faintly moved around under the faint sunlight…He actually hadn’t told the truth to Jin Ming Xian .

In the clear cafe, You Mei sat in the corner . In her hands, she held the key-shaped pendant on the chain of her neck…

“Moya?!” She waved her hands towards Moya who was looking for her .

“You’re already here ah!” Moya sat across from her . “So thirsty . First order something to drink . ” She used the napkin to wipe off the sweat on her forehead . To conserve some time, she had run almost the whole way here .

“Okay . ” You Mei’s hand let go of the chain . She indicated for the waiter to come over with some fruit juice .

That silver chain…The key-shaped pendant that reflected the sun’s rays attracted the attention of Moya…She hurriedly felt around her neck…Her chain had vanished!

“You Mei . ” Moya softly called You Mei . “Your chain…”

“Hm? Is it beautiful?” You Mei’s hand picked up the chain . “Ming Xian gave it to me . ”

“Ming Xian?!”  Moya’s eye slightly squinted . “He had also given me one but I lost it this morning . ” Moya lowered her head, depressingly .

“Young miss, your fruit juice . ” The waiter placed the fruit juice on the table .

“Is that so?!” You Mei’s eyes had shined for a second but she quickly hid that spark . “Ming Xian had just given me the chain . Is it the one you had lost?”

“No, probably not . ” Moya drank the fruit juice in one gulp . Not knowing what happened, her heart was filled with gloominess…

“I think it’s not also . Moya and Ming Xian’s relationship are really good . But why would Ming Xian say these things to me…” You Mei played around with the glass cup in front of her…

“What things did he say?!” Moya dropped the empty cup down . The cold fruit juice had made her body cold as well .