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Chapter 106

December 27, 20XX (Thursday)

Various Places

When they have arrived in the real estate company where Mei Li had bought the condominium she had shared with Chen Zhong before, Yang was uncharacteristically quiet . He opened the car door for her like usual, stood on her left side like usual, put a hand on the small of her back as usual, and fake a smile like usual, but he had not teased her, provoke her bottom line, or joked . She worried a little that he was losing interest in her, but when she had slowed down and was gaining distance with his stride, Yang looked back and held her hand tightly .

When he realized how cold her hand was, he stopped to enclose her hands with his and rubbing both her palms together in between his to cause heat . Mei Li, who had been deliberating whether he lost interest or not, had thrown that thought out of the window especially when he shed his jacket to make her wear it as another layer for warmth .

Sitting down on the chairs to talk with her real estate agent, Mei Li had a comfortable and smooth transaction because the agent had been acquainted with Mei Li . Though, the agent had peeked and glanced repeatedly in Yang's direction .

Surprisingly, Yang had stayed quiet and refrained from any sarcastic remarks . Although he had tried to say something but Mei Li quieted him by placing her hands in his knees and pinching the skin their as hard as she could when he opens his mouth .

Realizing that Mei Li wanted him to shut his mouth even if he had wanted so much to criticize how small Mei Li's desired condo was . She could afford a little luxurious condo but still refused to spend more! She isn't a frugal person; she's a miser!

As Mei Li had already called to make reservations beforehand, the agent had already prepared three condos ready for her to view and visit first hand . Yang grinned as Mei Li excitedly pushed him out of the door and commanding him to follow the agent's car to the first location .

Arriving in a 20-floor building about thirty minutes ride away from the Zhao Manor, Yang frowned at seeing a large number of groups gathered in the restaurant on the ground floor . He hated that there was also commercial space on the second floor; This would make guarding Mei Li harder . If she did buy this condo, he needed to tighten her security details .

When they arrived on the 17th floor and entered the available condo, Yang snorted at the measly one bedroom unit . It was double the size of her studio before, and it not designed well . The kitchen was so large that the living room was almost none existent .

"Did the person who lived here before watched tv in the kitchen?" Yang snorted making Mei Li elbow him with a glare .

"The previous owner was a culinary student," the agent said, oblivious to the sarcastic tone in Yang's voice .

The second condo they visited had Yang muttering with complaints on Mei Li's ears since the building was not well maintained, the elevator smelled, the people going in and out were either smoking or had cans of beers in their hands .

Suffice to say, Yang had not allowed Mei Li to go up and view the condo unit at all, and he had demanded to the agent, "Take us to the last one!"

Mei Li rolled her eyes; this is the reason why she didn't want him to come . She knew he'd have something terrible to say in every unit they'll visit . Let everyone know that house hunting with a CEO is annoying!

The last condo unit they visited had looked great on the outside, and the inside was well designed . Even Yang had nothing wrong to say about it until they went out and encountered the tall model neighbor that had winked at Mei Li even if Yang had glared hard at the man .

The agent bid them farewell and told Mei Li that she would call her if she found more units she could show the painter . Yang dragged Mei Li into his car, drove off with a scrunched up face and while he was driving back to Zhao Manor had adamantly demanded, "You will not choose any of those three units!"

Mei Li had a retort ready at the tip of her tongue but was interrupted by Yang's constant complaints, "The first one is too crowded and the design too shabby . The second one is near a bar, and the red light district and I'll be damned before you buy that unit!"

Yang turned to the left before continuing with his complaints, "and that third one! No way are you going near that man! He was flirting with you! He dared to wink at you when I'm right beside you!"

Yang pressed the horn to honk at the slow car driving in front of them and snarled, "I should have that man killed! I'll gouge his eyes, skin him alive, and pull his fingernails one by one!"

Mei Li listens to his tirade with mixed thoughts of how annoying CEOs are and how cute Yang was acting all jealous . She hadn't even paid that man any attention because she was too busy feeling Yang's hand, which was gripping her waist, that was beginning to caress the spot gently and would sometimes go lower than usual that borderline between innocent and sensual territory .

Her loud giggle after Yang's outburst filled the car .

Yang glared at her at first but when she reached to him and pecked his left cheek while softly saying, "Don't be jealous . You're more handsome than that man . He couldn't even compare . "

Yang's tight grip on the steering wheel had loosened, and Mei Li discovered the soft and subtly pinkish hue in his cheeks .

She giggled again at his embarrassment . Yang was too cute sometimes!

She took her cell phone and snapped a photo of his side profile making the soft blush on his cheeks spreading into his ears . He had dared to reach for her phone to delete that photo, but she immediately tucks her cellphone on her sling bag out of his reach .

Having fun with Yang's embarrassment, Mei Li impulsively stroke his ego more with praises she had not thought well enough, "You're wealthier, more caring too, and more capable of being a bullied husband under me . "

Suddenly the car turned silent; the words that left her mouth, and the meaning it carries becomes more apparent .

Yang's small blush had turned into a sly smirk . Being an opportunist, Yang teased her, "So where should we go next, Master-Wife? This bullied husband will follow after you willingly . Shall we buy you a whip too?"

Arriving at the manor and eating dinner with the rest of the Zhao's, Mei Li's blush had not left her face even for a minute . She cursed her impulsive self! Why did she have to be so rash?

When she happens to meet Yang's eyes, he would wiggle his eyebrows and smile knowingly . She would immediately turn her head and look at the ceiling in embarrassment . Why is she always so embarrassing and badly behaved when she spends time with Yang?

Glaring at him for the nth time, she cursed CEOs for being annoying .