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Chapter 107

December 27-28, 20XX (Thursday- Friday)

Zhao Manor

Zhao Yang had never hesitated this much ever in his life . On his left hand was his encrypted phone tweaked by Chang Min for their safety . He was worried that Mei Li would look for more condo units and would not allow him to come with her . What if she would meet with an Arcadia member? What if someone flirted with her? What if the real estate agent would force her to buy a dilapidated condo? Those kinds of thoughts run rampant in his mind . He debated whether he should ask for help . The best friend he could ask for help is someone he shouldn't ask because, among his four affluent friends, it was Xue Chang Min that had many condo units everywhere in Beijing .

Yang called his friend with resolve, but he could not hide his nervousness totally because he remembered how Chang Min had beat him up two days ago . He dialed the phone, and after a few rings a man answered with a monotone, "Hello . "

Hoping to end the cause of all his nerves, Yang immediately got to the point, "Chang Min, this is an encrypted line, right?"

"Yes," Chang Min's voice sounded concerned as he asked, "Do you have something to report?"

Yang sat on his bed as he answered, "It's about Mei Li . "

"Did something happened to her?!"

Yang felt a little guilty on causing Chang Min more worries, but he needed help to solve his problem with Mei Li's stubborn personality and settle her to a place where he could provide her maximum security so the events that happened before will have no repetitions . He briefed Chang Min to Mei Li's plans, "She's planning to buy a condo but most of the available condo she wants are not I would qualify as safe . I offered to buy her a better one, but she's stubborn about buying one for herself . I thought if you have a spare condo you can sell to her for less?"

Chang Min sighed a lour relief out, "I have plenty . What kind would she want?"

Yang and Chang Min spent more than an hour talking about which property was the best to 'sell' to Mei Li . Hopefully, Mei Li would buy their offered price .

When the next day came, Yang had gone to breakfast as he had always done . He arrived late, and when he did; he'd drag Yue's chair away and sit in between them with a new seat he had grabbed .

Seeing as Mei Li was not dressed up to look like she was going out, Yang said to her, "Mei Li, let's go somewhere . "

The painter's hand froze mid-way in delivering food into her mouth before she looked at Yang and asked, "Where?"

"I know someone who is selling his condo near mine, and he's willing to sell it to you cheaper . "

Mei Li hated how smug Yang had sounded but when his hands reached to play with her short hair, bouncing the edges with the palm of his right hand which made him see the reddish burn marks on her neck . His eyes narrowed a little, why isn't fully clotting properly? Either Mei Li was not applying the salve, or she was picking at it with her hands to open the raw wounds .

" . . . All right . " Mei Li agreed with apparent hesitation . She didn't trust him as she did with her little sister . He pouted at being only a second person before his little sister .

When they finished eating breakfast, Yang had dragged Mei Li to his Maybach and drove her to the condo unit Chang Min, and he had decided to 'sell' to Mei Li . The painter, at first, had not noticed the way but when he turned to a famous road and went straight into a street that was famous for high-end people to live and parked in the high rise building that also has Yang's condo did Mei Li had an idea . Yang had probably used his connections to let her have this condo that they were going to be viewing .

Mei Li had followed after Yang, uninterested as she had already been on this building before . When Mei Li noticed Yang pressing the floor on the elevator, she immediately sighed in helplessness . It's a level below his condo penthouse . She knew he would make her live closer to him, and she really should not have let him know about her need for a condo . Mei Li blamed Yue for everything .

Yang grinned at the painter as they arrived on the 33rd floor, "This is it! Do you like it?"

"It's right below yours," Mei Li deadpanned . Yang ignored her and opened the door . Mei Li's left eyebrow raised when the door opened without any keys; the friend that Yang mentioned have already opened the door for them . She was beginning to be suspicious .

"Isn't that amazing?" Yang asked .

Mei Li had to agree . The condo was not as big as Yang's, but it was luxurious and spacious enough . It was very masculine too . Upon entering the unit, there was a medium-sized shoe cabinet on the side that has space in the middle to put your keys and small things . When Mei Li looked up, she saw the open concept; the living area with a large tv and a grey sofa was what greeted her first and then a long table divided the dining table with the couch . Her eyes immediately stared at awe at the kitchen, and it was spotless and very masculine with grey, dark blue, and black undertones with the white walls and cabinetry .

"Who is willing to sell this to me?" Mei Li asked Yang suspiciously .

Yang's grin twitched a little before he replied, "That's not important!"

"Why is this person willing to sell this beautiful condo for a low price? This condo could still sell in the market for a higher price . " Mei Li insisted on knowing the seller . She had a feeling it was someone that she knew .

"He doesn't need it anymore, and he doesn't want it to be unoccupied for long . "

When Mei Li saw the picture of Chang Min with his grandparents, she rolled her eyes . Couldn't Yang and Chang Min be any more obvious? Selling this luxury condo to her because of a measly reason as Chang Min finding it useless was a ridiculous reason . If this wasn't a blatant and visible sign that Mei Li is linked with Xue Chang Min; she doesn't know what else is . For CEOs, the both of them are either dumb or underestimating her .

In her opinion, they both were just dumb .

Mei Li smirked, knowingly, and turned to Yang, "All right, I'll buy it from Big brother Chang Min . "

"How did you know abo-" Yang stopped what he was trying to say as Mei Li pointed at the picture of Chang Min behind her .

Yang facepalmed himself in disbelief . He was a certified idiot! He and Chang Min was too busy planning about her security details that they hadn't thought to remove the things that naturally pointed out to the owner .

Mei Li began to look at the only room with giggles and a broad grin in Yang's way every time their eyes meet . Yang would groan helplessly when her Cheshire-like grin would remind him of his stupidity .