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Chapter 11

October 24, 20XX (Wednesday)

Gucci Store

"Good Afternoon, Monsieur, Mademoiselle . I am Jeanne, how may I help you?" The French saleslady greeted the CEO also adding in Mei Li, which made the painter nod in approval .

Mei Li had already expected herself to be forgotten, after all, it is expected if a common lady would meet with a handsome and rich man . Most would try to grab the said man for themselves .

"I need a souvenir for my younger sister," Yang smiled as he pointed at Mei Li, "Let her decide everything . I'm just paying . "

The saleslady named Jeanne, looked at Mei Li with a professional smile, not commenting or asking for any more details even if she had looked curious .

"What do you think would be the preferred souvenir? Clothes? Shoes? We have new clothes for autumn and winter . "

Mei Li thought for a minute . She remembered hearing Yue talk about buying more clothes before they had hoped into the plane for Paris, "Clothes then, please . "

She guided Mei Li to the other side of the store with clothes hanged with careful placements to look aesthetically pleasing .

"There is this Viscose Jersey Dress, or this Flora Snake Print Silk Dress, or this pair of leggings and sweatshirt although this is sold separately . We also have different colours of this Silk Caftan . " Jeanne picked each clothes she mentions out from the rack and hanged them on different hooks so they could see the front without touching the clothes themselves .

"I think you should get Yue the leggings and sweatshirt," Mei Li pointed at the hanged pair of clothes; leggings with black with the red and green lines at the side and a sweatshirt jacket with the GG mark in the front .

"But wouldn't the dress fit more for his little sister, Mademoiselle?" The saleslady pointed at one of the dress with loud floral patterns and the signature ribbon red at the front just below the next line .

Mei Li hated making decisions like these especially when she knew nothing in terms of Fashion . She turned to Yang with a question, "Why not just buy the leggings and sweatshirt with the dress? It's not like you can't afford it and I'm sure Yue would like it more if she had both . "

"You spoil her too much…"

"Well, you don't often buy her things . She has been using the Hermes bag you gave her for 3 years now… that's how much she treasures the things you pick for her . " 'and I really don't know what to choose . ' Mei Li wondered if Yang noticed how much she hated having to choose between two things, she already knows what Yue would like… and Yue would love her to death if she had two and not just one gift .

Yang's smiling face did not waver, looks like her sister has found herself a gem for a best friend and the businessman in him just couldn't help but take advantage .

"Alright, I will buy those . " Yang nodded towards Jeanne .

Mei Li patted herself for a job well done, she knew how much Yue liked having presents from Zhao Yang . She could still remember the delight in Yue's eyes when she received the Hermes bag 3 years ago .

Jeanne smiled as she turned again to Mei Li, "How about this Viscose Jersey Dress for you, Mademoiselle? It would go well with your shoes . "

"No, none for me but I would like to buy the Papier Hat with the floral ribbon . It would go will with Yue's Dress . "

Yang's smile widens, "If you give her that . She'll think you and I coordinated . "

With an un-ladylike snort, Mei Li said, "I'll just deny it . "

"Why don't you try on the Dress she recommended?"

"I don't want to spend my money…"

"Yet you own those shoe . "

Affronted, Mei Li snarled, "This is worth it!"

Yang deadpanned, "…and I'm sure the dress would be worth it . "

"and these are comfortable shoes . "

"… and I'm sure that is also a comfortable dress . Right, Mademoiselle Jeanne?"

The saleslady's eyes were like ping pong balls going right to left, trying to follow the banter of the two . She beamed at Mei Li and said with all the honestly she could muster, "It is comfortable, Mademoiselle . Certainly more comfortable than some brands and since it is autumn now, it would shield you from the cold especially on this night . "

"Then my legs would be cold," Mei Li sneered, seeing the shortness of the dress that might end 2 inches above her knees .

Yang snickered, "You're making excuses…"

What Yue and Mother Zhao was talking in their group chat was true . This successful painter is actually a spendthrift when it comes to herself but doesn't hesitate to buy for others she cares for .

Yang gave Jeanne a black card and ordered the saleslady, "Let me pay for her dress too and since she said she hates the cold, add in the black wool scarf and gloves, I know you sell those . "

"Of course, Monsieur!" Jeanne got to work, promptly .

Yang turned to Mei Li, "Now you don't have an excuse to try it on . It's already yours . "

Mei Li shook her head, "No . I refuse . "

"Just accept it . It's rare for me to give, you know…"

"No, I will pay for this . I can afford this . "

"My card is already with the saleslady . "

Yang and Mei Li turned towards Joanne who was already at the fancy cashier swiping the said black card with passion and a silly grin on her face .

"Then what do you want?" Mei Li knew she wouldn't escape unscathed after she uttered those words to him basing from the increasing wideness of his grin .

"I'll cash this favour when I'll need it . "

"…so you want an IOU?"

"You will be staying at the Manor for a month, there are many chances for me . "

'Chances to what? What kind of chance? Have I sold myself to the devil?' Were the thoughts that were predominant in her mind as she changed clothes not knowing that the old clothes she wore were stolen by Jeanne as per Yang's request .

Stepping outside the fitting room, Mei Li was surprised to see Yang with three bags in his right hand and the black wool scarf he bought for her draped in his left arm with the gloves clutched in his hand .

She could only follow, meekly as he began to drag her again on another store to buy something for his mother, who was a fan of another brand just across the street from this one . Mei Li could not help but observe the CEO . He was one of the people she could not understand, one minute he was smiling that fake polite yet charming habitual smile and a minute after he would turn emotionless and that serious face would don his face like a black canvass . She wondered if she could get him to smile with sincerity .