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Chapter 112

December 29, 20XX (Saturday)

Sheng Garden Roof Top Restaurant

Hao Chen didn't have to wait long for the main reason to be revealed . He was just on his second slice of cheesecake when someone broke the tense silence .

"You mentioned you loved traveling abroad," Yue broke the awkward silence, "So, why did you come back in Beijing ?"

Ye Lan smiled at Hao Ren when he took Ye Lan's hand and gently caressed his thumb to the back of her hand, "We plan to settle down and start a family . "

Mei Li was proud to see Yang had not even flinched at the news . He just stared at Hao Ren as if he was spouting the same old story that had happened days before . Mei Li placed her right hand on Yang's left thigh for comfort but was taken advantage when the CEO had forcefully turned her palms out and intertwining their fingers together . Mei Li's eyes jumped from their hands to his waiting eyes . She saw the largest grin plastered in his face . Mei Li was ready to lecture him again or cause a ruckus, but his smile was too sincere and too handsome for her to do so .

"I see and how are you going to support your family?" Father Zhao asked the question predominant in everyone's minds, "Do you plan to be supported by your father still on that age?"

"I plan to work as an employee on dad's company," Hao Ren gripped Ye Lan's hand, unconsciously . When he had said that he wanted to settle down and have a family, he had expected the Zhao family to forgive him of his deeds somewhat even a little bit . They had been somehow of a close family to him when he was friends with Yang in college . He had not expected that the deeds that he had done were still raw to them .

"And I plan to take some modeling and acting gigs," Ye Lan immediately jumped into the conversation .

Mei Li's eyebrows rose when she heard the words leaving Ye Lan's mouth; Ye Lan sounded so hopeful, and she had even glanced at Yang's way . Seeing these actions of hers, Mei Li knew there was going to be another display of the Hao family's thick face . Ye Lan, most probably, wants to enter the entertainment industry with the Zhao Family's backing since the Hao Family were more into the field of science and medicine .

"Oh, a budding model! Then I will be your senior . Good Luck . " Yue pinched her grain of salt into the conversation, grinning maniacally at Ye Lan . If her older brother's ex-girlfriend would enter the world of modeling, she wasn't going to make it easy for her . Yue already have contacts and a stable and solid footing in the modeling world; she didn't have to do much but text certain people .

"You want to be an actress?" Mei Li asked, slightly in disbelief . Being an actress is a difficult occupation . Even Ru Shi had called her sometimes to complain . It is a demanding job that takes focus and determination to accomplish .

"I want to work to provide for Hao Ren and I since he won't be the heir as the Zhaos have commanded . " Ye Lan answered with a little snide .

"We didn't command that; we are more willing for Hao Chen to be the Heir . He is the legal son, he is the better option as he has graduated on the best school with the highest honors, he had experience from his dealing with Yang and their group of friends, he speaks five languages fluently and is very loyal to his friends . I'm sure Hao Ren can work elsewhere . " Grandpa Zhao contradicted, immediately revoking Ye Lan's comments .

Hao Chen knew the hidden threat in Grandpa Zhao's words, and he knew his father heard it too . The Hao Patriarch sweat a little in nervousness . He knew that if he made Hao Ren his heir, then the Zhaos would take all of their investments in the company and would bring it down afterward . They have always been a family that had the strongest bond . The Hao Patriarch had hoped that they would support Hao Ren than Hao Chen . Unfortunately, Hao Ren made a fool of himself .

"We heard that you know someone from the entertainment industry, we were hoping you could recommend her . " The Hao family head looked at his second wife's thick face when she spoke to Yang without shame . He could not believe she still dared to ask this from the Zhao family . He regretted following along her machinations .

"Oh, you mean to the Li Family? How thick faced of you to ask for my help when you did me nothing good . " Yang sneered while drinking his glass of red wine

"It is her greatest wish . " Hao Ren thickened his face and responded, "You can treat this as a payment for all our years together as friends . "

Hao Chen could not believe that he was related to this man . Thank God, he was not associated with his father's second wife because if he was, there was going to be war! He was so embarrassed for his elder half-brother . He can't stomach asking that much to anyone else especially, not Yang .

"Wow! I can not believe how disgusting you are . " Yue drawled out the words that Hao Chen thought off . He mentally sent Yue a big thumbs up . He hated that his father was eyeing him, looking for his reaction and signaling him to help beg with his eyes . Hao Chen ate his cheesecake with a smirk; he wasn't going to give his father satisfaction and help . No way!

"I would love to help you, " Yang spat the word love as if it was a repulsive food . He brought Mei Li closer to him and continued, "I only know the husband of the real Li Heiress . It's Mei Li that have connections with the current family head . "

Without hesitation, Mei Li opened her phone and called Ru Shi . She put the phone down and set it on speaker phone . After the third ring, Ru Shi answered, "Mei Li! I heard you have Yang's credit card still? I'm planning to buy two pairs of Louboutin, come with me?"

"Ru Shi, you're on speakerphone by the way . . . And Yang already bought me four new pairs for Christmas . Don't need to buy one but I can go with you," Mei Li bragged, loudly, for everyone to hear . Hao Chen watched as Ye Lan's other hand that was not holding his older brother's clenched into a fist . Her fingers were digging into her palm . Mei Li has learned shamelessness well from Yang, it seems .

"Why isn't Alexandre like Yang? He bought me just one pair! One pair, my husband is a miser! No offense, Miser Mei Mei . Why am I on speakerphone?"

At this moment, Ye Lan expected Mei Li to hand her the phone so that she could talk to Ru Shi, but she never expected Mei Li to explain herself, "You remember Yang's ex-girlfriend named Ye Lan?"

"The one loose enough to have sex with an illegitimate child born from an ordinary mistress? I don't understand why the current Hao Family Head still adores that second wife of his, must be good in bed . "

"Your mouth needs to be bleached," Mei Li deadpanned . Ru Shi was an intelligent and empathetic woman; she must have already heard the hints of where Mei Li's phone call was going .

"You agree with me, I know!"

"I do, but that's not the point, " Mei Li continued, her eyes glancing at Ye Lan with her lips smirking, "Ye Lan wants to be on the entertainment industry and wants me to introduce her to you . What do you think?"

"I don't associate with promiscuous women that cheat nor do I plan to help men that practices polygamy . We're not living in the era of our ancestors, anymore . "

Aunt Qinyang and Mother Zhao giggled when they heard Li Ru Shi . Grandma Zhao had snorted so loud that Grandpa Zhao coughed to signal his wife to stay silent and not laugh like an idiot after .

"Besides, my Alexandre is handsome, and I can't guarantee if she won't try and poach mine . I'm sorry that I can't help you with this Mei Mei . "

"No, that's more than I can ask of you . " Mei Li's voice sounded understanding as she continued, "And Ru Shi, Don't call me that again . "

"Okay Mei Mei . "

The nickname persisted, making Yang's eyebrow rose with mischievousness .

"Send my regards to Yang with a kiss . "

Yang grinned when he heard Ru Shi said it while making smacking noises with her lips .

"He can hear you," Mei Li rolled her eyes as she replied .

"Well, I can't kiss him now, or can I?"

Yang leaned down for Mei Li's easy access and pointed toward his left cheeks with a grin so wide . Mei Li made a smacking sound with her lips before grinning at Yang and saying, "Done . Bye . "

Yang was disappointed as he watches Mei Li turn off her phone, and then turned to Ru Shi saying, "It seems that we cannot help you . "

Suddenly, Grandma Zhao stood up, followed by Grandpa Zhao and told everyone, "We want to rest now . This old bones of mine can't keep up with you, youngsters, anymore . "

Everyone from the Zhao family stood up and followed the Zhao Elders without saying goodbye . Mei Li nodded her farewell to Hao Chen . Yue waved her hands while saying, "Miss M will give you the painting . She said it's for you and not anyone else's . Be sure to get the painting and use it on your room and not from this woman and the trash . Bye!"

Hao Chen watches as the woman who had stolen his heart years ago left with her family, and remained seated . He knew that this night was not going to end well with his family, but it was worth it .