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Chapter 111

December 29, 20XX (Saturday)

Sheng Garden Roof Top Restaurant

The Hao patriarch's second wife patted Ye Lan's clenched hand on the table for comfort and said, "Do not worry, dear . At least you aren't an orphan . "

Hao Chen rolled his eyes; as if an ordinary woman from average parents could compare with a Xue family member that have Bonaparte's royal blood . Comparing Mei Li to Ye Lan was like comparing a princess and a slave .

Aunt Qinyang snorted before she turned to Grandma Zhao and said, "Mom, it seems that the second wife underestimates Orphans . "

Everyone turned to look at the senior woman . The second wife of the Hao patriarch shivered when the oldest woman glared at her . It was common knowledge that Grandma Zhao rose up from humble beginnings as an orphan to one of the best real estate agents before and had brought buildings scattered all over China . In Grandma Zhao's time, she was one of the revolutionary women who excelled in a workforce predominant thought to be for men . She had paved the way for many women and gave them opportunities for growth .

"I don't listen to trash," Grandma Zhao smiled mirrored Yang's fake smile, and she turned to Mei Li with a gentle expression of reassurance, "Mei Li, you don't have to worry about having no dowry to give to the Zhaos . I can give you all the buildings I currently have . "

"I can add some too," Mother Zhao said, not to be beaten with backing up Mei Li . Although her connections with the government were her greatest asset, Mother Zhao also have some large plot of lands left that are leased by big businesses .

"Just tell me when you need the dowry, and the Xue's will provide everything," Aunt Qinyang wasn't one to be best too and offered everything she could and more . She wasn't afraid to offer it also knowing that Chang Min would instantly agree .

"Let's all calm down," Yang interrupted the women in his family and grinned when he contradicted them, "I'm not going to accept any dowry . "

The three women glared at Yang for refuting them . The youngest CEO ate the rest of the vegetable of his plate before he continued, "People, who care about a dowry, are peasants . You can come to me without anything on your body! On second thought, please come to me without anything on your body . "

Yang couldn't help but scan Mei Li's body from head to toe . He cursed the weather for being too cold, which made Mei Li wear a turtleneck that covered her cleavage even when he looks down . Although Mei Li looks chic with a bob haircut and a turtleneck that still emphasized her boobs quite magnificently, Yang thinks that whatever kind of top she wore, her boobs would always make twin mountains on them .

Grandma Zhao cut off Yang's perverse thoughts when she said, "See, Mei Li . You don't need anything as long as you don't become unrecyclable trash . "

"I will bear that in mind, Grandma Zhao . " Mei Li nodded; her guilty conscience made her tired .

Suddenly, All eyes shifted when Grandpa Zhao called a waiter and commanded, "Bring out the dessert . "

Mei Li had forgotten that Grandpa Zhao was the one who started and owned every Sheng Restaurant . She had forgotten that this foodie old man she exchanges recipes with is a legendary person in China's food industry . Everyone starts to anticipate the desserts that would come if the legendary chief was the one to recommend the dish .

When two large cheesecakes came, Mei Li clapped her hands with joy, her eyes brightened, and her smile widens .

Yang touched his nose, helplessly . He had planned to take her out for dessert . It seems that his Grandpa has other thoughts . And when did they get so close? He knew the dessert was for Mei Li when the waiter place one of the cheesecakes near her .

"Go ahead, try it . " Grandpa eagerly pushed Mei Li .

"Is this the vegan recipe that you asked me, Grandpa Zhao?" Mei Li asked Grandpa Zhao with child-like wonder causing the eldest Zhao to chuckle . He too shares this child-like personality when faced with food .

"Yes, I had the chief here bake it . "

Immediately, Mei Li sliced the cake and gave the first serving to Grandpa Zhao then to Grandma Zha, followed by Yang, parents, and then his uncle and aunt, then Yue, and served herself last .

Yang touched his nose at being left unserved . He grumbled at the painter tugging on the ends of her hair at the back, "What about me?"

Mei Li stared at him for a long time before she gave her plate to Yang, "We have to share! I can't finish everything . "

Yang blinked at her words and nodded, hesitant that she might make him eat the remaining vegetables on her plate, "Alright . "

Mei Li took an unused small fork for dessert and sliced into the cheesecake . She put the fork in her mouth with so much eagerness that Yang wonders how she hadn't spilled it .

Yang watched as she chewed slowly and then placing one palm on his cheek . She gave Grandpa Zhao a thumbs up and giggled when Grandpa Zhao returned the thumbs up .

Hao Chen smirked as his Ye Lan's face burned with Anger too . When she was still Yang's girlfriend, Grandpa Zhao and Grandma Zhao opposed her the most . Seeing them defend Mei Li most have hurt Ye Lan's pride since she hadn't gotten any of these Zhao's approval before .

It was funny how Ye Lan relied on his stepmother for backup, but then Grandma Zhao as Mei Li's backup roasted them like roasted Peking duck!

Hao Chen sliced a piece of cheesecake for himself .

He would settle for this dessert instead of the popcorn that he badly needs . Hopefully, this won't be too sweet because he's already fed with too much sugar by both shameless couples .

Mei Li was reluctant to part with half of her cheesecake, but she pushed the plate to Yang's way and continued to eat the rest of her vegetable stir-fry .

Yang took his dessert fork and scooped a medium sized bite of the dessert . He slowly put the food in his mouth and chewed just as slow as she did . Yang noticed how the painter's eyes followed his movements like a dog with ears flat on her head and tail eagerly wagging . He asked with a knowing smile, "Why are you staring?"

"I want to eat more, but I'm on a diet . "

Yang's eyes scanned her body blatantly . Mei Li couldn't help but cover her blushing face when he did . Yang pushed the cheesecake her way and said, "You don't need to diet . "

"That's because you have a higher metabolism and I get fa-" Yang interrupted her by shoving a bite of cheesecake on her ranting mouth . Next time, when she'll begin to ramble and prattle at him, he knows how to shut her up . He only needs to shove food on her mouth .

"Good?" Yang asked as he took another bite . He would have to agree with Mei Li; the cheesecake deserves a thumbs up .

Mei Li nodded as she chewed, the cheesecake was heavenly . Mei Li was too concerned about the dessert that she hadn't noticed that she had eaten from Yang's form, but everyone else did . Mother Zhao especially was stunned; Yang was particular about certain hygienic practices . One of those was anything that deals with sharing something that you put on your mouth . It was amazing to see her son not hesitate to shove his fork in Mei Li's mouth and still use it afterward .

Hao Chen stared at his cheesecake and briefly wondered if he could be that Shameless with Yue . He threw that thought out the window knowing Yue would kill him if he did . He ate his cheesecake silently and continued to be an observer . He briefly wonders how his stepbrother would ask Yang for help concerning Ye Lan's dream to be an actress since this 'tea party' was held for this reason . Hao Chen's father needed to educate his stepmother what are the differences between a tea party and a dinner . He hadn't drunk any tea yet, but in the plus side, he loves watching the jealousy rise from Ye Lan's eyes .

'Watch and see how a real power couple behaves!' Hao Chen grinned silently to himself .

Today is a beautiful day to be alive!