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Chapter 1

October 21, 20XX (Sunday) - October 22,20XX (Monday)

Beijing International Airport- Charles de Gaulle Airport

Mei Li gapped at the luxurious interior design . She could not believe she was actually standing inside a private jet that was bigger than her painting studio in the capital! And to think that it was owned by the family of her younger best friend, Zhao Yue .

Mei Li was once again reminded about the gap that exists between Zhao Yue and her . They have known each other for 10 years and in that span, the orphan, Wu Mei Li, and the only daughter of the biggest Zhao Conglomerate, Zhao Yue, made their friendship stronger even against all the negative connotations and slander .

Wu Mei Li was grateful for Zhao Yue's friendship . They have shed tears together whether it was because of their love life or the pressure life pushes into their hands, they have grown matured together with every laughter after all the tears, they have sipped the same coffee while watching boys pass by at the campus cafe, and they have grown to become closer to sisters rather than friends . There was no secret hidden between them .

"Captain! Let's go immediately to Paris! Big Brother has already called the airport for landing permission . All areas are clear!" Yue's frantic voice snapped Mei Li from her thoughts .

Yue put her red Hermes Birkin bag at the table with a loud audible thud not caring if it would be scratched before sitting at the couch-like seat and then starting to text in her phone . Mei Li was horrified with eyes wide open and mouth gaped . The orphan mentally counted the depreciation rate of the bag and subtracted the cost of the scratches it now had .

"Miss Wu, Please sit down so we can take off . " One of the bodyguards told Mei Li while beaconing her towards the seat opposite to Yue's .

Mei Li smiled at the guards as she sat and eyed the nervous Yue with suspicion . Questions began to pop into her mind like a horrifying grocery list for the homeless and she knows only Yue could answer them, "Why are we going to Paris abruptly? Who are you texting? Why are you nervous?"

Mei Li saw how Yue tensed up after her questions .

There was a tense silence with Yue fiddling with her phone and not looking up from her phone . It was rare to see Yue behaving like this . Yue was the bright and cheery Sun to Mei Li's calm and collected Moon .

Mei Li was about to ask her questions again when Yue decided to reply, "It's about Chen Zhong . . "

That name made Mei Li tense up more than Yue .

Chen Zhong was Mei Li's boyfriend for more than 3 years now . Although they share the same passion with art, Zhong and Mei Li were somewhat like water and oil . In fact, they could not agree with what colour to paint the room, or what food to eat, or what movie to watch, or who the other should be friends with . Dating Zhong was a whirlwind of passion, raw and undiluted passion . Be it their passion in their love for art and their passion to defend themselves in a fight . Sometimes passion is not a good thing and Mei Li had learned that in a hard way .

"I see…" Mei Li merely turned her head towards the window .

The lack of reaction from Mei Li made Yue look up from her phone in shock, "You're not going to ask any more questions?"

The small smirk that was plastered in Mei Li's beautiful face took Yue aback . If you don't know her you'll think that it was a pretty smile but Yue prided herself on being the person that was constant in Mei Li's life and she knows that it was fake .

"I have an idea what…" Mei Li's clear voice made Yue's heartbreak . Mei Li's voice was usually soft and lazy, almost like she was too lethargic to open her mouth to speak . It always amazed Yue how gentle and charming Mei Li was in comparison to her voice . Yet this time, the words were pronounced more clearly . Mei Li was forcing herself to speak .

Yue compelled her eyes to her phone to read the reply from her brother, 「And to think your best friend's boyfriend is the one my supposed 'girlfriend' is cheating with… such a small world . Did you bring her with you?」

She immediately typed her reply before glancing at Mei Li, who was closing her eyes, for a second, 「She's with me . Give me time to show her . I have a feeling she already knows . And how did that gold digger manage to get your Black Card anyway?!」

The reply came only after they had landed on Paris, 「Our crazy aunt is plotting again . I look forward to watching the drama that will follow . 」

Yue snorted . Her brother was the most sadistic human she has ever known . Yue's eyes looked at Mei Li's calm face with her light brown eyes that had storms brewing and full pouty lips that were thin with a forced smile . In all the 10 years Yue learned in Mei Li's company is that you never expect anything from Mei Li especially her reactions . When you think you know her, you're shown differently .

Yue replied quickly as she and Mei Li entered the bulletproof Rolls-Royce, 「You're in for a surprise . 」

Her brother and Mei Li will finally have a chance to meet . They had always been like parallel lines, two persons on the same pane but never intersecting . Maybe this isn't all bad news . Yue would like it if Mei Li would be her sister and not just her best friend .