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Chapter 101

December 25, 20XX (Tuesday)

Hidden Headquarters

"We discovered something unusual," Alexandre told Yang, ignoring the glare from the CEO while munching on the macaroon that his Wife, Ru Shi, had made for him

"I discovered it since I found it . " Chang Min interrupted with a mouth full of cookies .

"Here," Dr . Zhang Li Xi handed Yang an A4 paper with a large picture of a woman's side boob with a tattoo of a crest that had an A on the center of a shield surrounded by iris flowers .

"Isn't this . . . " Yang's eyes widen after recognizing the tattoo . He had seen this logo on Mei Li's and Chang Min's files .

"It's a tattoo to symbolize being an Arcadia Member . Guessing by the redness of the tattoo, it's recent . " Hao Chen told while eyeing Chang Min trying to steal for himself a cookie from Mei Li .

Chang Min, agile and fast, slapped Hao Chen's wandering hands before clutching the large jar in his hands . Hao Chen pouted, " . . . And she has no history of travel outside the country . "

" . . . an Arcadia member is in China?" Yang's first tighten, the veins on his hands seem to pop up .

"Or a group is posing as Arcadia . . . " Alexandre pointed out another possibility . In hopes that it was just a poser and not the threat themselves . Dealing with terrorists was never the easiest .

"And these guys know about it?" Yang was surprised that they did, Chang Min was so tight-lipped with his and Mei Li's secrets even when he knew that Yang was pursuing his little sister!

"I had to let them know, I needed their people to investigate who Mother Chen had dealings with for the past month . "

"Yeah, right as if we hadn't forced you on telling us!" Hao Chen murmured to Yang while rolling his eyes, "When he saw the tattoo, he went crazy on her torture . It was obvious there was something wrong and we aren't stupid to believe that you went wild just because Mei Li is our future sister-in-law . "

"Not you sister-in-law, she's my sister first!" Chang Min snarled but deep inside he was happy to finally call Mei Li his little sister out loud .

"I don't want to be near you . . . " Hao Chen dragged his chair nearer to Yang .

"You stupid, Hao! Come here and let me punch you in the face!" Chang Min tried to grasp Hao Chen's collar but the younger man was slippery as a snake and hid behind Yang's chair .

"Why would I come to you if you are going to punch me?" Hao Chen taunted making Chang Min fumed .

Alexandre rolled his eyes at his friends . If the people in the black market and the Underworld knows that their leaders were children in adult clothing, they'll probably die from embarrassment .

"Take me to her, " Yang stood up while dragging Hao Chen to his front and pushing him into Chang Min's way . Chang Min grinned as he destroyed Hao Chen's hair with Dr . Zhang Li Xi helping with holding the heir down .

It was Alexandre that had lead Yang to the chamber where Mother Chen was held . Upon entering the soundproof walls, Yang's eyes roomed at the decorations on the floor . Red liquid was everywhere .

"Why is she in a glass cage? And why is there rats inside?" Yang asked directly facing Chang Min .

"Do you like it? I found out that she is deathly afraid of rats . " the smirk on Chang Min's face made Yang doubt about his friend's sanity .

"Maybe we should find carnivorous rats so they'll feed off her skin . " when Yang suggested those words that had immediately popped into his brain . He began to doubt his own sanity .

"Maybe I should start raising those . . . " Chang Min looked to be contemplating something deeply important . Yang knew the both of them were a little bit insane .

Alexandre, Dr . Zhang, and Hao Chen promptly took a step back, away from their two sadistic friends . How scary! To think they were planning murder using carnivorous rats! It would be so agonizingly slow and painful! Mother Chen would probably wish for death even before she is swallowed whole by the rats .

"Close the door, I want to ask her my questions . " The three scared friends bolted out of the room while slamming the door . They had already felt bile starting to raise up to their throats when Chang Min had and with Yang added, No way are they going to stay when two sadist starts torturing .

After a while, the two men went out of the room, still immaculately clean and leaving behind a woman tied to the floor so the rats could walk all over her . Her excrements soiled her pants from her fright .

They had returned to their usual seat with the rest of their friends when Yang's phone rang . He looked at the caller ID and saw Yue's name . He answered with a sigh, "What do you need, annoying little sister?"

"It's Mei Li . "

Yang immediately straightened and his disappointed face brightened as he replied, "Hello! Are you done having your haircut?"

"Yeah, I was hoping that you'd buy Yue and me some chocolate cakes . The same one you bought before?"

"Sure! Is that all?" Yang agreed . It was an easy request, after all .

"Come back soon . "

Yang felt he was floating on cloud nine . He never expected those three words could sound so sweet . He decided to come back as soon as he could, Arcadia problems or none!

Mei Li was waiting for him, and he will damn everything that hinders him!