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Chapter 103

December 26, 20XX (Wednesday)

Various Places

The Zhao Manor's circular table with a lazy susan on the center was once again filled with warmth . Yue and Mei Li were talking to each other about the possibilities of styles that would look pretty with Mei Li's new short hairstyle . Aunt Qinyang and Mother Zhao were talking about pieces of furniture that were an art piece and used in a conventional setting . Grandma Zhao was talking to Grandpa Zhao about the next trip they planned to make . The two Zhao brothers were talking business .

Yang, who had woke up late, arrived at the table in casual wear . He forcefully dragged Yue's chair away from Mei Li's and force a chair in between them while grinning at his little sister as he sat on her place . Yue stuck her tongue out, making Yang's grin widen . Mei Li shook her head at their interactions .

The youngest CEO at the table looked at Mei Li, his eyes roaming from her head to toe . He raised one eyebrow and asked, "Why are you dressed up?"

Mei Li froze mid-bite and her eyes shifted towards him when she answered, "I'm going out . . . "

"Where are you going?" Yang started to play with the ends of her hair . He was still not used to her short bob hair . The back of his right hand accidentally brushes on her neck making the painter blush . He marveled at the red tint on her cheeks that quickly spread over her neck .

" . . . I'm going to my studio," she mumbled softly while bending forward to cover her face with her hair .

"Why?" His hands continued to play with her hair and his hands continue to brush on the back of her neck as of he was teasing her, which he was but the painter had not thought of that and only chucked it to coincidence .

"I want to see the damage . If there is still something salvageable . " Mei Li put her chopsticks down .

"Can I come with you?"

Yang's question surprised Mei Li that she could not think of ways to deny him, "Sure, why not?"

"When are we going?"

Mei Li evaded his hands that were trying to scratch her scalp in circles, "Now, if you're done . "

"Can I bring my Maybach?"

"Too flashy," Mei Li glared . She never liked riding the Maybach when they were on places that had plenty of concentration of low to middle-class people . She didn't like the stares that followed her .

Yang asked after a while of thinking, "Should I drive the one we rode when we went to the market?"

"Up to you . . . " Mei Li shrugged as Yang's hands still continued to play her hair, bouncing it with the palms of his hands . Her hair was soft and was way smoother than when she still had that burnt ends from the fire but his heart had hurt when he saw the large red mark that was starting to clot . He hated that scar caused by the fire with a passion . Maybe he'll open the chamber were Mother Chen was held and burn her alive .

The Zhao Family members hid their smiles as they watched Yang and Mei Li's interaction . Yang had sounded so eager and Mei Li's blush had made them all third wheels on the table . They watched as the two went out after bidding them goodbye . Yue had even tried to go with them but was stopped by Yang subtly pushing his black credit card to his sister's hands at her back . Mother Zhao shook her head with helplessness as Yue sold her best friend to her brother .

The ride to the studio went without any hitch . Mei Li was happy to see the four bodyguards that were with her before and during the fire . They had already gone through her stuff and had put them in metal bins so she could sort it out . Although they weren't many of them, Mei Li was happy that the chest that was given by Yue were she had kept her pieces of jewelry and important files had survived . She thanked the heavens for having a best friend rich enough to buy her fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof containers as a gift .

Mei Li sat on the floor, not caring about the ashes and the burnt marks that was left on her bum . She perused the files that she had carefully folded . Her bank books were still safe, she heaved a heavy sigh of relief . At least her savings were still alive and she knew she could take these bank books to the bank so she could make herself a new card .

Mei Li decided to go to the bank after . She dragged Yang using her right hands to hook to his left arm . Yang had acted reluctant but was truly enjoying the way she begged him to drive her to the bank . When he had finally agreed, Mei Li tiptoed, forced him to bend down with a hurtful tug, and then placed a kiss on his left cheek .

The four guards on the side, turned their head as Yang put a hand at the back of Mei Li's head and shifted her lips from his cheeks to his lips . They started to busy themselves with cleaning the burnt remains of the studio, trying hard to ignore how forceful the CEO had kissed the woman who was not wrapped in his arms . The guard nicknamed La had subtly looked at his watch, almost 2 minutes in and the CEO still had no plans to let Mei Li go .

When they arrived at the bank after an hour of traveling, the guards noticed how red and swollen Mei Li's lips were . The youngest of the four of them is Gai, who had continued to blush like a virgin . When the doors of the bank opened, the female attendant nearest to them immediately went forward to meet Yang .

"How may I help you, CEO Zhao?" The bank staff was poised with her hair tucked into a bun and her uniform neat and clean . Mei Li rolled her eyes as the staff smiled widely at Yang . The power of money was indeed scary and convenient at the same time .

"I don't have any business, for today, I am here as a bodyguard . " Yang's fake smile returned on his face while he places his left hand on the small of Mei Li's back .

The staff's head snapped to meet Mei Li's eyes with surprise . CEO Zhao had never brought a woman in the bank . He had always come alone or with his secretary . This was the first they had seen a woman in his arms too . Based on what they saw on the pictures from news and magazines, usually, the woman would cling to him and he would find ways to avoid those women's touches . The employees of the bank stared wide eyes as Yang lead Mei Li to a chair, letting her seat first before he had, and his bodyguards surrounding them like a wall . The female staffs inside the bank branch were amazed by CEO Zhao's careful and gentle treatment of Mei Li .

Mei Li's transaction was done fast and they went out of the bank with Mei Li already carrying a new ATM card . Without Yang, she would have to wait for more than 3 business days . Mei Li had noted to bring Yang with her as her bodyguard when she needs to settle legal matters . Money and his presence would make everything easier for her .

She took a brief peek on Yang's side profile and melted onto the passenger seat . What a handsome bodyguard she has! She wonders what would happen if she introduces Yang as her bodyguard and not the CEO of successful businesses .

She looked at the back of the car and saw the small things that had survived . On the floor of the car was the portrait of Yang that she had painted in Italy by memory . She planned to restore it, soon . Mei Li took Yang's phone from the dashboard and entered the password as if it was hers . She played a beautiful piano medley by Yiruma while she was humming along .

Yang drove them back to the manor slowly, hoping to savor this mellow moment with her longer .