Published at 11th of September 2019 08:10:10 AM
Chapter 51

In the village of "Life" in the mountains of Light, lived a scientist, Ph . D . , historian . Once, in his youth, he mounted a motorcycle with a sidecar, stuffed with groceries, and drove along mountain gorges for 1 month . Mountains of Light, Pistachio Mountains, Mountains of Fish and Mountains of the Robbers, which were part of a single mountain system of Light .

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He wrote down stories, stories, collected data, and wrote a brief historian of the mountains of Light with a description of their orography (that is, relief, climate, rivers and lakes) .

The city itself, even the capital, from a well-known merchant, old family . His clan was known in the 18th century as one of the first merchants who began to work with Europe . . . and opened trading houses in Berlin, Vienna, Krakow, Warsaw and Kashgar . . .

Married local . . . for some reason . . . love? Who knows .

So he told some interesting stories about the past of the mountains of Light . . . @@