Super Soldier - Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: 157

Su Xiaoxiao glared at Jiang Wangting and watched her seducing Xiao Bing .

"Xiaoxiao, are you okay?" Maggie swung Xiaoxiao's arms . There was a hint of canniness in the eyes of this 13-year-old girl . "Did you fall in love with Brother Bing?"

"Me? No!" Su Xiaoxiao felt her heart thumping . "Yezi and I are good friends . Just take a look at the complacency on his face . He was just kissed by his goddess and now a beautiful policewoman offered him dinner . I don't know why Yezi picked this womanizer . "

But she found herself being gazed at in a strange manner by everyone near her after she finished, except for the quiet Gao Fei . Su Xiaoxiao stamped on the ground and bristled, "Why are you looking at me that way? You think I'm jealous? Lil Bei, why are you laughing as well?"

Lil Bei seemed to be confused . "I've been laughing like this all day . Xiaoxiao, you are too sensitive . "

"No, I'm not . I just feel that he's not worthy of Yezi," said Su Xiaoxiao, seemingly angry .

Zhang Jing came over to her and grabbed her by the hand . "It's okay, Xiaoxiao . Brother Bing will never be that kind of guy . The kiss on the stage must have been an accident and I assume that the policewoman wants to discuss a certain case with him . Don't think too much . Maybe we could give him a warning for you later?"

After Zhang Jing finished speaking, laughter fell over the party, making Su Xiaoxiao feel abashed . She snorted and bolted to the door . The others followed quickly while still guffawing .

"These people are so bad . They are laughing at me like I'm jealous . How could I ever be in love with that lecher?"

Xiao Bing and Jiang Wanting were walking on the street while talking to each other . But Xiao Bing still could not help peeping at her long, slim legs . He remembered how his legs rubbed against hers when they were on their way to the police station in her car . The scene still lingered in his mind .

Though Xiao Bing was a soldier of a special branch when he was in the Dragon Gate, he and his comrades usually wouldn't wear such conspicuous uniforms . Hence, he felt a little excited when touching her body .

Jiang Wanting cast him a glance from time to time . She found that unlike any other man, Xiao Bing was not merely a decent man, his eyes were also pure and unstained by obscenity . Jiang Wangting often found other man gazing at her in a way that she greatly loathed .

"No wonder he's such a decent man . He served in the army!"

Jing Wanting developed a better impression of Xiao Bing .

The two decided to dine at a small restaurant . "Is there a private room available for us?" asked Xiao Big when he walked in .

The owner seemed to be a simple man in his 40s . He put on a smile after he fixed his eyes on the two of them . "Of course there is . Only you two?"

"Yes . "

"Okay . Then the room over there will do . Please follow me . "

After the owner led them to a private room, he gave Xiao Bing a menu, which was then given to Jiang Wanting . "I never order dishes when I'm with a woman . I usually let her the order what we eat," said Xiao Bing while smiling .

Jiang Wangting cast the menu a quick sweeping glance and ordered three appetizers and main courses and even drinks . It seemed that Jiang Tingting was really a resolute woman . Then she gave the menu back to the owner .

With a smile, Xiao Bing looked at Jiang Wanting . "Captain Jiang, so we are here just to relish the food?"

"What else for?" Jiang Wangting put on a smile . "We police are also human, and humans need to eat and make friends . I surmise that Mr . Xiao knows that better than anyone else . "

"Call me Brother Bing . That sounds friendlier . "

"Okay . Then Brother Bing can just call me Wangting . "

"Okay, no problem . "

"Brother Bing, did you go to her concert to listen to her sing or to just show your support as a friend?"

"Both . Actually, I once had protected her due to a mission and since then we became friends . Lots of my friends are her fans . So I asked her to give me many tickets in the front row . "

"I see . I'm just curious . Let's stop talking about work . "

Xiao Bing suddenly found that not only did she have slim legs, but her boobs were also gigantic . When she approached the table, her breasts would press against the edge . It seemed that the two fleshmounds were about to explode at any time . Xiao Bing crossed his legs, trying to hide the embarrassment underneath .

"Because there are few who can understand what we do . When we have something to do with them, they will either be in awe of us or bear dirty thoughts in their minds . You are the only one I know that can treat us like normal people . And I think you are very different from other men . "

"Really? In what aspect?" asked Xiao Bing curiously while trying to press down the pillar between his legs . He felt relieved when he succeeded .

Jiang Wanting continued, "Because I can tell that Brother Bing is a pure-hearted man . You don't harbor any evil thoughts like any other men . Nowadays, these men behave like they've never been with a girl . I don't know how to describe it . "

Xiao Bing said with sternness, "It's true . I believe one's appearance is just the surface . It is other's inside we should care about . Honesty, kindness, and beauty are all within one's heart . "Besides, men who fill their minds with obscenities whenever they meet a woman is what I despise the most . "

"Few men can be as decent as Brother Bing . " Jiang Wanting complimented him .

"Well, that's too much for me . There are still many good guys out there . " But Xiao Bing was enraptured inwardly and the fire in his belly was finally put out . He was glad that there was a table between them, otherwise she would've seen everything .

Jiang Wanting was still smiling . "It's true . That's why I want to make friends with Brother Bing, like a normal friend . "

"It will be a great honor for me if I'm a friend of the captain of the Criminal Police Brigade in Jiang City . It will be much more convenient for me if I have a friend in the government . "

Though Xiao Bing was just kidding, Jiang Wanting spoke with sternness . "That's not likely . I will not let my job be mixed with personal affairs . "

Xiao Bing deemed her a dutiful women .

Soon after, the dishes and drinks were served . Xiao Bing raised his glass and a smile touched on his lips . "Wanting, here's to our friendship . "

"To our friendship . " Jiang Wanting raised her glass and clinked it with Xiao Bing's . Then they both took a sip .

"Brother Bing, are you a heavy drinker?" Jiang Wangting asked, smiling .

"I can hold my liquor . "

"Later, I have to deal with some matters regarding the star, so I can't drink with you anymore . But you still can drain some bottles if you want . I can just have soda . "

"No . I can just drink soda with you . I'm not a drunkard . " He had never expected that this seemingly resolute woman would be this sensitive .

"Brother Bing, the three men you grabbed have already been taken to the police station . They seem to be from the Ghost Nest . Though this organization doesn't always have a large number of assassins, the strength they possess cannot be underestimated . It's difficult to deal with them, even for our police . I didn't expect that they would be knocked off their feet so easily by you guys . "

"They didn't see us coming . " Xiao Bing smiled .

"Did your two friends used to be soldiers and retire at a young age like you?"

Xiao Bing discerned that although her intention to make friends with him might be true, she had to have some other purposes . He surmised that she wanted to find out the true identities of Lil Bei, Gao Fei, and himself . But since Lil Bei's identity was special and he did not know Gao Fei's, he could not tell her either of the two's identities .

Xiao Bing had to shake his head while smiling . "I can't say . Wanting, I assume this is what this dinner is about, right? You want to know my secrets . "

Jiang Wanting awkwardly blushed . "I do want to know more about you . After all, Jiang City has been uneasy recently . You killed many men in the Northern Manor before, and many terrible things happened to the Ye family, and now the star was nearly assassinated . Now the police are vigilant about anyone unidentified . They are not particularly against you . "

"I know . All I can say is that Lil Bei is my friend . He's still serving in the army and he's here to spend his vacation . As for Gao Fei, he's an employee of my noodle house . I know little about him but I can assure you that he's not a threat to society . "

Jiang Wanting looked at Xiao Bing and said sternly, "I believe you . "

As dutiful as she was, Jiang Wanting simply chose to trust Xiao Bing's words . Xiao Bing was impressed . He raised his glass . "Thank you . "

While the two drained their glasses, Jiang Wanting's phone suddenly rang . She took a look at the number and said to Xiao Bing, "Sorry, my dad's calling me . "

"It's okay," replied Xiao Bing smilingly .

Jiang Wanting answered the phone . "Hey, dad . "

Xiao Bing could not hear what she said, nor did not want to do it because it was impolite . Hence, when Jiang Wanting was talking on the phone, Xiao Bing was just eating . But he still heard her cold voice say, "Dad, I said I don't need it . I'm doing great in Jiang City . You don't need to worry about me . I earned this job and I'm capable of taking care of myself . I don't need any arrangement from you .

"Danger? If there is any danger in this city, then it's my fault . Since I'm in this position I have to put my safety beneath others' . I have to be responsible for the 2,240,000 people in this city . Dad, I don't want to argue with you anymore . And the underground has always been the main focus of the police . I won't make any compromise if there is any chaos!

"Dad, I don't need your help . I'm the only one that I can count on . We should stop talking about this . I'm at a restaurant with a friend . I will return to the capital of the province to celebrate mom's birthday if there's no mission for me . . . Don't worry . I can totally take care of myself . "

Jiang Wanting sighed after she hung up . Xiao Bing dropped his chopsticks and raised his gaze to Jiang Wanting . "What's wrong? Having a quarrel with your family?"

"It's just some trivial things . . . Perhaps I can have another drink . . . No . Brother Bing, did you finish . I should go back to work and interrogate the three suspects . I want to know who hired them . "

Xiao Bing suddenly recalled that Zhan Hongyan was still locked in a room after he knocked her out . Xiao Bing assumed that she might be awake after two hours, hence he grew impatient because if she escaped, then it was all for nothing . Though he hadn't relished the food subtly, Xiao Bing spoke with haste, "Yes . Work is more important for you now . I'll buy you dinner someday . "

"Okay . " Then Jiang Wanting paid the bill .

Xiao Bing and Jiang Wanting parted after they walked out of the restaurant . Then Xiao Bing discreetly sneaked into the stadium and headed toward the room . He sighed with tremendous relief when he found the lock on the door still intact . He broke the lock, pushed the door open, and walked in .

"Whew!" Xiao Bing sensed the sharp light of a blade hurtling toward him . But he successfully dodged it, then the blade became lodged in the wall . "What? I didn't strip you and throw you on the stage . Why do you bite the hand that feeds you?"