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Chapter 102

December 25, 20XX (Tuesday)

Hidden Headquarters & Zhao Manor

In the hidden underground headquarters of the five dragons of Beijing's Black market, there exist a row of chambers used for prisoners that had committed offenses that the five dragons cannot forgive . Everyone knew that the worst punishment wasn't death; it was to stay in those chambers and slowly withered away Some died from starvation, others were tortured mercilessly until they could not take it anymore, most of the time, they were left alone and the soundproof white walls would drive them crazy enough to kill themselves .

These were the chambers that all the people in the black market were most scared of and the people that worked for them always hated cleaning these chambers . Most of the time, the dragons make the employee who needed punishing to clean the chambers with only a toothbrush and a bar of soap .

Nobody wants to clean blood, excrements, bones, decomposing skin and bones, rotting organs, and more questionable things with a little toothbrush .

Inside one of these chambers, on the furthest to the left, Mother Chen laid on the ground . Her hand chained to stay above her head while her legs pulled apart by large chains . She laid spread eagle on the floor as the rats roomed around the room, stomping at her being as if she mattered not .

Mother Chen couldn't help but think back on her short and unsatisfying life . She grew up in a middle-class normal family but her desire and ambitions were far from middle class! She had aspired to be a singer before but had been turned down . She tried to be an actress after and was once again turned down by agencies . She auditioned to be a model but she had not gained any fanbase in her 5 years of modeling .

Reaching the age of 32, she married the 23-year-old Father Chen, who had just come back from Greece . By marrying him, she had hoped for a better life . Only to be disappointed by how lazy he was . in fact, He did not have a job and only did volunteer work! He was only good at loaning money!

When she had Chen Zhong, her life changed . All she had was used for her child to flourish and grow to be an outstanding man she knew he could become . Mother Chen taught Chen Zhong to be the best he could be .

Everything was going well with their lives until Chen Zhong introduced to them an orphan and no-good Wu Mei Li . Her son had been so blinded that even when she sent women his way to seduce him and had affairs with them, he never took the opportunities to break up with Mei Li . This had angered Mother Chen especially when her son treated Mei Li like she was a goddess compared to his mother .

She was secretly glad that she and Mei Li discovered Chen Zhong dating Lu Yi Jie and was

jumping with joy when Mei Li sent her a video with her son making love with Lu Yi Jie who is a woman who had a better background than the orphan . She bared all of her failed plans and asked for Mei Li to return back to her son's side when Chen Zhong had grown sad and hopeless but Mei Li had other thoughts .

From then on, it had been a whirlwind of acquiring things from the orphan and then losing it . She had blamed everything bad that had happened to Wu Mei Li . Now she knew who was behind everything; Zhao Yang, an opponent she cannot move . If she knew that the person behind Mei Li was this man, she would not have done what she had .

Her tears fell from her eyes as she sobbed . The only great thing that happened to him was meeting David Bowe, an Italian black haired man that had helped her get the paint thinner from a high place . They had exchanged contact that day and slowly, David crawl his way into her heart and their meetings started to get more intimate . She had noticed that David had the same tattoo as her husband and when she asked, he replied the same as Father Chen- for their volunteer job .

The thought of David made Mother Chen survive the torture she had suffered under Xue Chang Min . She had been beaten by rods, bones broken, joints snapped, and skin scarred but when she thought of David, her determination to live grew like blazing wildfire . She even dared to tell David that she wanted to have the same tattoo as he has which David had complied and had taken her to a tattoo shop that he knew . She had grown serious with David . Not knowing that for David, she was just a past time .

As the rats made a mess of her, Mother Chen thinks of the feeling David had roomed his hands on her . He had a way of making her feel young and beautiful . He had softly kissed every each before spreading her legs and lapping every juice from her . She had always blushed when she finished every time and his playful grin would widen as he would enter her roughly after she is still so sensitive from her previous orgasm . David had taken her to heaven with every thrust .

As the day ends, the doors of the chambers remained closed and the guards looked pitifully at the door furthest to the left . Everyone had been ordered to let the body rot inside never to see light again . They knew that the rats inside would probably eat the woman after they will start to starve . It seems that CEO Xue had intended to raise carnivorous rats after all .

Meanwhile, Yang gets off of his Maybach after he had parked . He hurriedly strides to the Manor when he heard laughter coming from the living room . Arriving there, he was Yue and Mei Li's head peeking from the sofa like small mountains . He noticed that they were watching a comedy movie that had been released just recently .

Yang quietly approached Mei Li's back, shushed his little sister after she had noticed him, and gently covering Mei Li's eyes with both his hands .

The painter gasped in surprise . Her sight turned black and the heat of the palm of his hand made her blush . His hands were large and his fingers long, Mei Li immediately knew who the hand belonged to .

"Yang, you're back . " Mei Li said with a smile . Although she could not see him, she knew he was grinning that fake annoying grin she hated .

Yang let go of his hands, making Mei Li turn to her back . Her long hair had gone and a chin-length bob framed her mixed blooded features like an elegant frame .

Yang froze as he stared at her in shock . He didn't know if he likes her with long or short hair . Both styles were equally as fitting to her . Although, the short hair made her look more mature and fierce . He likes how her eyes looked more narrowed and her lips more emphasized .

"Does it look bad?" Mei Li asked after she realized that Yang was not going to react soon if she didn't ask . Yue rolled her eyes at her best friend's obliviousness . Her brother clearly likes the style, guessing by his slowly dropping jawline .

"No! It's pretty! It suits you . . . " Yang said with a smile after snapping himself from his daydreaming and beginning to play with the ends of her hair .

"Very beautiful . . . " Yang repeated as he leaned over the large sofa to plant a kiss on Mei Li's forehead making Yue cringe at the blatant display of affections .

"Okay, that's enough . Let's go eat!" Yue run towards the kitchen, hating to see her brother making out with her best friend .

Mei Li and Yang were surprised by Yue but laughed loudly when they were the only ones left . Mei Li tugged Yang's arm as she snuck her right hand on his left arm as she asked again, "Is it really okay? I never had short hair before . "

"You're beautiful . "

Mei Li regretted styling her hair because Yang had repeatedly told her she was beautiful every second as if the blush on her cheeks had not embarrassed her enough!