Published at 11th of September 2019 08:10:12 AM
Chapter 49

Mergen, knew that between April and June, the powerful river "Carrier Gold" becomes crazy and demolishes all bridges, but it is impossible to go through the fords . It's more expensive to go around this river . . . you need to spend two months, and it's not profitable either . It is necessary to cross a lot of customs barriers, both fogs - districts, and two states . Therefore, all profits from goods will be reduced to some 35 percent!

So trading is not profitable!


While the river was filled with waters from melting glaciers, cities across the river, merchants raised prices very high, and those who could not cross their goods for nothing sold at three regional bazaars .

And then it dawned on Mergen ?!

You can cut a good jackpot .
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He will buy cheap goods at three bazaars and then sell them on the other side . And how to cross?

Very simple . . . through a secret passage . He was known only to the elite! Underpass under the river !!!

Three carts in height five carts could go wide . . . this move has remained since the Mongol conquest in 1224 . . . local merchants exported goods, gold and silver under the nose of the invaders to transport it to India . . . through secret mountain trails .

Only the order of traveling monks, a shield and a sword knew about this road . The Shinobi Order in the service of the Silk Road Trade Guild . 175 Mongol yoke passed, and trade flourished .

Since Mergen was a descendant of this order . . . he knew about the passage, it was located in the narrowest part of the river, in the foothill plain . . . that lay in the far north-east . . . @@