Published at 11th of September 2019 08:10:06 AM
Chapter 56

- And what was that?

Treasure . As usual . . . and it was divided into two parts, the big one was hidden, somewhere on the Hindu Kush pass, the smaller one here . Which one is more valuable? Hell knows?

And before there, no one in their right mind gets . . . the traces of the second part of the puzzle are lost, there . . . and not the fact that these cards were saved there . . . Probably all these cards have long been in the arsenal of etymological intelligence of the British Empire .

Well, our treasure . . . these were three large chests of gold coins dating from the 16th century . Although there were gold and silver coins of the 7-15th centuries . Including Arab, Dutch, English . . . trade . . . silver pieces from China . . . copper coins . Silver jewelry was found with turquoise, agate, pomegranate, amethyst, rock crystal, uncut diamonds . . . a few rubies and emeralds, just a couple of dozen .

Old manuscripts in Farsi and Arabic . . . all this was transferred to state museums . . . and only specialists have access to them . But hell knows what kind of research they did, because they couldn't share their articles for the general public . . . Maybe they found something . . . or maybe not . . . But I didn't see this treasure anymore .

- And what about the reward?

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Ahahahahhahahahahaha! Well, you made me laugh ?! In Small-An, we still have the old imperial system, based on "that everything found in the land belongs to the state" and "Not to a private person" . . . so that they didn't give a damn except "honorable letters "!

Therefore, I said that the search process itself was more exciting than the result itself! Ahahahhahahahhahaa !!!!

This is for you baby is not a capitalist relationship! Here in Britain they found a treasure, who found it, divided it 50 into 50 with the owner of the land, a farmer . And then the treasure hunter bought himself a big house, a car and a lot of money left with this money . And the find of the 10th century was bought out by state and private museums . This is how the capitalist system works!

And here . . . well, let's not talk about sad things . . .

There is a second way, or better to say, there are treasures not directly related to coins or jewelry . . . but they are connected with the cultural heritage, namely with the ancient gene pool . . . ancient plants, garden and garden cultures .