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Chapter 110

December 29, 20XX (Saturday)

Sheng Garden Roof Top Restaurant

Mei Li's eyes narrowed at the members of the Hao family . Father Hao had a hand to stop his second wife from making anything scandalous . Hao Ren was fuming silently in his seat with his hands gripping Ye Lan's wrist . Hao Chen, bless this man, have a soft smile but remain silent .

Mei Li felt the biggest pity for Hao Chen's family situation . She would rather choose to be a nameless orphan than to have a family that picks favorites; this fact enranged Mei Li again . Hao Chen may not be her closest friend, but Yang treated him like a little brother . Add the fact that Yue might like Hao Chen!

"Do you want to know how I made friends with Yue, so you can do it step by step like I did?" Mei Li asked, monotonously, as if the words that left her mouth were not insults .

"Oh, I can answer that!" Yue eagerly volunteered . The rest of the Zhao family members all had smirks in their faces but hid it differently . Yang continued to eat his vegetables that Mei Li had placed on his plate without prompt . If he could watch savage Mei Li like this; he doesn't care if he had to eat vegetables . This kind of Mei Li was the fiery woman that had taken his attention from the first day they've met .

"See," Mei Li gestures to Yue's accommodating behavior, "The best way to have someone pursue you is to have his sister on your beck and call . Honestly, you didn't have to sleep with Hao Ren to get him . You should have gone to his mother, and like Mother Zhao, she might help you . "

"Do you hear yourself?! You don't have any manners!" Ye Lan's voice was beginning to rise .

"Of course, " Mei Li scoffed, "I haven't gone deaf while traveling . Unfortunately, Yang is too busy to manage his businesses for us to go traveling, and he likes me even without manners . Right, Yang?"

"Without a doubt," Yang nodded without hesitation while placing a kiss on the knuckles of her white and small hand . He enjoyed the show of Mei Li's shamelessness and savagery; he had been one of the people that experienced being her target before, and he was not proud to admit that it had shaken him . To see her this protective of his sister and defend herself at the same time, made Yang realized how Mei Li and Aunt Qinyang are alike .

"But you should go traveling," Yue interrupted, "Mother and Father have been asking big brother for a grandchild . You two need to work on that . "

Yang grinned as the monotonous expression on Mei Li's face quickly changed into shyness, and her cheeks flushed red- the color that Yang was starting to like with her skin tone . His thoughts briefly wondered how Mei Li's pale skin would look with just a red panty and a red lacy bra .

"Let's not hurry her up," Yang replied, composing himself . He tried to defend Mei Li while making her flush more, so he drawled the words in his heart, seductively, "I can wait . "

Yang made sure that when he uttered those three words, he was eye to eye with Mei Li . The CEO's beating heart crumbled as Mei Li smiled at him- that kind of smile that made every diamond worthless . When she smiles at Yang like that, he felt that he didn't need his billions as long as she could continue to be that happy .

"Don't make him wait too long . Alright, dear? I fear he's been best friends with his hands far too long . " Mother Zhao gently reprimanded Mei Li, making the red-faced painter hide her face in Yang's shoulder in her embarrassment . Yang chuckled deeply in amusement; his mother was too blunt .

"Why are you bullying me? I was helping you with your former girlfriend too . . . " Mei Li whispered to Yang, softly and pitifully, so he could be the only one to hear her . Yang's heart melted again and pulled her to his arms by dragging her chair closer to his . He gently tucked Mei Li in between his chest and his left arm .

Yang didn't care if all eyes focused on him and his actions . The only person he cares wants to hide, so she can hide anytime anywhere . Mei Li's face buried into his suit and her arms encircle his waist like she usually does when she wants comfort from her nightmares . Yang continued to eat as if he was not displaying his affections publicly .

He noticed how green with envy Ye Lan was, and how helpless Hao Chen looked together with Hao Ren on his side . Yang also grinned at his Mother, who had given him two thumbs up in approval .

"Mei Li, dear, you have to finish your food," Aunt Qinyang interrupted their moment with narrowed eyes glared towards Yang .

The youngest CEO touched his nose, helpless when it comes to his aunt . He nudged Mei Li, causing the red-faced woman with a short bob haircut to lean away from him and pout cutely at Yue, who was giggling like a crazy woman . Mei Li started to eat her food, and when she saw that there was still a plate full of stir-fried vegetables; she dumped half of it in Yang's plate with a grin .

Yang groaned; he needs to get used to the taste of vegetables because of her . He showed his superpower as a bullied husband and ate it without complaints . Mother Zhao and Grandma Zhao giggled along with Yue .

Hao Chen sighed; he was forcefully fed dog food in their house by his half-brother and Ye Lan, and now, he is still being forced to eat dog food by Yang and Mei Li . His eyes meet with the eyes of a giggling Zhao Yue, who childishly stuck her tongue out at him . Hao Chen's heart thundered like an incoming storm . He needed to kill his longtime admiration with Zhao Yue; he doesn't deserve such a beautiful woman .

"So," Yang drawled, interrupting Hao Chen's thoughts . Everyone was a little shocked when he turned to Hao Ren and asked, "How did you find fucking the whore I had first? Felt good? Honestly, I thought she was loose . "

Everyone in the table had either spat their drinks out or choked on their food . Everyone had expected Yang to be shameless, but they didn't expect him to be blunt and brazen at the same time!

It was Mei Li that had recovered first and smacked Yang left shoulder with her right hand . She reprimanded him, "Be more gentle!"

"Oh? How should I say it then?" Yang asked Mei Li with a shit-eating grin that looked too perverted with his eyes blazing with passion directed at her .

"You should say it subtly like 'You stole the woman in your arms . Knowing that fact what makes you think that nobody will do the same?' You have to be gentle with Hao Ren, sooner or later, his girlfriend will be stolen from him by a wealthier man . He is quite pitiful when you think about it . " Mei Li said with a know-it-all tone that had Hao Chen facepalming .

The CEO is a bad influence with the gentle painter; his shamelessness had infected her . Mei Li had even poked and acted as if she was lecturing Yang . Inside the painter's thoughts were her guilty conscience lecturing her too, but she was too angry at Ye Lan to see past anything else .

Although, Hao Chen liked the green-eyed monster that sprouted inside Ye Lan . The anger in his step-mother and Hao Ren's eyes were also entertaining to watch, but the most significant cause of Hao Chen's happiness was when his father watched Hao Ren and his second wife with disappointment .

"Yang, I want dessert . Can I order one?" Mei Li's words pleaded with the man beside her . His left arm still wrapped on her waist .

"This restaurant doesn't have strawberry cheesecake . " Yang deadpanned .

"Then, let's buy some when we go back?"

Hao Chen knew a store would have their cheesecakes sold out soon because Mei Li had pleaded Yang with crocodile tears, and everyone in his family and closest friends knows that his weakness is only her .

Seeing Mei Li's fake tears, Hao Chen realized that she was acting sweet with Yang for a reason . Yue had smirked at Ye Lan's way every time Mei Li and Yang would act all lovey-dovey too . Hao Chen knew then that the two best friends were targeting Ye Lan, and he thinks they were just getting started .

Hao Chen wonders if there is popcorn in the menu, he'd want some right now .