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Chapter 48

To be able to do business!

"But as"?

It's simple!

You take woodcutters, sawing trees in a city, a village . . . no one asks why you are chopping?

Then to the woodworking plant . . .

You get free raw materials . . . you saw and make expensive parquet, furniture, and you put money in your pocket .

And taxes?

Well, you pay at the minimum rate of 11 percent . . .


"Is it possible"?

Of course!

There is a simpler way . . . you buy pieces from wooden plates, they are cheaper than the plate itself . Cut to size .

You collect, from them furniture .

Buying parts in bulk, it turns out 300-400 percent cheaper than when buying in retail .

The cost of one cabinet in this way is about $ 35, and you sell it for $ 390 .

The second option, with medical equipment, collects it on the knee, screwdriver assembly, the cost price of 20-30 dollars . And sell to those in need for 500 - 600 dollars . You can donate medical equipment, beds, strollers for $ 150 a month, a gold mine!

"But what about conscience"?

Ah, bro, in the 21st century there is no such thing as a conscience!

There is another option to buy cheap drugs on the wholesale market, to enter into a price deal with competitors, to sell drugs, overestimating their cost 1000 times . Easy Money!

You can buy in China, furniture fittings for small wholesale in 3000 pieces conditionally for $ 20 and sell at retail every item for $ 5 . Big profit!

"Is that what you call a market economy?"

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Yes! This is a market!

Who had time, he ate!

"But now in our markets there are mainly Chinese materials" . . . "and, not Beijing - factory, but from technical parks . Villages . . . some internal prefectures of China, where the quality leaves much to be desired . . .

Why, there are Italian materials . . . made under a license in China, there are French . . . made under a license in China . . . but the price, for example, of a measuring meter, from a village in China is 30 cents and under the license is already all 10 dollars .

Americans do not want us to be friends with China!

But their hands are short . . .

Why all?

Because we have all the processing plants from China, as well as other infrastructure . . .

For example, the telecommunications sector is all from China, we do not have enough money to buy another . And China has always been our ally . But we are also friends with the United States, a great country, there are many of our guest workers . . . according to Green Card . . . As in other countries, in Russia, China, they scattered around the world about 10 million people .

There are always opportunities to develop business . . .


"About 30 percent work in the shadows and do not pay taxes" . . . but they receive remuneration for their services clean, not $ 150 a month, but the whole 1000 .

Are they parasites? Partially yes, partly not . On the one hand, they don't bring money to the budget but earn their living . . .

In general, this is a delicate question . . .